Chapter   Five

The Boys sat quietly as they waited for VJ and BJ to show up. Then they heard a car pull up. AJ looked out the window and his mouth dropped open.

"She drives a Mustang," he said in amazement. "She's eighteen and she drives a Mustang."

They all got up off the couch and looked out the window. They all watched as two girls got out of a Mustang and walked toward the apartment. Then a few minutes later, they heard a knock on the door. They just stood there, not moving. Finally, Brian walked over to the door and answered it.

"Hey, Brian," VJ said, when she saw him. She walked over to him and gave him a hug.

"Hey, VJ," Brian said, hugging her back.

"Brian, I'd like you to meet my friend, Brianna Jackson," VJ said, pointing to BJ.

"Nice to meet you, Brianna," Brian said, as he shook her hand.

"Nice to meet you, too, Brian," she said. "Feel free to call me 'BJ'. Everyone else does."

"Alright," Brian said. "Come on in."

Brian stepped aside to let them walk in.

"The fellas are in the living room," he told them, after closing the door.

The Boys all stood up when VJ and BJ walked in with Brian. They just stood there and stared. It was like they'd never seen a girl before. Nick walked over to VJ and gave her a hug.

"Hey, VJ," he greeted. "How's it goin'?"

"It's going all right," she answered. "How about yourself?"

"I'm cool," Nick said.

"VJ, I'd like you to meet my cousin, Kevin Richardson, and two of my closest friends, Howie Dorough, and AJ McLean. BJ, that blonde guy over there is Nick Carter. Guys, this is Victoria Johnson and her friend, Brianna Jackson."

VJ and BJ burst out laughing. "I'm sorry, guys. It's just that I have a brother named 'AJ'," VJ explained, as they all shook hands.

"That's okay," AJ said. "It's nice to meet you, Victoria. Nice to meet you, too, Brianna."

"Nice to meet you," VJ said. "And, please, call me 'VJ'."

"And call me 'BJ'," added Brianna.

"How about we all sit down?" Howie suggested.

Brian sat down next to VJ, while AJ grabbed the seat next to BJ. She looked at him in amusement. 'He's really cute,' she thought.

'Damn, this girl is fine,' AJ thought.

"So, what do you girls do?" Kevin asked, getting the conversation started.

"I work for my father," VJ said. "He's into real estate."

"I work for my father, too," BJ said. "He's does the same thing."

"We also go to a school for dance and music," VJ added.

"What about you guys," BJ asked. "Are you all in the music industry like Brian?"

They all looked at each other, trying to figure out an answer. Kevin spoke up first.

"Yeah, we are," he said. "They send us to different countries and stuff, so we're never really home."

"I was wondering why I'd never seen you guys here before," said VJ.

"How old are you guys?" BJ asked, curiously. "A couple of you look a little young to be in the music business."

"Well, I'm twenty-four," said Kevin. "I turn twenty-five in October."

"Your birthday's in October?" VJ looked at him. "So is mine."

"Now there's something interesting," Howie said. "I'm twenty-two. I turn twenty-three in August."

"My oldest brother, JJ's birthday is in August," VJ said. "And my other two brothers, AJ and PJ, were born in October also."

"My birthday was in January," AJ said. "I turned eighteen."

"So was mine," Nick said. "I turned sixteen on January twenty-eighth."

"You're kidding me, right?" VJ said. "My cousin Alisha turned seventeen on the twenty-eighth. She's moving in with me next week."

"Now I feel so left out," BJ said. "I turn eighteen in September."

"You're not alone," Brian said. "I turned twenty-one in February."

"Well, you're not exactly by yourself," VJ said.


"My sister-in-law, CJ's birthday is in February," she told him.

" 'CJ'?"

"Her real name is Christy, but everyone started calling 'CJ' when she married my brother, JJ."

"Wow. Talk about family tradition," Howie commented. " 'JJ', 'AJ', 'PJ', and 'VJ'. Then a friend named 'BJ' and a sister-in-law named 'CJ'. It must get pretty confusing."

"You have no idea," VJ laughed.

Then the phone rang. Kevin got up and answered it. He looked at the guys and hung up.

"Guys, we have to go to Donna's office," Kevin said. "There have been some changes in the, uh.... the, uh...."

"The work schedule?" Howie finished.

"Yeah, that's it." Kevin threw Howie a grateful look. "She said to get down there immediately."

"Sorry to do this," Brian apologized, "but when Donna calls, we have to go running."

"That's okay," VJ said, getting up off the couch. "I should be getting home anyway."

"Me, too," BJ said, also getting up. "Me and VJ have class tomorrow. Early in the morning."

"We could give you a ride, if you want to," VJ suggested. "BJ's car is parked at my apartment."

"NO!!!" they all said at once. VJ and BJ gave them a weird look.

"I mean, no, thanks," Brian said. "We have our cars here, too, so we'll drive ourselves."

"Okay. Just thought we'd offer," BJ said.

"Let me walk you to the door," said Brian.

"I'll go with you," AJ added.

Brian and AJ ushered VJ and BJ to the door. The girls shouted their goodbyes to Howie, Nick and Kevin over their shoulders.

"I'll call you tomorrow," Brian told VJ once they got to the door.

"Okay," she said. She looked over at AJ and BJ. It looked like they were making plans. She saw BJ hand AJ a piece of paper. 'Looks like BJ found her guy,' she thought.

Brian was thinking the same thing about AJ. 'Man, that guy never stops,' he thought with a smile.

"What's the smile for?" VJ asked him.

"I was just thinking that AJ really seems to like your friend," he told her.

"I was thinking the same thing about BJ."

"I really like you," Brian said, softly.

"I really like you, too," VJ said.

Then Brian leaned down a little and kissed her. VJ opened her mouth a little and felt Brian start to explore the inside with his tongue. When they pulled away, they were both breathing heavily.

"I better go," VJ said, softly. She looked over at BJ and saw her and AJ watching them. "Come on, BJ. Let's go."

"I'll see ya later, AJ," BJ said.

"Count on it," he replied.

Then VJ and BJ walked out the door and Brian closed it behind them. AJ walked over to him.

"I thought you said you had to know a girl real well before you even kiss her, especially like that," AJ said.

"AJ, I feel like I already know her," Brian said, as they walked back to the living room.

"Did they leave?" Nick asked.

"Yeah, they left," Brian said. "Man, that was a close one."

"You're telling me," Kevin said. "Our cover was almost blown."

"Well, we better get down to Donna office and see what's up," Howie said.

They all got their jackets and headed out the door.

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