Chapter   Twenty-Five

The next morning, Brian woke up to find himself alone in VJ's bedroom. They had left VJ's parent's house so late the night before, VJ told him to just stay at her apartment for the night. And Brian felt dead on his feet, so he agreed. Brian had watched VJ sleep for a while before he fell asleep himself. To him, it was the best thing to just hold her in his arms all night. Brian looked at the empty space next to him, then got up.

He walked over to her bathroom and heard the shower going. He stepped inside and could now hear her singing. He smiled as he heard her singing "I'll Never Break Your Heart". Just then, VJ turned off the water, and reached for the towel hanging on a hook by the shower. She kept missing it, so Brian grabbed the towel and handed it to her. VJ stuck her head through the shower curtain.

"When did you get up?" she asked him.

"Just a little while ago," Brian said. "I woke up and found my Angel missing."

"I'm almost done, then you can use the shower."

"I don't have any extra clothes with me."

"Alisha went to your apartment earlier this morning and got you and Nick some clothes. They're on the chair by the window."

"I'll have to thank her." Brian walked out of the bathroom and got his clothes. Alisha had also gotten his toothbrush and razor. Wow, these girls think of everything, he thought. Then he went back into the bathroom.

He saw VJ standing in front of the mirror, the towel wrapped around her body, brushing her hair. Brian put his clothes on the lid of the toilet, walked over to VJ, took the brush, and started brushing her hair for her. VJ stood there and smiled. I think this is becoming his thing, she thought. She waited until he was done, then turned around and gave him a kiss. Brian wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her close. After a few minutes, VJ ended the kiss.

"I think I better let you take your shower." She gave one more peck on the cheek and left the bathroom.


Alisha and Nick were eating cereal when VJ and Brian walked into the kitchen.

"What are you guys eating?" Brian asked them. "And before I forget, thanks for getting me my clothes and stuff, Ali."

" You're welcome and we're eating 'Lucky Charms'," Alisha said. "You and VJ took so long, we decided not to wait for you guys to start cooking breakfast."

"Me? Cook?" VJ looked at Alisha weird. "You know I don't cook."

"You don't cook?" Brian asked.

"Nope. Never have, never will. Do you cook?" VJ looked at Brian.

"A little," he said. "But I'm never home much so I don't do much cooking. When I am home, it's Howie that does the most cooking."

"I guess I could've made breakfast, but I didn't want to for some reason," Alisha said.

"You cook?" Nick looked at Alisha.

"Yeah. There's not much to do when I'm visiting my grandparents on the reservation."

"That reminds me. When we went to ask VJ's brothers if they had a key to your apartment, one of them called both of you their sisters." Nick looked at the girls.

"That's because we are," VJ said.

"How? I thought you guys were cousins," Brian said.

"In our culture, all our cousins are our brothers and sisters," Alisha explained. "It's tradition."

"Oh," Nick said. "So you two have like thirty brothers and sisters, aside from the ones that we met last night."

"Something like that," VJ said. "I really wouldn't expect you to understand since we weren't raised with the kind of traditions we were."

"I think it sounds awesome," Brian said. "It must be nice to have that many brothers and sisters."

"It is, but sometimes, it's more than we can handle. Especially the guys," Alisha said.

"I know. All of our brothers are really protective," VJ told them. "At Daniel Jr.'s graduation, this guy started talking to me, and four of my brothers positioned themselves around us. The guy totally freaked out and left. I was so mad."

"At least you lived thousands of miles away from them," Alisha said. "You didn't have to grow up with guys afraid to go out with you because of your brothers."

"Trust me, my brothers were more than enough," VJ said.

Brian and Nick looked at each other like 'What did we get ourselves into'. VJ noticed the look.

"You guys don't have anything to worry about," she said. "We know how to keep our brothers in line."

"Just as long as they don't try to gang up on me, I'll be fine," Nick said.

"They won't as long as you two don't break up with us," Alisha said. "Once they hear that, they go psycho."

"We're just kidding," VJ said when she saw the expressions on their faces.

"Well, how about we go out for breakfast, Angel," Brian suggested.

"Okay," VJ agreed. "Just let me get my jacket and keys."

VJ walked out of the room and returned a few minutes later. "Alright. Let's take off."

"We'll be back in a few hours," Brian said. "Then we'll head out to Tampa, okay, Nick?"

"All right," Nick said. He didn't want to leave Alisha, but he missed his family. He hadn't seen them in a long time. He heard the front door close as Brian and VJ left. They're so lucky they live down the street from each other, he thought. Then he got an idea.

"Hey, Ali," Nick said.

"Yeah?" she said. She was standing by the sink washing their bowls.

"Would you come home with me?"

Alisha turned around slowly. "Really?"

"Yeah. We've been together for a over a month. I think it's about time my family finally meets the girl I won't stop talking about."

"You talk about me to your family?"

"Of course. My mom has been asking me when I was going to bring you by the house. I told her I'd do it the next time I was home."

"Okay, I'll go. I wouldn't want to disappoint your family. I'll have to ask my uncle for this weekend off. I don't think he'll mind. But I have to come back Sunday. Semester exams start Monday. I have to pass if I want to graduate."

"Alright. When's your graduation?" Nick had forgotten that Alisha was graduating this month.

"The Tuesday after this coming Tuesday."

"That's the day before we leave. Tell me what time and where and I'll be there with the fellas."

Alisha looked at the calender on the wall and told Nick all the information. Then they went into her room so she could pack for the weekend. Alisha called Joshua Sr. and asked for the weekend off. He said it was okay and Alisha thanked him then hung up. Soon, Nick and Alisha were sitting in the living room watching a movie, waiting for Brian and VJ to get back.

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