Backstreet Boys In The Millennium

What better place to chat about BSB's plans for the funky new Millennium than the funky- and legendary!- Studio 54 in New York City?! Superstars gives you the 411 on the huge New York get-together.

Reporter: Don't you think it's time to change your name from Backstreet Boys to Backstreet Men?

AJ: We'll always be the Backstreet Boys, for the duration. Like the Beach Boys and others, it's just a term that has no reflection on our ages. The Beach Boys are in their '60s, and they're still the Beach Boys, so until we're in our '60s, we'll be the Backstreet Boys- just not dancing as much.

Reporter: You have been traveling all around the world, is there any place or city that you haven't been that you'd like to?

Nick: There are lots of places we haven't been yet: Russia, Iceland, South Africa, the Middle East. Our priority is to hit as many of those places as we can on our world tour, because we realize that we have many fans all over the world. We want everybody to have a piece of us.

Reporter: You have been going from strength to strength. When will it be enough, when will you feel like you've really made it? Beatlemania- or world domination?

Howie: We still have a lot of goals set for ourselves. We have to work very hard trying to make our music better and better. We are very fortunate to have had the success we do have. Receiving 28 million worldwide- it's hard to top that. So we'd be very happy if could even match that again. We would maybe like to see American Music Awards, World Music Awards and stuff like that again. We always strive for bigger and better, not necessarily a specific goal. We try to show our fans our appreciation for their support and love for us and our music. As long as we're content with ourselves, we'll keep on going.

Reporter: Since your new album is called Millennium, how do you plan to bring in the millennium? Or if you don't have plans, what's your ideal way to bring in the millennium?

Kevin: ...For the past six years we've worked every New Year's Eve. We'd like to try not to plan things too far in advance. But this one, I think, we'd like to spend it with our families maybe. We still haven't decided anything. Especially with all the rumors of the millennium bug and stuff, we might not want to be playing.

Reporter: What are your favorite songs to perform, or mean the most to you?

AJ: For me personally, in rehearsal "Don't Want You Back" is my favorite, because the choreography is phat! The whole vibe of the stage is going to be different. It's the complete opposite of what you've heard from the backstreet Boys! Everything has been aout love and relationships, and this is the opposite, saying "Leave. I don't you anymore," etc. It's my favorite.

Brian: We had the chance to do a Disney show recently and got to perform the "Perfect Fan" live for the first time... That ws the icing on the cke for me, to see something that you've worked so hard on in the studio come to life. But I do have to agree with AJ about "Don't Want You Back" for the live show performance. It's two different worlds performing a ballad and an up-tempo song.

Kevin: ...To me, the song "Larger Than Life" was kind of an anthem to our fans, telling that they are larger than life. "Don't Want You Back"- I like the groove on that, it's very edgy, funky groove.

Nick: It would be too politically correct to say I liked the whole album, but I think "Don't Want You Back " and "Larger Than Life" are great. I like ["Larger Than Life"] because it's the closest to rock music we've done, and I love rock music. I also like "Spanish Eyes", because it's a neat sound.

Howie: I'd say my favorite is "Spanish Eyes" and "Show Me The Meaning..." Both have a Spanish acoustic guitar sound. Those two mean the most to me, being of Spanish decent. I'm going back to my roots. It's a good song.

Reporter: ...About the song, "Larger Than Life." How do you deal with all the wild enthusiasm of the fans?

Brian: At first we thought people would think we had a big head, "Larger Than Life," but it's actually and thank you song to all of the fans. Everything they've done for us, through our ups and downs. They are larger than life to us.

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