Now you know our story. I probably could've made it longer by telling every single detail, but then that would've been boring. Everybody is still together. Crystie and Brian are getting married next month and Nick and I are thinking about what day to get married on. Skye and AJ are now engaged and they have agreed that having a double wedding with me and Nick would be pretty cool. But right now, they are in England, looking at some houses out there. If I know AJ, they're probably looking at English castles. Kevin and Jennifer have gotten more serious since Brian and Crystie announced their engagement. Howie and Julie are in the process of moving into their first apartment together.

I never would've thought that meeting our favorite group would bring this kind of luck to me, Skye, and Crystie. I still feel kind of bad about the guys we were going out with at the time. They took the big risk of losing us to superstars. I think they've all gotten over it, though. Last I heard, Jenson, Scott, and Seth all have steady things going right now. I don't think any of us girls have talked to any of our ex-boyfriends since we broke up with them. But we will forever have them to thank for helping us get with our guys. Even if we don't want to.

"Things always work out for the best." I wrote that earlier. My mother knew what she was talking about when she said that. But now it's time for my own saying. "Dreams really do come true." I think of Crystie, Skye and I as living proof. And, man, did our dreams come true or what?

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