Chapter   Fourteen

"They've been in there for a while," Nick said. "When are they coming out?"

"Chill out, Kaos," Kevin said. "Brian and VJ have a lot of stuff to work out."

"I'm with Nick," AJ said. "What is taking them so long?" BJ hit him in his arm. "What?"

"AJ, you should know better than anyone that it can take a while to work out relationship problems," Howie pointed out. "Remember Marisa?"

AJ gave him a look that said, 'Why'd you have to bring her up?' "Yes, Howie, I do. I only went out with her for two years, that's all," he said.

"Who's Marisa?" BJ asked him.

"Just some girl I used to go out with. We broke up a couple months ago."


"Can we talk about this later? Please?" AJ pleaded.

"Fine, but we will talk about this," BJ agreed.

"Okay," Alisha said. "I'm tired of waiting. I'm gonna go see what's up."

"I'm going, too," Nick added.

They got off the couch they were sitting on, walked over to the door, and opened it. Alisha and Nick peered through a little crack and saw Brian and VJ kissing. They closed the door and walked back to the couch.

"So what did you see?" AJ asked them.

"They're in there beating the crap out of each other," Nick said, seriously.

"WHAT!?!" they all yelled and ran to the door, swinging it open. Kevin, Howie, AJ, and BJ crammed themselves into the doorway and saw Brian and VJ kissing. They all turned around and gave Nick and Alisha an evil look. They burst out laughing.

"We were kidding," Alisha said. "Don't take it to the heart."

Everybody say back down.

"I guess they worked out all their problems," AJ said.

"Good. Now I don't have to explain what happened to the phone ever again," Nick said, gratefully.

"I can't believe he broke the phone," AJ said, shaking his head. "Of course, I probably would've thrown the phone if BJ wasn't talking to me."

"It's good to know you like me," BJ teased.

"You know it, babe," he replied. BJ started laughing.

Finally, the door opened and Brian walked in with VJ. Everyone got stood up.

"Is everything okay?" BJ asked.

"Yup. Everything's fine and dandy," VJ said, smiling.

"Yeah, what she said," Brian added. "I take it you all were in on this?" He looked at them. They all nodded.

"We knew you were miserable without her, she was miserable without you, so we had to do something before we killed you both," AJ said. "Looks like it worked."

"Good," BJ said. "Now we can all get on with our merry lives."

"I'm hungry," Nick called out.

"Nick, you're always hungry," Howie said.

"So? I'm a growing boy. I need food."

"I'm hungry, too," Alisha said. "I'm not growing, just hungry."

"Alright, let's get something to eat," Kevin said. "We're gonna have to ask for more time, though."

"I'm sure they'll give it to you," VJ said.

"Yeah, we told them you might need some extra time today when they walked through here," BJ told them. "They gave you two extra hours."

"Good. Let's go find a McDonald's," AJ said.

"Sounds good to me," Nick said.

"I'm not even going to say anything 'cause I know I won't win," Howie said.

They all got their jackets and headed out the door.


"Today's been an interesting day," Brian said. He and VJ were out taking a walk.

"I know," VJ agreed. "I was so scared you wouldn't want to see me, but I knew I had to do this regardless of whether we got together again or not. And I'm so glad we worked all this stuff out."

"So am I. Just remember, you don't have to afraid to talk to me about anything."

"I will. The same with you."


Brian and VJ walked in silence for a while, holding hands. Brian was glad he had VJ back. He didn't know what he'd be doing right now if she hadn't come to Sweden.

"How many songs did you get done?" VJ asked, breaking the peaceful silence.

"Three," Brian answered.

"In how many hours? Six?"

"I know it sounds like a lot, but we have to sing the same song over and over and over and over...."

"Okay, honey, I get it."

"I like the way that sounds."


"When you call me 'honey'."

"I just said it automatically, but I liked the way it sounded, too."

"What could I call you?" Brian thought for a minute.

"You don't have to call me anything," VJ insisted.

"I got it. 'Angel'," he said.

"Why 'Angel'?"

