Chapter   Fifteen

VJ opened her eyes to the bright sunlight shining through her hotel window. She stretched and looked to the side to see Brian sleeping peacefully. The memories of the night before came back to her.

Her and Brian came back to the hotel to find BJ and Alisha still gone. So they watched TV for a while, then went into VJ's room to listen to some music. They got into full make-out mode, but when it got too out-of-control for them, they decided it would be best if they stopped. Since it was so late, VJ suggested he just stay in her room for the night. Soon, VJ fell asleep with Brian's arms around her.

She looked at Brian again. 'I wonder what it would take to wake him up,' she thought. VJ lay still for a minute, then moved over to Brian's side of the bed. VJ leaned over and started drowning his face with kisses. Brian just moaned and turned his face the other way. VJ giggled and tried again. Brian turned his face back towards her. Finally, she just kissed Brian on the lips and that did the trick. Brian finally woke up. "Nice way to wake up in the morning," he said, as he stretched. "Come here." He reached for VJ.

"Uh-uh," she said. "Not until I've brushed my teeth. And you."

"I don't have my toothbrush."

"I have an extra I haven't used. And before you ask, I bring an extra one in case I lose my other one."

"Smart girl. Are you gonna take a shower first or am I? Or we could take one together." Brian smiled wickedly.

"In your dreams, buddy. Actually, not even in your dreams. I'm gonna take one first. I don't take that long, so I'll be back."

VJ got all the necessary clothing, and the extra toothbrush to give to Brian. Then she went into the bathroom and took her shower, making sure to lock the door. When VJ got back to her room, she saw Brian looking out the window. She came up behind him and put her arms around his waist.

"Showers free," she said.

"Okay," Brian said, turning around in her arms. "I shouldn't be too long." He kissed the top of her head and went into the bathroom, with his toothbrush and the clothes he wore the night before.

He came back to find VJ brushing her hair. Brian silently took the brush from her hand and started brushing it himself. He made sure there were absolutely no tangles. When he was done, VJ turned around and kissed him. They kept it going for a few minutes then went into the little kitchenette to find something to eat. They heard a door open and saw AJ and BJ come out of BJ's room.

"What are you doing here, AJ?" Brian asked.

"I stayed here last night. What about you?" AJ looked at Brian and VJ.

"So did I."

Brian didn't have time to say more. They heard another door open and saw Nick and Alisha come out of Alisha's room.

"Nick, what are you doing here?" Brian asked him.

Nick looked at Brian, VJ, AJ, and BJ. "I stayed her last night. Me and Ali went for a walk and didn't come back 'til late. I thought you'd already be asleep and I didn't want to wake you up. How was I supposed to know you'd be here?"

"I hope nobody did anything they weren't supposed to," VJ said.

"Nope," AJ and BJ said, simultaneously.

"Of course not," Alisha said. "I have some morals."

"So do I," Nick added. "What about you two?"

"We have morals, too," Brian said. "Right, VJ?"

"You got it," she answered.

"Yeah, after you lost your virginity," BJ commented.

Everyone looked at VJ.

"Hey, better late than never, right?" she said. "Besides, I'm not the only one. Right, Ali?"

Nick looked at Alisha. "You're not a virgin?"

"You are?" she answered.

"Yes!" they said at the same time.

"Well, I'm not either, so don't feel too bad," AJ said. "Neither is Brian, right?"

VJ looked at Brian. "You're not either?"

Brian just shook his head.

"How old was everyone?" Alisha asked.

"Sixteen," AJ said.

"Nineteen," Brian said.

"Fourteen," VJ said.

"Fourteen, too," Alisha said.

"Still waiting," BJ said.

"Me, too," Nick said.

"Okay, let's stop talking about this and get something to eat," VJ said. "I don't think anyone really wants to hear this."

"Yeah, we'll all discuss this subject when we're alone in couples," Brian said. "Should we call Howie and Kevin?"

"I think we better," Nick said. He picked up the phone and dialed Kevin's room number.

"Where the hell are you guys?" Kevin yelled into the phone when he heard Nick's voice.

"Whoa, Kevy-Kev, calm down. We're down in the girls' room," Nick told him. "We all stayed here last night."

"I hope you didn't do anything you weren't supposed to," Kevin warned. "If you did, Johnny and Donna will be extremely pissed."

"Don't worry. We slept, that's all. But we called to ask if you and Howie wanted to get something to eat with us."

"Yeah, sure. We'll be down in about fifteen minutes." Then Kevin hung up.

"Kev said fifteen minutes," Nick said, hanging up the phone.

"Well, I don't know about you guys, but I'm going to my room to change," AJ said. He gave BJ a quick kiss and headed towards the door.

"I'm going with him," Nick said. He gave Alisha a kiss also.

"I might as well. I don't want to wear the same thing I wore yesterday," Brian said. He gave VJ a kiss, too.

The girls watched the guys close the door behind them. Then they walked over to the couches, sat down, and discussed the night before.

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