Chapter   Twenty-Two

Nick and Alisha were standing in front of VJ's bedroom door. It was kind of quiet in there and that was making them wonder.

"Does VJ ever lock her door?" Nick asked.

"No," Alisha answered. "Nobody's ever in here except us."

"Then let's just happen to 'walk in' on them and see what they're up to." Nick smiled mischieviously.

"Nick, what if they're doing something in there that we don't want to see," Alisha pointed out.

"Then we'll be blinded for life. But then that's Brian in there. There's probably nothing going on in there anyway."

"Then why do you want to see?"

"Blackmail material. I think he'd rather not have certain people know what goes on in the privacy of his girlfriend's home."

"You'd really do that to your best friend?"

"Sure. We have tons of stuff on each other."

"I guess. But you have to go in first, then I can use you as a shield if I sense it's something I don't want to see."

"Fine with me."

Nick and Alisha waited a few more minutes, then opened the door without knocking and walked right in.

"Hey, guys! Whatcha...."

Brian and VJ were laying on the bed, with Brian's shirt on the floor and VJ's shirt unbuttoned, having a major make out session. They both shot up and saw Nick and Alisha standing there in the doorway with their jaws hanging to the floor in shock.

"....doing?" Nick finished.

"Damn it, Nick, don't you know how to knock?!" Brian yelled.

VJ started laughing at Nick's face. "I think he just went through puberty right before our very eyes." She continued to laugh for another minute. "Anyway, it's alright, honey. We were getting a little out of control for a second there."

"I guess I can let it go this time. Next time a certain sixteen-year-old won't be so lucky. But there isn't going to be a next time, right, Nick?"

"Nope, no next time." Nick shook his head vigorously.

"Come on, sweetie," Alisha said, grabbing his arm and pulling him out the door. "Let's go before we're embarrassed any further."

As soon as they left, Brian turned to VJ. "I'm sorry, Angel. I hope Nick didn't embarrass you."

"Nah. I'm figuring he and Ali were wondering what was going on in here. Besides, he saw the same amount of skin he would if he saw me in a bikini."

"Then you're never wearing one again."

"Yeah right. Who make you my wardorbe person?" VJ got off her bed and gave Brian his shirt. "Put on your shirt and we'll go somewhere to eat."

The phone rang and Alisha yelled, "I GOT IT!!" A few minutes later, she came into the room. "It's your dad."

"Hello?" VJ said into the phone in her room.

"Victoria, your brothers said Brian's back in town."

"Yeah, why?" 'Damn, why'd they have to tell him?' VJ thought to herself.

"Well, your mother and I would like to meet the young man. We would like for you and him to come over for dinner tonight," Joshua Sr. told her.

"I'll ask him if it's a good time." VJ covered the receiver and turned to Brian. "Brian, is alright if we go to my parents house for dinner? They want to meet you."

"Sure, that's fine with me."

"What time should we be over?" she asked her father.

"8:30pm, sharp," Joshua Sr. answered.

"Okay, we'll be there."

"Could you get Alisha on the phone. Her father wants to talk to her."

"Uncle Danny's here?"

"Yes, on business. He's thinking of opening a resturaunt here in Orlando."

"Oh, okay. Hold on while I get Ali."

VJ walked into the living room where Alisha and Nick were watching MTV.

"Ali, your dad's here and he wants to talk to you."

"He's here? Why?"

"Checking out locations to open another resturaunt."

"That's Daddy. Never satisfied with the length the chain is."

Alisha picked up the phone and started talking to her dad. VJ went back to her room where she found Brian looking out the window, deep in thought.

"You don't have to go if you don't want to."

Brian turned around and smiled when he saw VJ. "No, I want to. I think it's time to meet the people who brought you into this world for me."

"Well, we have five and half hours 'til we have to be there. What do you want to do?"

"I think I'll go home and prepare myself. Besides, I have to drive Nick halfway to Tampa to meet up with his parents. Man, I can't wait 'til that boy gets his license. Don't get me wrong, I like that we get to see each other all the time and we're best friends, but I think a little break now and then wouldn't hurt. He's probably tired of me, too."

"I can understand that. You guys are with each other almost 24/7. I guess you better get going if you want to have enough time to get ready when you get back." VJ put her arms around his neck as Brian put his arms around her waist.

Brian leaned down and gave VJ long, deep kiss. VJ felt herself grow warm all over and kissed him back passionately. They kept it going for a few more minutes then broke apart. Arm in arm, they walked into the living room. Alisha had just hung up the phone.

"Come on, Nick, let's get you home so I can get back in time for dinner with VJ's parents," Brian said, walking towards the door.

"No can do," Nick replied. "Alisha's parents want me to come to dinner, too. You think Kevin has anything nice I can borrow?"

"I'm sure he does. But we'll never find out if we don't get to my apartment," Brian said.

"Alright." Nick turned to Alisha. "I'll see you later, Ali, okay?"

"Definitely," she answered. "Who's driving?"

"I will," VJ said. "It's my house, my parents, my brothers who told."

"Cool. We'll be ready by 7:30pm," Brian said.

After about eight kisses "goodbye", Nick and Brian headed back to Brian's apartment. VJ and Alisha talked about what they should wear for about an hour, checked each other's closets, then went for a run on the beach, which wasn't too far away, to calm their nerves about the whole situation about to take place. When they returned, they started getting ready.

Nick and Brian looked through Kevin's closet for something Nick could wear. Then Brian figured he would borrow a shirt, too. Then they talked to Kevin and Howie about what would look good and what wouldn't look good. After about two hours, Nick and Brian finally got a casual, but sophisticated, look together. When that was all taken care of, Brian and Nick played basketball for the next hour and a half to work off some of their nervous energy. They saw VJ and Alisha drive by and take off around the corner, but figured they were going to go look for an outfit or something. Around 6:30pm, the two guys went inside and started grooming themselves for a night out with the parents.

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