Backstreet Boys Face The Music!

Kevin, Howie, Brian, AJ, And Nick Meet The Press & Talk About The Tough Times At Studio 54!

When summer comes to New York City, the temperatures can rise to seriously scorching levels. But add The Backstreet Boys to the miex, and the mercury totally soars!

The Backstreet Boys chose the world famous Studio 54 as the site of their sizzlin' New York press conference. Studio 54 was formerly (as in, many years ago) a disco that attracted the rich and famous from all over the planet [and some say other planets as well!]. It made a glamorous and elegant backdrop for Kevin, Howie, Brian, AJ, and Nick, who were psyched to greet the press from the U.S. and places as far away as Germany and Argentina.

The Boys gave the city "the fever" when they buzzed into twon to chat about their oh-so-hot Millennium CD, their upcoming tour of Canada and the United States and, of course, their fans (that's you!). But they were also truly candid about some of the difficulties they've faced climbing the ladder of success. 16 Magazine was in the first row, ready to ask your questions and record every single answer!

16: You guys have gone through so many changes this past year. How have they effected you?

HOWIE: So many things happened to us- Brian had his heart surgery; Kevin and I each suffered a death in our family; our producer, Denniz Pop, died of cancer. Even though we had a lot of success this year, it was one of our most trying times, with all the changes. But I think at the same time it helped us grow stronger- I think we're stronger now that ever. The album has been like a rebirth for us.

KEVIN: 1998 was the most successful year of our lives, and from the outside it probably looked like we were having a great time. But there was a lot of internal stuff going on. It was hard- we had a great year, but it was hard for us, inside.

BRIAN: It's easy to get caught up in things, because our lives are so fast. Our schedule is constantly changing and we're constantly moving. We're trying to please everyone all over the world. But them things really hit home- like a death in the family or facing surgery or something like that. Then you realize that all those trappings of fame mean nothing, and it's not fun anymore. You have to remember why your doing it- because you love to sing, and you love the music. But we're very excited and very proud of our album and our tour. We place our music in high regard, and we hope everyone else likes it too!

16: Have you ever thought of chaning you name from the Backstreet Boys to The Backstreet Men?

AJ: I don't think we'll ever change the name The Backstreet Boys. I mean, we've been the Boys since the group started. And you've got the Beach Boys- they're all in their 50s and 60s and they're still boys! We'll be Boys until we're in our 60s and 70s- maybe not dancing as much, but we'll do our best.

16: You've toured all over the world- is there any place you haven't been, that you're looking forward to visiting?

NICK: There's a lot of places we haven't been yet- Russia, South Africa, Iceland, places like that. And of course, the Middle East- there's so many. I think our main priority is to visit a lot of thes countries- we realize there are Backstreet Boys fans around the world.

16: There are so many new pop acts coming out of Orlando, Florida- is Orlando the place to be if you want to start a music career?

KEVIN: I think there are talented people all over the world. I think it's just a matter of being in the right place at the right time, and having a lot of luck and putting in a lot of hard work.

16: The sales for Millennium are already record-breaking, and it's clear the whole world loves you. Do you think you can ever be "too successful"?

HOWIE: We still have so many goals set up for ourselves. We constantly work to make each album bigger and better. We're very fortunate to have had the success we had with the last album and this one. Hopefully... we'd sure like to see an American Music Award, or a Grammy. Things like that are things we strive for. And as long as we're content with ourselves. I think our music will last for years.

16: What do you have to say to the fans in Canada and the United States who are waiting to see you in concert?

KEVIN: We can't wait to see you. We're glad you like our album, and we're looking forward to singing for you again.

BRIAN: It's like the song says- "Everytime we're down, you can make it right." The fans are everything to us. We really love our fans.

AJ: Our fans have really stood by our throught the hard times- we can't wait to thank them by bringing them the best show they've ever seen.

HOWIE: We love you all! We can't wait to see you!

NICK: We'll see you soon!

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