Backstreet's Back

You're famished. You ran out and bought Millennium the day it came out. You've fallen asleep staring longingly at your pinups of Nick, Brian, AJ, Kevin and Howie, wondering just when you'd get to seem them again. Well, the agony is almost over! Backstreet Boys kick off the two-month European tour on June 2nd, in Belgium. They'll take a few weeks off to recharge while their equipment is shipped back, and then they'll hit America with their first show in Miami, Florida on September 19th! Then it's up to Canada, and for all their South American fans who've never seen BSB live, December will be their lucky month!

So what kind of stage show should you expect? A phenomenal one, no doubt! BSB wouldn't get their groove on with a stage anything less than the best, and this time they've decided to tour in the round. that means the stage will rotate, and you'll get to see your boys at every angle! It also means that there will be a whole lot more from row seats at every stop on tour. "It's going to be really challenging," said Kevin. "Very challenging- because you can't use backdrops. This is going to be all lighting, and what can do with one stage. How many ways can you make the stage look different?" The group is working with Mark Ravitz, who designed David Bowie's tour, which won several awards. "He's got a lot of creative ideas," added Howie.

The Boys will meet with their choreographer, Fatima, (who's previously choreographed all their dance moves for the "Everbody (Backstreet's Back)" video) to work on the show. "We're always trying to grow, make everything bigger and better. So people don't get bored."

Kevin comfirmed that the theme will be, like the album title, the Millennium. "There's gong to be a lot of futuristic things going on. As soon as you walk into the arena, you should feel like you're in another place. We want to make a whole atmosphere," he said. "If someone's never seen a concert before, we want to make sure they never, ever forget this one. And if they have, we want this one to the best they've ever seen."

One the creative front, BSB was partially inspired by U2's PopMart tour. "We saw them from the first row on Rotterdam," said AJ. "The set, everything- it was the best show. They had the biggest screen used in concert."

But all the special effects don't mean the Boys won't get personal. In fact, each member of the group will have a chance to shine. "The show is so bing, bang, boom, and then we have the five solos, and even some of the solos are bing, bang, boom," said Brian. "I'm not really like that." In a stark contrast to all the frenetic action of most of the show, Brian's solo promises to be much more quiet and intimate. He plans to perform accompanied only by his acoustic guitar. "I just sit in my chair, with my guitar. It's me playing, me singing- it's what I love."

Now that you know a little bit of what to expect from Backstreet Boys this fall, keep an eye out for the announcement of when they'll be bringing their worldwide Millennium party to your hometown. There's not doubt that this is one show that will be worth the wait!

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