BSBs Get A Mini Me!

AJ, Howie, & Nick Tell All About Their Backstreet Project Alter Egos!

If you're a big BSB fan, then you must have been glued to your TV set when the ads for the Burger King featuring the Boys hit the airwaves! In addition to ordering up Whoppers and fries, you were also able to order up the home videos, special limited edition CDs and figurine of the guys as their Cyber hero alter egos a la The Backstreet Project. In the May and June issues of Teen Beat, we told you all about the Backstreet Project and the Cyber Crusader webisode adventures of the Boys. (Sure on to to check it out for yourself.) If you missed those issues, don't worry! We recently sat down with AJ McLean, Howie Dorough and Nick Carter at the Hard Rock Live on Universal's City Walk at Universal Orlando in Florida, and they told us all about the Backstreet Project, Burger King, and how they felt about getting their very own "mini me" made up!

Teen Beat: What started the whole Backstreet Project?

AJ McLean: The whole BSB Project started from Nick's ideas. At first, we thought it would just be a regular comic book that we could have at our shows. Then Stan Lee came in, and sat down in our dressing rooms, and he popped up his laptop and showed us a prototype of this animated show. And he was basically saying he'd love to do that for us, and we were all really into it. We said, let's go and try it. So Stan created the first episode and that's why we're all here today.

Teen Beat: What do you guys thing about the Internet?

AJ: It's great. It's a great way to get us out there in a whole different way, not just us singing and dancing on stage. It's another way for fans to see us, only they'll see us as superheroes. Nick and I, we grew up loving comic books our entire life, so this was dream come true for us, to be superheroes.

Howie Dorough: It's every exciting for us, to be ther first artists to have done this- it's not only a step beyond music and acting, but for us to be the first to actually have this sort of animated story on the Internet is very exciting.

Teen Beat: How do you guys feel about the likeness and the outfits of the characters?

AJ: Nick had the ideas.

Nick Carter: What happend is, three or four years ago, we were on tour in Europe, and I was looking at some comics. I was drawing some comics of these guys, and I told these guys, "Listen we gotta do somthing like this", and they were like, "Yeah, yeah, whatever kid!" So I decided to get a hold of Stan Lee! But basically, it turned out really good- some of the characters didn't turn out exactly like drew them a long time ago. I think the only one eho's still like my original drawing is Brian. Howie became...

Howie: ...a monk! But when I take off my coat, Nicky drew me a nice little 6-pack.

Nick: I think all the characters simulate our personalities. That was a very important issue- to portray what we would like to be, as superheroes.

Teen Beat: What comic books did you read as kids?

Nick: Mostly Stan Lee stuff.

Teen Beat: How did you feel when you met him?

Nick: He's a great guy! You could tell he's been involved with this for a while, and he knows what he's doing. He acts like he's 21- he's so cool.

Howie: I had a chance to go to L.A. to his offices wher he was creating the project, and I was one of the last ones to give the OK on my character, so I had a little creative input with him. He's a very down-to-earth guy- he talked with us about the whole idea, and asked if we'd be interested in using out actual voices in the first episode, so that's all our voices there- no lip syching!

Teen Beat: Is there music in the cartoon?

AJ: Yes, music is a big part of it.

Howie: We thing this could expand our [fan] base. We know there's a lot of guys out there who grew up reading comics, who maybe aren't exactly into Backstreet music, but who might see a cool comic book and think, "Oh, that's cool."

Teen Beat: We have the dolls from Burger King- what do you think of the likeness, and where are you going to put them in your own home?

AJ: I think they're kind of cool. I grew up playing with GI Joe as a kid, and I never thought I'd see myself as a little action figure. It's kind of cool. I've love to have Stan Lee sign my Backstreet Project animated cell and I'd love to get a case and put all five [figurines] in my house. It's something I'd love to show my grandkids someday- look, grandpa was an action figure at one time!

Howie: We had the opportunity to work with Burger King, and they asked us about the possibility of doing a cartoonish, animated character of us for the Kid's Meal. They came up with an idea of having us on skateboards, and we said, you know what, we're not exactly feeling that. But since we do have this comic book here, and we have these action figures, why don't we go that route? It's kind of a good merge between Burger King, the comic strip and us. So, we all got the first limited edition dolls a few weeks ago, in this nice little silver case...

Nick: Mine are already broken. I don't take care of toys too well!

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