Chapter   Five

Adonica was right about not spending much time with Brian. It didn't seem to be the case for AJ and Lila, though. They went everywhere together, but Brian seemed to want to do everything by himself. Adonica spent most of her time with Nick Carter, Brian's best friend. They went sight-seeing together, played Nick's Nintendo 64 together, ate meals together. The more time they spent together, the closer they got.

Adonica started to feel a slight attraction to Nick. Somehow, she sensed the same in him. One night, her feeling proved true.

Brian had once again left Adonica by herself, so she went to look for any of the other guys. Adonica found Nick playing his video games in his hotelroom.

"I thought you and Brian were inseparable," she teased. "Isn't that why the guys nicknamed you two 'Frick' and 'Frack'?"

Nick laughed. "There are some things we like to do by ourselves," he said. "What about you two? Everything cool?"

"I don't know. I feel like I'm distanced from him now. I haven't spent enough time with him, so I can't form an exact opinion on where we stand."

"There's one thing I know, Adonica, and that's Brian. He's my best friend and I know how much he likes you. You should've heard the way he talked about you. I'd hear every night how much he missed you and how he couldn't wait to see you again. Sometimes I'd get jealous of his relationship with you. I see the way he's treating you and I feel like punching him. I can see you're lonely, but, for some reason, he can't."

"I don't know what to do. I thought I'd be excited to come out here and see him. Now I'm here and I feel like our relationship is fading away."

Nick looked at Adonica for a second, then shook his head.

"What?" she asked.

"I'm about to do something really stupid," he said.

It happened before Adonica took his meaning. Nick leaned over and kissed her. At first, Adonica was stunned, then she started kissing him back. She felt everything she'd been hoping to feel Brian, but here she was, feeling it with his best friend, Nick.

The worst thing happened the next minute. AJ walked in on them. Nick and Adonica broke apart in surprise.

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