Chapter   Seven

Everythng went abosolutely perfect with the routine. Our dance instructor would have proud, if she had been there. A few of our fellow dancers were at the concert, so they would probably end up telling everybody before we got home. When I saw all those people in the audience, I had the biggest adreneline rush I ever had. I was really glad I did it. I saw Crystie and Skye go on stage and I could tell they were as excited as I was when I went on stage. By the time the song was over, I was just bursting with happiness. The Boys introduced us to the crowd after the song was over. Of course, a roar went up. Nothing beneath a roar could ever come from a crowd that big.

Backstage, me and the girls got into a big group hug with the guys. They had a wardrobe change, so they went backstage with us. We had just changed into our regular clothes when the Boys went onto their next song. We were escorted to our seats, right in the front row. Our boyfriends were standing there waiting for us, with roses for each of us. We took them and gave them all a hug. We enjoyed the rest of the concert with the satisfaction of knowing that we were great on stage.

Like we had agreed earlier, each of us got called on stage to be serenaded with our fvorite songs. Skye was called up first. She had a big smile all through the song. AJ handed her a red rose, while the rest of them gave her white roses. It was a great show. Skye gave AJ a hug and he gave her a kiss on the cheek. Crystie got called next. It was pretty much the same thing with the roses, she got a red one from Brian and white ones from the rest of the guys. She seemed extremely happy. I looked at Scott to see his reaction. To anybody else, he would've looked fine with it, but to me he looked worried. I was called up last. Since my song was a pretty upbeat song, I did a little dancing with all the guys, but I stuck mostly with Nick. Of course, I got a red rose from Nick and white roses from the rest of the guys. I saw Jenson's face when they gave them to me and, like Scott, he was trying to hide his worries behind a big smile.

After the concert, all of us went backstage, into the dressing room. I was doing some weird things with Jenson's hair when the Boys walked in. All of us were laughing when the guys walked in. Scott's, Jenson's, and Seth's laughs stopped almost immediately. Skye, Crystie, and I all looked at each other, bracing ourselves for another very tense moment. All of the guys shook hands and said hi, but you could tell they felt it was necessary to show they were as confident as the next guy. The Boys decided not to let any silence fill the room.

They all coaxed a pretty friendly, if you could call it that, conversation out of our boyfriends. Us girls just kind of sat there and let the boys have their talk. We were just glad a fight didn't break out. By the time we were ready to leave, I guess you could say they were all somewhat like friends. Jenson, Seth, and Scott were still on their guard, though. I gave all the Boys a hug when we were leaving, even though we would probably end up seeing one of them in the hotel that night. Crystie and Skye did the same thing, probably with the same thought in their heads.

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