" 'Cause you're my angel sent from heaven." Brian turned and faced her, taking both of her hands in his. "You're what makes my life complete."

VJ looked in his eyes and knew what he said to be the truth. She pulled his arms around her waist, then put her arms around his neck. VJ pulled his head down to hers and kissed him. They kissed for what seemed like an eternity.

"Whenever we kiss, it's like I'm kissing you for the first time," VJ said when they pulled away, arms still around each other.

"It's like that for me, too. I don't ever want it to go away," Brian said, softly.

"Neither do I."

Brian pulled her up against him and hugged her to him hard. VJ just tried to get as close as she could to him. Then, then continued walking with their arms around each other.


"So do you guys have a lot of 'admirers' out here?" Alisha asked. Her and Nick were walking around the garden by the hotel.

"I guess you could say that," Nick replied. "There's definitely a lot of them."

"When did you guys first get together?"

"That's a pretty long story."

"That's okay."

"Okay, cliff notes version. I met AJ and Howie at acting auditions. We discovered we had similar tastes in music and decided to form a trio. We met at guy who was just starting a local record company, named Lou Pearlman. Lou thought we need a couple more voices to make the harmony fuller. He had a friend who know Kevin, then Kevin brought out his cousin, Brian. Then, Lou got Donna and Johnny Wright to be our managers...."

"The same people that managed 'New Kids On The Block'?"

"That's them. Anyway, at first we got signed with Mercury Records, but the guy who got them to sign us left and went to Jive Records. So Mercury Records dropped us without doing anything with the group. Then Donna got the same guy to try to set up something with Jive Records. A couple months later we got signed with Jive. We recorded a song, released it in the US and Europe. It didn't do much in the US, but it got a good response from Europe, so here we are."

"What was it called? Maybe I heard it?"

" 'We've Got It Goin' On'. We released in October of '95."

"That was you guys? I remember that song. I liked it a lot."

"Glad to hear it," Nick smiled. "I wish others liked it as much as you did."

"All my friends did," said Alisha. "But soon the song disappeared and we didn't hear anymore. We didn't even know who sang it."

"Oh. Well, now you know," Nick laughed. Alisha laughed with him.

"Have you guys released anything else," she asked when she stopped.

"Yeah, a song called 'I'll Never Break Your Heart'. It wasn't released in the US, though."

"Oh. That's explains why I never heard it."

"It's cool to be known out here," Nick continued. "We think it's better this way. That way, when we go back to the US, we have a strong following."

"That sounds like a good plan," Alisha said. "So when will you guys hit the US?"

"I don't know, but I hope it's soon," Nick said.

Nick and Alisha were both quiet for a long time. Then Nick picked a flower off one of the bushes and gave it to Alisha. She took it and looked up at him. Neither of them knows who made the first move, but soon they had their arms around each other in a kiss that went straight to their fast-beating hearts.

"You don't know how long I've been waiting to do that," Nick said, when they broke apart.

"Yes I do. I've waiting for the same amount of time," Alisha admitted.

"Then can we do that again?" Nick asked.

Alisha answered him with her kiss.


"What do you want to do?" AJ asked BJ. They were in his and Howie's room, doing nothing.

"I don't know. What do you want to do?" BJ asked.

"I asked you first."

"I asked you second."

"Let's go somewhere," AJ suggested.

"Like where?" BJ asked.

"I don't know. You act like I've been here before."

"Let's just do something. How about we watch a movie?" BJ turned on the TV.

"No." AJ turned it off. He got up and turned on his CD player. Some soft music started playing. "Let's dance."

"Okay." BJ got off the bed and stood in front of AJ.

AJ put his arms around BJ's waist and they started moving in time with the rhythm. At first, they were about two feet apart, but the longer they danced, the closer they got. By the time the CD was over, BJ was resting her head on AJ's shoulder. AJ went to change the CD and came back. They danced for a couple more songs, then AJ cupped BJ's chin with his hand, forcing her to look at him. BJ got lost in his eyes as he leaned closer. When their lips met, they felt like an electric shock went through both of them. They went on for what seemed like forever.

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