Chapter   Three

The soundcheck lasted a few hours, but it was interesting. The Boys looked like they were having fun doing it, too. There were some times when they were totally serious, but, then again, there has to be some of those times. Even though you could tell they were having fun, you could also tell they took what they were doing seriously and that they loved doing it. They put their whole heart into it and it wasn't even the actual show! Skye, Crystie, and I watched them and we kept saying to each other how amazing they are.

All three of us got serenaded by our guy and then they asked us to do our dance routine while they were performing "We've Got It Goin' On". We figured why not? We all went up on stage and did our routine. It was so weird how their routine and our routine, for the song, fit together so well. They just had to change a few minor things in theirs and it was all together a pretty good show. One of the cameramen taped the whole thing and promised to make us copies we could take home later that day.

Then, the most unbelievable thing happened to us. The Boys asked us if we would perform on stage with them! We were so shocked that all we could do was stare at them.

"Come on. It'll be fun," Nick said.

"What do you girls think? Should we do it?" I looked at Skye and Crystie.

"Let's do it!" we all said at the same time.

"Then it's all set," said Kevin. "Let's go eat."

"You can come, if you want to, Angel," Nick said. It was the first time I had heard him say my name all afternoon. I wasn't even sure he had remembered my name, but it sure sounded good.

"Let's not forget my good friend Skye," said AJ.

"And Crystie," added Brian.

"Let's all jump into the van before we starve," Kevin said.

"I'm already out the door," said Howie. True to his word, he was out the door in seconds. All of us followed his lead, then we were off to a restaurant.

At the restaurant, we had a very lively conversation. They all told us interesting stories about their childhoods, when they were just starting out, and some funny moments that happened on tour. They asked us some questions about ourselves and they were really interested in what we had to say.

"How did you all meet?" Brian asked.

"Well, first of all, me and Crystie grew up together, being cousins and all," I said. "We got pretty close, even though we didn't see each other that often since we lived in different states. We wrote to each other, called when we could. Kept the communication thing going, you know."

"How often did you get to see each other a year?" Kevin asked, curiously.

"If we added up all the time, about two months out of the year," Crystie said.

"Wow. And you two kept up a good relationship through that? Did you guys ever wish you lived closer together?" Nick asked me.

"Sometimes we did, but we realized, as we got older, that our bond would be even more special if we didn't. It helped us develop our ability to have long-distance relationships with anybody."

"How did you meet up with these two, Skye," asked AJ

"I met Angel at Barstow High when I went there my sophomore year. We hung out with the same crowd. We just got closer as the months went by," Skye explained.

"Would you say she's your best friend?" Howie asked.

"Yeah, I guess so," she said.

"What about you and Brian," I said, looking at Kevin. "Were you guys close growing up?"

"Yeah, I guess you could say that," Kevin said, "but I used to hang out with Brian's older brother more because we were the same age."

"Come on, Kevin. Tell them the truth. You and my brother used to torture me to death," Brian said, laughing.

"Alright," Kevin said, smiling guiltily. "There were time where we did pull a little prank on you."

"Try every time you came to visit." Brian started laughing even harder.

"Let's get into a more interesting subject, like do any of you girls have boyfriends?" Nick looked at us.

"Yeah, we want to know. And tell us the truth because we don't any jealous boyfriends coming after us with shotguns," said AJ.

"Actually, it was our boyfriends that told us when your soundcheck was," Crystie said. "They know what big fans we are. They were supposed to come with us, but they all got called to work before we came here."

"What do they do?" asked Howie.

"Well," I said, "my boyfriend is an actor. His name is Jenson Ackles and he's on the soap opera 'Days of Our Lives'."

"You're going out with 'Eric Brady'?" Nick said, surprised. "She's going out with my favorite character." Nick looked at the Boys.

"You watch that show?" I asked, amazed.

"No, not really, but he's the only somewhat-real character."

"What about you, Skye? You going out with anybody famous?" AJ asked, looking at her.

"Yes, my boyfriend is also an actor," she said. "He's Seth Green from the movie 'Can't Hardly Wait' and he plays 'Oz' on 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer'."

"Yeah, I think I've seen him before. I saw his movie recently," said AJ.

"All right. Do me some damage, Crystie. Who's your boyfriend?" Brian looked at Crystie, expecting to hear another big name.

"My boyfriend is an actor, too," she said. "His name is Scott Vickaryous and he played 'Max Ballard' on a teen show called 'Breaker High'. He's not as well-known as Angel's and Skye's boyfriends. Yet, anyway."

"I've seen that show a couple times," said Nick. "My younger sister watched that show. In fact, her favorite character was 'Max Ballard'."

"Well, don't tell her you met me, okay? I haven't been introduced to the public yet," Crystal said.

"And risk getting beat down before she's heard? No problem," Nick said.

"Look at the time. We have to go. Our opening acts go on in an hour. Do you girls need a ride back to the hotel?" Kevin asked us.

"And how do you guys know what hotel we're staying at?" I said, questioningly.

"We saw you at the pool earlier," Howie said. "We're staying at the same hotel."

"So you were the guys staring at us," Skye said.

"We were not staring," AJ said. "We were merely looking at you girls for a long time." He had this silly grin on his face.

"Okay, Nick, Brian, Kevin, AJ, Howie. You could give us a ride home, but you have to call us up on stage and sing our favorite songs to us. Then, we'll perform with you all during 'We've Got It Goin' On'. Deal?" I looked at all of them.

"You girls drive a hard bargain, but alright, you got yourselves a deal. What are your favorite songs, so we'll know," Brian said.

"Well, my favorite song is 'Anywhere For You'," said Crystie.

"My favorite is 'All I Have To Give'," said Skye.

"And my favorite is 'If You Want It To Be Good Girl, Get Yourself A Bad Boy," I said.

"Okay, Angel, Crystie, Skye. Your uniforms for the dance routine should be at your hotel rooms by now, so we'll take you back," Nick said.

We all got up, paid the bill, and headed out the door to the van. Crystie was having her own private conversation with Brian. To a stranger, they would have been mistaken for a couple. There was a light in Crystie's eyes that I had never seen whenever she looked at Scott. The same thing with Skye and AJ. They were caught up in their own world. It was like there was no one else but them. Also, Brian had his arm casually around Crystie and AJ had his arm casually around Skye. Nick had his arm casually around me, too. We were having the same private conversation. We looked very much like a couple. Little did the three of know it was our destiny to be with these three guys.

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