It's amazing how quickly things can change, Adonica thought as she watched Nick and their son. At that moment, Nick looked up and saw Adonica looking at him. He waved and signaled for her to go outside. She nodded and headed for the door.

"Hey, you," Adonica said to the baby and gave Nick a kiss.

"Happy wedding anniversary, sweetheart," Nick said, handing Nickolas Jr. to her. "It's almost hard to believe we've been married for a year."

"I know. But here we are. It's real. I was just thinking about how we got started," Adonica said.

"I was, too. I was watching Nickolas and thinking how lucky I was that Brian didn't beat me down when I stole you from him."

"You didn't steal me from him and he knew it. If you did it on purpose than that would be a different story. Speaking of Brian, have he and Crystal set a date for their wedding yet?"

"Yeah, Valentine's Day, next year."

"Wow, how neat. Crystal's idea, no doubt. Who'd have thought Brian would end up marrying one of my cousins."

"Didn't surprise me," Nick said. "Frick and Frack have good taste in women. We're not best friends for nothing."

"I guess you guys are a lot more alike than I first thought. What about the rest of the group?"

"AJ and Lila will be coming back from their Hawaiian honeymoon any day now. Kevin is still seeing Sarah and Howie is still trying to figure out when to propose to Karen."

"Well, he better do it soon. Karen is starting worry and you guys will be touring soon."

"Backstreet Boys will be keeping us busy, I know."

"Get him to hurry up. Anyway, are you guys ready for the MTV Music Awards next week?"

"Sure am. We'll all be introducing you girls to our fans and, trust me, the crowds for the Backstreet Boys are as huge as ever."

"I knew the group getting married and having girlfriends wouldn't lower the group's popularity. You tell Kevin to stop worrying about it. Sarah is getting tired of hiding out."

"You are, too, I bet."

"All of us are, Nick."

"Just be prepared for massive crowds. And the media. I just want a normal environment for Nickolas."

"So do I. He'll be treated like any other child. A normal child."

Nick looked at Adonica and Nickolas Jr. Adonica looked at him, too. They smiled in unison.

"Have I told you how much I love you?" Nick asked.

"Not in the last ten minutes," Adonica teased.

"Don't worry. You'll be hearing it for the rest of your life."

"And you'll be hearing it for the rest of yours," she said.

Nick smiled, gathered Nickolas Jr. and Adonica in his arms, and kissed them. Adonica's dream had come true. She was truly blessed.

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