Chapter   One

"That was the best concert ever," 17-year-old Adonica McKay said.

"Definitely," said 16-year-old Lila McKennen, Adonica's best friend.

"Backstreet Boys is the best all-guy group around. I remember when they first came out almost three years ago. I've always liked them. Especially Brian Littrell. He is so gorgeous up close," Adonica sighed.

"Well, I think AJ McLean is the most gorgeous of the five guys," Lila said. "Although, I wouldn't mind hooking up with Kevin Richardson."

"Oh, hell no," Adonica agreed. "He is the drop-dead gorgeous one of the group. If he were to ask me to go out with him right now, I would not hesitate."

"I would, too," Lila said.

Lila had never liked them much until Adonica started listening to their music more and more. Now the Backstreet Boys was their favorite group to listen to. They had bought tickets to the concert four months in advance and, within a few days, the concert was sold out. The Backstreet Boys was really huge in Europe, but, the year before, they were just starting to become popular in the US.

"Those girls called up on stage were so lucky," Lila went on. "That girl serenaded by AJ acted totally, how shall I put this?" She stopped to think.

"Stupid," Adonica said.

"Exactly. She fainted on stage! That was smart. She probably scared them to death."

"I know. If I was serenaded by Brian, I would've just stood there, listening and smiling."

"Yeah. If I was serenaded by AJ, I wouldn't have acted like some crazed fan."

Lila and Adonica were quiet for a moment, thinking about the past few hours. Adonica saw an open-24-hour McDonald's. Los Angeles had a lot of them. Adonica was kind of hungry so she pulled into the parking lot. Lila and Adonica got out of the car and headed for the door. But little did they know their dreams would come true the moment they walked in.

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