Chapter   One

Three years ago....

"What do you think is keeping the guys?" asked 17-year-old Crystie.

"They went to get us something to eat. They probably can't hold all the food," I (16-soon-to-be-17-year-old) said.

"We don't eat that much, though," said 15-soon-to-be-16-year-old Skye.

"They do. My guess the majority of the food is theirs," I said.

"Let's talk about something else other than food," Crystie said. You could tell she was hungry.

"Like what? The Backstreet Boys?" said Skye, teasingly.

"What's else is there to talk about," I said, giggling.

"Hey, Skye, I heard AJ got another tattoo," said Crystie, looking at Skye.

"Really? Where, as if he needed another one," Skye said.

"On his lower left arm," she said.

"It looks like a snake," I said.

"You've seen it?" Skye asked, excitedly.

"Yeah, I did. Brian's back, too. He was rehearsing with the rest of the group. We saw his tattoo, too. It's a cross."

"You both saw it?" asked Skye.

"Yup. You should've been there. It was cool," Crystie said.

"Why am I never around when these things happen," Skye said, sulkily.

"Who knows. But Nick and Brian looked good. So did AJ. They all looked good. Even Howie. He had facial hair that made him look even cuter," I said.

"Hey, girls. Let's go to the pool and we can talk about the Boys while we get a tan. At least while Angel and I get a tan. The guys will probably be gone for a while and we'll leave them a note telling them where we are," Crystie suggusted.

The rest of us agreed. We all got our poolside things and swimsuits. We were there for about 45 minutes when five guys came out to the pool. To avoid any of the guys thinking we were trying to hook up with somebody, we basically ignored them. We laughed, played around, acted normal (or tried to), but we could tell they were looking at us. I could feel a pair of eyes on me.

About an hour later, our boyfriends showed up. Without our food.

"Hey, girls!" yelled Jensen. "Come over here!"

"We'll be right there! Just let us change!" I yelled back.

"We'll be waiting!"

So, we went into the little changing room at the side of the hotel to put on shorts and see-through shirts that matched the colors of our swimsuits, which happened to be the favorite colors of our favorite Backstreet Boy. When we came out, the guys at the pool were still there.

We stood by the gate of the pool arena. I gave Jenson a hug while Crystie and Skye hugged their boyfriends.

"Guess what we got you girls for lunch?" Crystie's boyfriend, Scott, asked us.

"What? I hope it's food," Crystie said.

"It's better that any food you could ever eat, to you girls at least," said Skye's boyfriend, Seth.

"Well, what is it?" asked Skye.

"Take a look at these," said Jenson, pulling out an envelope.

I took the envelope and looked inside.

"Oh my God, you didn't," I said, not believing my eyes.

"What is it?" asked Skye and Crystie.

I pulled out the ultimate present for us to get. Three backstage passes to the Backstreet Boys concert we were going to that night!!! Skye, Crystie, and I each held one in our hand.

"You're welcome," said Scott.

"Thank you," we said at the same time.

We all gave them a big hug and a kiss. But that wasn't all they had in store for us. I could tell by the look on Jenson's face.

"There's something else, isn't there, Jenson," I said, suspiciously.

"Yes, there is. Their soundcheck is at 4:00pm," he said.

Skye, Crystie, and I screamed.

"Oh my God, oh my God, OH MY GOD!!!"

All three of us were jumping up and down, shaking our boyfriends' shoulders until we almost fell over. I knew we were making a scene, but who cares when you're about meet you most favorite musical group in the whole world!

"Come on," Scott said. "We're starving."

"I thought you guys already ate," Crystal said. She sounded calm, but her face was still flushed with excitement.

"We spent all this time getting the passes and the information about the soundcheck," Seth said.

"We didn't want to eat without you girls. If we did, no guy would be envious of us," Scott said, putting his arms around Crystie.

"We are not objects for you guys to show off," I said, as Jenson put his arms around me.

"No, but we are girls who are lucky enough to have boyfriends who were willing to wait to eat, so they could get backstage passes and soundcheck info for their girlfriends," said Skye, her arms around Seth.

"Yeah, I guess they've earned their chance," I said.

"Go ahead, guys," Crystie said. "Show us off to anyone you want to."

"All right!" exclaimed Scott, like he wouldn't have done it anyway.

So, we left the pool area to get into our cars. Each couple had their own separate cars for their various reasons. We agreed in one place after we ate. I knew it was because if us girls were together, we would not stop talking about the Backstreet Boys.

As I was getting into Jenson's car, I could feel eyes on me. I didn't get a look at his face as I flicked a glance in the direction of the pool, but he had blonde hair, and that's all I noticed.

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