Chapter   Seven

'They are really popular in other countries, why not here?' VJ thought to herself. VJ couldn't sleep, so she thought she'd just get up and look at more "Backstreet Boys" websites on her computer. It was now 6:30am and her first class didn't start for another two hours.

"I can't believe the hype over a group I've never heard of," VJ said aloud. "I wonder what they sound like."

So, she went to "Sounds" and clicked on it. Then she picked a song called, "I'll Never Break Your Heart". VJ listened to Brian sing his heart out throughout the whole song. She thought he sounded so amazing. It was almost like he was singing to her.

About an hour of listening to all the songs and clips this girl had on her website, VJ heard a knock on her door. 'Who would be up this early in the morning?' she thought. She looked out the window and saw Brian standing outside her door. 'Oh, shit,' she panicked.

VJ ran to her computer, signed off the internet, and switched off her computer as fast as she could. Then she ran to the mirror, checked her appearance for a second, then ran to the door and opened it.

Brian turned around, and smiled. "Good morning. Hope I didn't wake you up," he said.

"Good morning," VJ answered. "No, you didn't wake me. I've been up for a few hours. For some reason, I couldn't sleep."

"I didn't get much sleep last night either," he said. "Your beautiful face wouldn't leave my mind."

VJ blushed a little. "Yeah right. Well, you don't have to worry about that now. I'm looking pretty terrible at this moment."

Brian looked at VJ dressed in her dark red, silk pajama shirt and shorts, her curls flowing all around her, and the sparkle in her grey eyes, he thought she looked as beautiful as he'd seen her so far.

VJ got a little uncomfortable just standing there with Brian staring at her, so she tried to think of something to say.

"So, is there any particular reason you came over at the crack of dawn?" she asked.

"Yeah, there is," Brian answered. "I wanted to see what you wear to bed and to tell that my vacation has been cut short."

"How come?"

"The whole work schedule got screwed up and me and the fellas have to leave sooner than planned. There's some business we have to take care of overseas."

"Oh." VJ tried to hide the disappointment in her voice. "When are you leaving?"

"Next weekend," he said. He noticed the disappointment she tried to hide and smiled inside. 'Sounds like she's gonna miss me,' he thought.

"How long are you going to be gone?" VJ prayed he wasn't going to be gone that long.

"About three to four months." Brian hoped he could at least ease her into his real life. Now he had to tell her sooner than he thought.

"Oh, shoot!" VJ said all of a sudden. "You know what? I have to get ready for class. It starts in an hour and fifteen minutes."

"I could give you a ride, if you want," Brian offered.

"Sure, thanks," VJ accepted. "I'll be out as soon as I can."

VJ took off to her room, leaving Brian to look around her living room. She had pictures of herself and her family all over the room. But one picture in particular caught his attention. It was a picture of that looked like it was taken a few years back, but Brian knew it was VJ. But that wasn't what drew him to it. It was the girl that was in the picture with VJ. The girl looked almost exactly like her. The facial features were the same, but this girl had more of a reddish-brown hair, and blue-green eyes.

VJ walked into the living room, dressed for class, and saw Brian staring at one of her picture. She cleared her throat to get his attention.

"See something you like?" she asked.

"Who's that with you in the picture?" Brian asked.

"That's my cousin Alisha Walker," VJ told him. "That picure was taken when I was sixteen and she was fourteen."

"She's fourteen in this?" Brian looked at the picture again. Now that he got a better look, the girl did look a little younger.

"Remember I told you about a cousin moving in with me next week? That's the one."

"The one who has the same birthday as Nick?"

"Yup, that's Alisha. Come on, or I'll be late for class."

"Oh, I'm sorry. Let's go." Brian took one last look at the picture, then turned around and opened the door for VJ. VJ grabbed her keys off the small table by the door and walked out the door. When Brian closed the door, she locked it from the outside.

VJ gave Brian directions to the school and they drove there in silence most of the time. VJ jumped out of the jeep when he stopped the car.

