Victoria "VJ" Johnson- a 5'6" 18-year-old young woman with waist-length, curly brown hair and gray eyes. VJ is the youngest and only girl out of four children. She lives on her parents property, in a little apartment above her older brother's apartment and goes to a music/dance school, as well as working for her father. Her parents are wealthy, but Victoria doesn't really like to mention it. She rather people liked her for herself and not her money.

Brianna "BJ" Jackson- a 5'6" 17-year-old young woman with shoulder-length, black hair and hazel eyes. BJ is VJ's best friend and she lives in a wealthy neighborhood nearby. She is the oldest child out of three children. She goes the the same music/dance school VJ does, and also works for her father. She also doesn't like to mention her wealth to anyone either for the same VJ doesn't.

Alisha "Ali" Walker- a 5'6" 17-year-old young woman with waist-length, curly reddish-brown hair and blue-green eyes. Ali is VJ's cousin and the youngest child out of four children. She's from New Mexico and plans to move in with VJ in Orlando, Florida, to finish high school there and start her job training to work for VJ's father, at VJ's request.

Brian "B-Rok" Littrell- a 5'8" 21-year-old young man with chestnut brown hair that's curly in the front and blue eyes. He loves to make people laugh and likes to imitate voices and people. He's originally from Lexington, Kentucky, and the youngest of two children, but moved to Orlando, Florida to become a member of the singing group, called Backstreet Boys, his cousin, Kevin Richardson, told him about. Now the group is enjoying major success in Europe and other countries, but have yet to have success in the US.

AJ "Bone" McLean- a 5'9" 18-year-old young man with brown hair and brown eyes. He's a member of the singing group, Backstreet Boys, and is the most outgoing and a major flirt. He's from West Palm Beach, Florida, and is an only child, but now lives in an apartment in Orlando, Florida since that's where the group is based and can't wait until the group becomes successful in the US.

Howie "Sweet D" Dorough- a 5'6" 22-year-old young man with curly, brown hair and brown eyes. He's a member of the singing group, Backstreet Boys, and is the business-minded one of the group, as well as the peacemaker. Being the nice, thoughtful person he is earned him the nickname "Sweet D". He was born in Orlando, Florida, is the youngest of five children, and lives in an apartment complex, owned by VJ's parents, with Brian and Kevin. He is AJ's best friend and also eagerly awaits success in the US.

Nick "Kaos" Carter- a 5'11" 16-year-old guy with longish, blonde hair and blue eyes. He is the youngest member of the singing group, the Backstreet Boys, therefore making him the most popular with the overseas fans. He's from Jamestown, New York, and the oldest of five children, but moved to Tampa, Florida with his family when he was younger. He's the free-spirited, little prankster of the group and is Brian's best friend.

Kevin "Train" Richardson- a 6'0" 25-year-old young man with longish, black hair and green eyes. He is the oldest member of the singing group, the Backstreet Boys, making him the "big brother" of them all. He's the cousin of Brian, is the youngest out of three children, and also from Lexington, Kentucky. He moved to Orlando, Florida, to get his music career started. He's the most serious-minded of the group and can't wait to hit the US with the Boys music.

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