Chapter   Ten

Several months later....

All of us were once again together. Kevin and Howie were now seeing a couple of girls that were (surprise! surprise!) introduced to them by me, Crystie, and Skye, named Jennifer and Julie. The Boys had been away on a little mini tour, so we really didn't have that much time to socialize together. We had all just decided to go out as a group and chill in a park. I looked around and I felt completely satisfied with my life.

"Alright, everyone," Brian called out. Everyone stopped talking at once.

"I'm really glad all you guys are here," he started. "Crystie and I have some important news to share with all of you, our closest friends." Brian looked at Crystie. "Would you like to be the one to tell them?"

"Okay," she said. "Brian and I have thought long and hard about this and we would really be honored if you all would be a part of our wedding."

"Is this your way of telling us that you're getting married, Brian?" Kevin said with a mocking smile. "Just kidding. Congratulations, man." He got up and gave Brian, then Crystie, a hug.

"Have you two set a date yet?" I asked.

"Well, we want to get married in the spring, so I was thinking we'd get married in Grandma Elizabeth's birthday in May," Crystie said, looking at me.

"That would be really cool and I think Grandma Elizabeth would really appreciate it," I said. I walked over to Crystie and gave her a hug.

"Who's Grandma Elizabeth?" Nick asked me.

"She was me and Crystie's grandmother. We were very close to her before she died," I explained.

"Was she the one who gave you that Strawberry Shortcake Dancing Doll Valentine's Day card you have hanging on your wall at home?" Nick asked.

"Yeah. It was the last thing she gave me. I'm really glad you're considering that date," I said to Crystie.

"If it's that important to you, Crystie, we'll choose that date," Brian said.

"Is it going to be this May or the year after?" Skye asked. "Maybe Angel and Nick will be ready to join you guys at the alter."

All of a sudden it got quiet again and the attention was focused on me and Nick.

"Nick, is there something you want to tell us?" AJ asked.

"No. Angel and I have just been talking about it, nothing definite," he said, with the most innocent face he could put on. I didn't think anybody really that explanation. Howie proved my thoughts right.

"Yeah right," he said. "Wait until next week, guys. We'll all be sitting here, in this same spot, and Nick will be announcing his engagement to Angel."

"But until then, I'd like to make a toast," AJ said. "To the soon-to-be married couple and the rest of us. May we all be together forever."

"Cheers!" I yelled out.

"Cheers!" everyone else yelled out.

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