"What time do you get out of class? I could come and pick you up," Brian said, before she closed the door.

"That's okay, but I can catch a ride with BJ. I have to work after class, and BJ's work place is close by, so I'll just get a ride from her."

"Okay. I guess I'll see you later."

"Yeah. Sure." Then VJ closed the door.

Brian watched as she walked towards what looked like the main building. There she was greeted by a couple of girls. They all talked for a minute, then VJ turned and pointed to him. He smiled and waved. VJ smiled and waved back, while the other girls just stood there and stared at him. 'I better leave,' he thought. 'Anyone of them could know who I am.' Brian pulled out of the parking lot and headed back to his apartment.


"He's really cute," one of VJ's classmates said. "Where'd you meet him? I think I'll go look there."

"I met him in the mall last week," VJ told them. "He was really nice when I first met him. We've gone out a couple of times and he's really fun."

"You know who he looks like?" said another of VJ's classmates. She was an exchange student from France. "He looks like this guy that's in this music group that's really popular at home."

This peaked VJ's interest. "Oh yeah? What group is that?"

"They are called the 'Backstreet Boys'. I can't remember what their names are, but he reminded me of one of them. My little sister is so crazy for that group. Actually, almost every girl in France is crazy for them. And I have to admit, I am a bit of a fan myself. Their music is really good."

"Wow," VJ said. "That's pretty cool. Are they popular everywhere?"

"Well, I haven't heard anything about them here in the US, but they are so popular in other countries like Germany, Asia, Spain, all over Europe and the UK. But I'd say Canada is where the most aggressive fans are. My cousin lives in Quebec and she said all the girls there love them to death."

"Hmmm. I wonder what it's like when the fans see them in person. It must get pretty confusing." Then they heard the bell ring. "We'd better get going or else we'll be late."

They all headed to their classroom. VJ was quiet the whole way there, thinking about what her friend had just said.


Later that day, all the Boys were at their apartment complex, playing basketball. They were so into the competition they hardly noticed that it was getting dark. Pretty soon, Nick and Brian fell to the ground exhausted. Then Kevin brought them back to reality.

"Brian, we have to call the landlord and tell him we're dropping off the rent early, since we're not going to be here next week when it's due."

"Alright, I'll do it right now," said Brian. He walked into the apartment and dialed the number to the landlord's office.

"Johnson's Apartments and Housing. How may I help you?" said the secretary when she picked up.

"Hi, I'd like to speak to Mr. Johnson to discuss next weeks rent payment," Brian told her.

"I'm sorry. He's not here right now. I could connect you to his daughter's office, who is his assistant, if you like," the secretary suggested.

"That would be fine."

"Just one moment." The woman put Brian on hold. A few minutes later, Brian got the shock of his life.

"Victoria Johnson speaking. How may I help you?"

Brian just stood there with the phone in his hand and his mouth open, not able to speak. 'Did I just hear VJ's voice?' he thought.

The next words confirmed his suspicions. "Hello? Is anyone there?"

Then Brian hung up the phone without saying anything. He just stood by the phone, trying to overcome his initial shock. Kevin, Howie, AJ, and Nick walked and saw Brian standing there with a weird expression on his face.

"Hey, Brian, what's up?" Howie asked, concerned.

"Yeah, Rok. You looked all freaked out," Nick said.

"I just had the most unbelievable thing happen," Brian started.

"What is it?" Kevin asked. "Come on. Tell us."

"VJ is the daughter of our landlord, Mr. Johnson," he said.

"As in the guy who owns all the apartment on this street and the houses surrounding it? The really big houses? As in the 'Mr. Johnson' that we pay our rent to?" Howie asked all at once.

"Yes. That 'Mr. Johnson', Howie."

"That would explain why she lives here, in one of the most expensive apartment buildings, drives a Mustang, and is only eighteen years old," AJ said.

"I'm kind of tired, guys," Brian said. "I think I'll go to bed now."

Then he turned around and walked into his room without another word. After he closed the door, the rest of the guys just looked at one another, not knowing what to do.

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