Chapter   Twenty

"I think we hit every store in the whole mall," BJ said to VJ and Alisha. They were looking for something to wear to Alisha's graduation in a couple weeks.

"I'm so tired, I don't want to look at another outfit," Alisha said.

"Well, we have to keep on looking," VJ said. "We have find you something that will leave a lasting impression on everyone. And some representatives from our school will be there. They like dramatic people."

"You remember the outfits me and VJ wore to our graduations, Ali," BJ said. "Someone with a good sense of style is pretty much shoe in for our school. You're interview and videotape were good. So we have to keep looking."

"Alright. Let's go find something for me to make a 'lasting impression'."

So, the search went on for VJ, BJ, and Alisha for the next two hours.


"Are you sure this is going to work?" Nick asked Brian. They were outside VJ's and Alisha's apartment. They were hoping the girls would be home when they showed up, but they noticed VJ's car was gone.

"This is one of the safest neighborhoods in Orlando," Brian said. "Let's check to see if her door is open."

Nick and Brian headed up the stairs and tried the door. It was locked. They groaned in disappointment.

"That was hoping for too much anyway," Nick said. "Nobody with half a mind would leave their door open."

"Well, it looks like her brother is home. Let's go ask him if he has a key."

"Fine with me. I don't want to go to jail for breaking and entering."

They went back downstairs and knocked on the door. They waited a few for VJ's brother to open the door.

"Who are you guys?" PJ asked them, standing in the doorway.

"Hi, I'm Brian Littrell, and this is Nick Carter," Brian said. "We're friends of VJ and Alisha."

"Oh, so you're the international superstars my sister and my cousin are dating," PJ said. "Well, they're not home."

"We know that. Here's the deal. VJ and Alisha don't know we're back in town and we wanted to surprise them. We were wondering if you had a key to their apartment."

PJ looked at them suspiciously. "Yeah, I do. What's it to you?"

"Hey, PJ, who's at the door?" someone said from inside. A couple seconds later, two more guys came to the door.

"Check it out, fellas," PJ said. "This is Brian Littrell and Nick Carter."

"What's up?" one of the guys said. "I'm Adam Johnson, VJ's brother, but everyone calls me 'AJ'."

"I'm Joshua Johnson," the other guy said. "VJ's oldest brother. Go ahead and call me 'JJ'." JJ turned around yelled for someone else. "Hey, baby, come and meet VJ's and Ali's boyfriends."

Brian and Nick just stood there, not knowing what to do. They didn't expect to meet the whole family. Then they saw a beautiful curly, blonde-haired woman walk up to the door.

"Hello," she said. "You must be Brian and Nick. I'm Christy Johnson, VJ's sister-in-law, but you guys can call me 'CJ'."

"So what brings you to the neighborhood?" JJ asked, after everyone shook hands. "I thought you guys were on tour or something?"

"We still are," Brian said. "But we're taking a week and a half off to get some rest and we're shooting video for our new single."

"That sounds cool," CJ said. "I heard the songs you've released overseas. Your group has an amazing sound."

"Thank you very much," Nick said. "If you don't mind me asking, what color are your eyes?"

CJ laughed. "No, I don't mind. One's green and one's brown."

Nick and Brian took a closer look.

"That looks so cool," Nick said. Brian hit him in the arm. "What? Oh yeah. Guys, we were hoping you could let us into VJ's and Ali's apartment. We wanted to surprise the girls with flowers."

"Oh, that is so sweet," CJ said. "I'll go get the key."

"How do we know you're not scamming our sisters," AJ said after CJ left.

"We let you guys supervise if you want to," Brian said.

"I thought Alisha was your cousin," Nick said, confused.

"Nick, we don't have time for this. We have to get the flowers in the apartment before they get back."

"I got the key," CJ said. "Come on."

They all headed upstairs and CJ opened the door.

"I'll go get the delivery guys." Nick walked back downstairs and returned with two guys holding vases full of flowers.

They all went inside the apartment and Nick told one of the delivery guys where to put Alisha's flowers, while Brian directed the other guy with VJ's flowers. When they came back to the living room, the guys said they'd tell the other guys where to put bring the flowers. JJ, AJ, PJ, and CJ watched as delivery guy after delivery guy came in with flowers. After what seemed like hours, they were finally done. Nick and Brian paid the guys and they left.

"That was a lot of flowers," CJ said. "I don't think I've ever seen so many. I don't even think I had that many at me and JJ's wedding."

"Oh yes, you did," JJ said. "It took twice as long to get them all set up. I should know, I helped."

"It looked nice, didn't it?" CJ didn't wait for them to answer. She turned to Brian and Nick. "I think you guys are great already."

"We just wanted to do something that showed VJ and Ali we appreciate them putting up with us being gone all the time," Brian said. "We've seen them about how many times in the last two months, Nick?"

"Twice. And that's including the time we met them."

Right then, Brian's cell phone rang. He talked for a few minutes then hung up.

"That was AJ," Brian told Nick. "He said everything's set up at BJ's house."

"Well, the girls should be arriving soon, so I think it be best if we left. Brian, Nick, you could wait in their bathrooms or something," CJ suggested.

They nodded and went their separate ways, while VJ's brothers and CJ went back to PJ's apartment. It was just in time, too. They hadn't been in the apartment long before VJ and Alisha showed up.


"Finally, home," Alisha said. She collapsed on the couch in exhaustion.

"At least we found something," VJ said, falling into the recliner. "You're as good as accepted."

"Too bad it won't be in time for the show you and BJ are in. It sounds like it's going to be good."

"But you're still going, right?"

"Of course. I wouldn't miss seeing you and BJ perform together. You two sound great together."

"Thanks. But right now, I think I'll go take a warm bath and just soak for a while."

"There's a good idea."

Both girls headed to their rooms with their bags and got the surprise of their lives.

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