Chapter   Ten

"I can't do this," VJ said to BJ and Alisha. They were walking up to the metal detector at the airport. VJ stopped short.

"You have to, VJ," BJ said. "If you want to work things out with Brian, then this is the best way."

"BJ's right," Alisha said. "You can't do this sort of thing over the phone. And if you wait too long, you could lose your chance."

"I know," VJ said. "I just don't know what I'm going to say when I see him. I mean, I did invade his privacy. And I dragged BJ into it with me."

"Hey, I could've stopped you if I wanted to," BJ said. "It wouldn't have been that hard. But I wanted to know what they did as bad you did."

"And you had every right to be angry with him," Alisha added. "After all, he did accuse you of using him for his money. Now that I think about it, I wonder how much he has? It can't be that much or else we would've heard about it, right?"

"You never know," said VJ. "There are a lot of music groups that we don't know about. But I think it's a little strange that Brian, Nick, Howie, Kevin, and AJ had to go all the way to Europe to make it in the music business."

"Well, it's not like we have time to discuss it. We have a flight to catch," BJ reminded them.

"This is so cool," Alisha said, excitedly. "I can't believe I'm going to Sweden."

"I know," BJ said, feeling excited herself. "Finally, I get to see AJ. It's been a month. I missed him. It's not the same just talking to him on the phone."

"Do you think I have a chance hooking up with one of the guys?" Alisha asked.

"Do you have one of them in mind?" VJ asked.

"No. From what you've told me about the one time you two met them, they all seem pretty cool."

"Well, AJ isn't on your list, I hope," BJ said.

"Or Brian," VJ added.

"Of course not. I know you like them," Alisha told them. "I guess I'll just have to wait and see."

"Yes, we'll have to wait and see," VJ said, quietly.

The three girls walked up to their gate number and boarded the plane. VJ was still nervous, but she knew if she wanted to be with Brian, this was a necessary trip, even if it is in Sweden.


"So what's everyone doing today?" Brian asked. They were in Sweden, but they didn't start recording until the next morning.

"Sight-seeing," AJ said.

"I'm going with AJ," said Kevin. "What are you doing?"

"I think I'll try to call VJ again," Brian said.

"Oh no, you're not," Nick said. "You're playing video games with me. I refuse to hear you screaming into the phone when she doesn't pick up and then having to pay for a broken phone when you slam it down. Again."

"That was an accident," Brian defended himself. "I was really frustrated that day."

"Well, I'm not letting you do that again," Nick said. "Actually, I think we'll go find an arcade. There has to be one around here somewhere."

"I'm just gonna chill here in the hotel, get some sleep," Howie said.

"Alright, cool." AJ looked at his watch. "Come on, Kev. Let's get to the popular sights before the fans do."

AJ and Kevin grabbed their jackets and headed out the door to the elevator.

"What time does VJ's flight get here?" Kevin asked AJ when they were inside the elevator.

"In an hour and a half," AJ said. "I figure we go now, just so Brian doesn't catch on. Do you think he suspects anything?"

"No, I don't think so. Surprisingly enough, you've been able to keep your mouth shut." Kevin laughed.

"Ha ha ha. Very funny," AJ said, his voice flat.

"Man, I sure hope this works. Even though we only met VJ once, I really like her."

"Me, too. She's pretty cool. But I want to see BJ. I miss her."

"How can you? You talk to her only everyday."

"So? It's not the same. I like seeing the expression in her eyes change whenever we talked. She's got really beautiful eyes."

"Well, you'll see them soon enough." Kevin hailed a cab and they got in, telling the driver to take them to the airport.


"Do you see Kevin or AJ anywhere?" BJ asked.

"No. How about you, Ali?" VJ asked.

"I don't know what they looks like," Alisha reminded them. "But I just spotted this incredibly gorgeous guy. Look."

VJ and BJ looked in the direction Alisha was pointing in.

"There's Kevin," VJ and BJ said in unison.

"That's Kevin?" Alisha asked in amazement.

"Yup. And the other gorgeous guy is AJ," BJ said, walking in their direction.

Kevin and AJ spotted BJ and VJ, and walked towards them. They hugged when they reached each other. AJ and BJ shared a 'hello' kiss.

"Kevin, AJ, I'd like to introduce you to my cousin, Alisha Walker." VJ turned around to find Alisha missing. "Okay, where'd she go?"

VJ looked around for a few minutes, then spotted her cousin talking to some guys that had gathered around her.

"HEY, ALI!! YOU WANT TO GET OVER HERE?!" VJ yelled over the noise. Alisha said goodbye to her new "friends" and turned toward VJ, BJ, AJ, and Kevin.

AJ and Kevin caught sight of Alisha and their eyes got big. They saw another version of VJ. This one was younger and had reddish-brown hair, instead of just brown. And when she reached the group, they saw she had blue-green eyes, not grey. Kevin and AJ couldn't believe the family resemblance.

"Hey, guys," Alisha said, smiling. "I'm Alisha Walker."

She held out her hand for them to shake.

"Nice to meet you, Alisha," Kevin said, shaking her hand. "I'm Kevin Richardson and this is AJ McLean."

"Nice to finally meet you, AJ," Alisha said.

"You, too," he said. "Has anyone ever told you that you look a great deal like your cousin?"

"Yeah," Alisha laughed. "Sometimes even family members get us mixed up."

"Well, you girls ready to go to the hotel?" Kevin asked after they had gotten the rest of their bags.

"Yeah," they said together.

"Alright. Let's take off," AJ said. He picked up BJ's bag in one hand and grabbed her hand with the other, walking towards the parking lot. Kevin picked VJ's and Alisha's bags and led the way to the cab. VJ thought she was nervous when they were on their way to Sweden, but now she was scared. 'I have to do this,' VJ thought. 'I want to make things right with me and Brian.' With that goal in mind, VJ was more determined than ever.

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