Chapter   Four

6 months later....

"Brian, you are such a liar," Adonica laughed into the phone.

"I am not. I really do miss you," Brian said. She could still hear the laughter in his voice.

"You have thousands of girls screaming for you everyday. How can you miss me? You don't have time to miss me."

"I don't know why. I just know I do. Do you believe me enough to say yes to my question?"

"I don't know. Depends on the question."

"Will you come visit me in Spain?"

"Are you serious?"

"Yeah. I made a reservation for you already. First class even. Will you come?"


"Next week. I'll cancel the ticket if you can't come."

Adonica was quiet for a moment. She couldn't believe Brian was actually doing this. It was somewhat exciting.

"Alright. I'll go."

"Great. The flight takes off at eleven in the morning...."

Brian went on to tell Adonica all the information she needed to know. They went on talking for a little while longer, then AJ got on the phone, asking for Lila.

"Lila! AJ wants to talk to you!!" Adonica yelled up the stairs.

"Alright! Hang up the phone, I got it!!" she yelled back.

Adonica hung up the phone and went upstairs to listen to her boyfriend sing on the Backstreet Boys CD, since she knew Lila and AJ could talk on the phone for hours.

A couple hours later, Lila came into Adonica's room with a huge smile on her face.

"Guess what? You'll never guess," she said, excitedly.

"I bet I can," Adonica said. "AJ asked you to visit him in Spain next week."

"How did you know?" Lila asked, shocked. "Were you listening to our conversation?"

"No, Brian asked me to go visit him in Spain, too."

"You don't sound too excited."

"Think about it, Lila. How much time am I going to have with him? He's got concerts to perform in, autograph signings, rehearsals, soundchecks and everything else. I say we get about fifteen minutes alone the entire week."

"If he likes you as much as I thinks he does, Adonica, he'll make time for you."

"You know something that scares me, Lila? That I go out there and feel nothing, or worse, that the relationship's fading into nothingness."

"Do you feel that way now?"

"Sometimes I do and sometimes I don't."

"You seemed excited enough when you were talking to Brian on the phone."

"I was. Then he asked me to visit him and I got a weird feeling. Maybe someone's trying to tell me something."

"Well, you'll find out soon enough. I hope everything turns out all right."

"Me, too." Adonica wasn't too sure, though.

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