Chapter   Eight

One year later....

"How's Brian?" I asked Crystie, as she walked through the door.

"He's doing alright," she said. "He's really happy with the success of the second album. All of the Boys are. Which reminds me, I saw Nick and he said to tell you he said 'hi'."

"Did you tell Brian you and Scott broke up?"

"No. Why would he be interested? But I did tell him I think you and Jenson are about to break up."

"What?! Why did you tell him that? We've just been having a few problems. It's nothing we can't work out."

"Right. Keep telling yourself that and maybe you'll believe it."

"Whatever. So, why didn't you tell Brian that you're single again? It's been almost two months."

"I don't think he's interested in knowing that fact. Besides, I heard he's has a girlfriend."

"If you saw rumor on the internet or in a magazine, you know it's not true. You two have been pretty close friends, I'm sure he would've told you if he did."

"It's his private life. He doesn't tell me everything."

"It sure seems like he does."

Crystie looked at me, unconvincingly. I knew she was using the rumor as an excuse not to tell Brian about her break up. She knew Brian would ask her out if he knew. I guess she still wasn't over the whole thing yet. The fact of the matter was that a few months after the Backstreet Boys concert, Crystie and Scott were having all-out wars about her and Brian's continued friendship, but every time Scott told her he was sorry about their arguement and they would be a happy couple again. Finally, she told Scott she wanted to call it quits. Of course, he went into a rage and started screaming about how Brian Littrell was the cause of all the world's problems. To him, anyway.

I knew it was hard for Crystie, but she saw for herself that she didn't need to be in that kind of a relationship. And she wasn't about to give up her friendship with Brian for anything. That was important to her. I think he really made her feel special and, another plus, he never made any demands on her or her time like Scott did most of the time. She definitely trusted him enough to tell him about me and Jenson.

She was right, though. I was really starting to doubt that Jenson and I would work through our problems this time. We were pretty happy together for a long time after the concert, but recently, we'd begun to have one problem after another. More and more he was starting to say things like, "I bet Nick would do this", and do something crazy. It seemed adventurous at first, but that grew old fast. Now it seemed like Jenson was going out of his way to show my what he thinks Nick Carter wouldn't do. And I was getting really tired of it.

"Where's Skye?" Crystie asked, taking me away from my thoughts.

"She's out with Seth," I said. "It seems like those two are the only ones that survived the concert."

"So, you admit that you're thinking about breaking up with Jenson," Crystie said, looking like she knew it all along.

"Alright, alright. I am thinking about it. It's just that Jenson is trying to make my friendship with Nick seem like nothing and our relationship seem like the air we breathe to stay alive, when it's not. I think he's deluding himself about our relationship."

"When are you going to tell him?"

"Tomorrow. I finally talked him into taking me for a walk in the park instead of jumping out of a plane like he wanted to. I can't believe he asked me to go skydiving. I would've done it at any other time, but I know it's just another way to show me that he thinks Nick, who I now consider to one of my best friends, is a wimp and I've definitely had enough."

"Good. Don't do what I did. It'll just make it that much harder...."

Crystie didn't have time to say more because we heard the door slam and heard Skye's footsteps go up the stairs and into her room. I went into the living room and checked the door to see if it was still on it's hinges, since she slammed it so hard, then followed Crystie upstairs to see what was wrong with Skye.

By the time we got to her room, everything that Seth had given to Skye, every picture of him and ones of them together was in a box, ready to be thrown out. Her room looked so bare with all that stuff gone.

"What are you doing?" Crystal asked, looking around the room.

"Throwing away anything and everything that Seth ever gave me. He's a jerk and I'm not dealing with him and his crap anymore," said Skye, throwing in the teddy bear Seth had given her for Valentine's Day a few months before.

"Why?" I asked. "I thought you guys were getting along fine."

"Appearences can deceiving," she said, "and I'm done being deceived."

"What happened?" Crystie and I said at the same time. We usually laughed when we do that, but this time we knew it wasn't a good idea.

"Seth and I were at McDonald's, getting something to eat, when I spotted AJ walking through the door. I called him over and started talking to him. Seth got mad, tried to punch AJ in the jaw and ended up getting beat down. Right in the middle of a freakin' restaurant!! It was completely humiliating for all of us, especially me because it was my stupid boyfriend who started the whole thing. Ex-boyfriend now."

"So, now you and Seth are through," Crystie said. "That's makes three for three." Crystie looked at me.

"What makes three for three?" Skye asked.

"Break ups. All three of us," Crystie explained.

Skye looked over at me. "You and Jenson broke up?"

"No," I said. "Not yet. Tomorrow, it's a sure thing."

"How did everything get so messed up," Skye said, wonderingly.

"I'm thinking the whole thing started that fateful day we met three cute guys named Brian, AJ, and Nick," Crystie said.

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