Chapter   Seventeen

The next morning, Nick woke up and went to go check on Nicky. He walked into the guestroom and didn't see either Alisha or Nicky there. He ran downstairs and into the kitchen. He breathed a big sigh of relief when he saw his mom holding Nicky and feeding him. Jane looked up and saw Nick standing there watching them.

"Good morning, Nick," Jane said, smiling. "I didn't think you'd be up 'til about twelve noon."

"My body developed some sort of natural alarm clock or something ever since I found out about Nicky," Nick replied. "I always wake up at around 7:30am or 8:00am now."

"That's interesting," Jane said. "You were always me and your dad's alarm clock."

"Where's Alisha, Brian, and VJ?" Nick asked, sitting across the table from his mom.

"Brian and VJ are still asleep, and Alisha's taking a shower. She should be down in a minute."

As if on cue, Alisha walked through the doorway. "Thank you so much for watching him while I got ready, Jane."

Jane gave Nicky to Alisha. "It was my pleasure. He's a very well-behaved little boy and a healthy eater. I hope you don't mind that I fed him while you were in the shower."

"No, of course not," Alisha told her. "He's your grandson. I don't want you to feel like you have to get my permission to do the simple things like that."

"Alrighty then." Jane got up from her seat at the table. "I'm going to go to the store and get some food for a big breakfast. I'll be back in a little while."

"Bye, Mom," Nick said, as his mom gave him a peck on the cheek. Then he looked at Alisha. "What made them change their minds?"

"Well, I couldn't really sleep all that much last night," Alisha said. "So I came down here to get a glass of water and your mom was down here, too. We had a little heart-to-heart and everything's okay now."

Nick shook his head and smiled. "You're an amazing woman. It's like there nothing you can't do and that's why I love you so much."

"I love you, too," Alisha said, slightly blushing. "So does this mean we're gonna give this another try?"

"When we left the MTV studios and I saw you getting into Carson's car, I was wishing you were with me in the van, coming with me to the concert hall. The only thing I could think about was becoming a part of Nicky's life...."

"Nick, you always have been. Maybe not directly, but it was because of you that a lot of the big things in his life happened. In all those video tapes there was one constant thing around. It was you."

"But that's different, Ali. I wasn't really there, to see it happen with my own eyes. This next year of his life, and all the other years that follow after, I want to be there. I want you, me, and our son to be a family."

"There's nothing I want more than that," Alisha said, quietly.

Nick walked over to the other side of the table and sat next to Alisha and Nicky. "I promise you, and Nicky, that I will always be there for you. I'll do everything I can to make things right between you and me, so Nicky can have the kind of loving family he deserves."

"Okay," Alisha smiled. "I'll do whatever it takes to make this work."

"Good." Nick leaned over and kissed Alisha ever so softly on the lips.

Alisha kissed him back. When they parted, they looked into each other's eyes and knew everything was going to be all right. Nicky felt the happiness flowing all around him and laughed.


BJ woke up and saw AJ missing from his place beside her. Then she heard the door open softly and smiled when she AJ walk in with a breakfast tray.

"Good morning, my love." AJ gave BJ a kiss on the forehead and placed the tray over her lap. "Breakfast in bed for my wife-to-be."

"AJ, honey, you didn't have to," BJ said, looking at the food. "But I'm glad you did."

"Anything for you, baby," AJ smiled. "I'll be right back."

A few minutes later, AJ walked in with his own tray of food and sat next to BJ. "I didn't want to be left out."

BJ laughed. "Good, 'cause I would've felt weird having you watch me eat."

They ate, talked, and planned. Then AJ brought up an idea.

"Next week, me and the fellas are supposed to go to Jamaica," AJ told her. "Why don't you come with us?"

"What are you guys going to Jamaica for?" BJ asked.

"We were asked to take part in MTV's Springbreak '98. We'll be hosting the show, 'The Grind', and performing in Negril, Jamaica. I think it'll be fun, especially if you're with me. So what do you say? Will you come?"

BJ thought for a minute. "Yeah, sure. I'll go. What songs are you guys gonna perform?"

" 'As Long As You Love Me' and 'Everybody', I think. We've been working on the routine for 'Everybody' with Fatima."

"Oh, then it should be a really good show." BJ leaned over a gave AJ a peck on the cheek. "Do you think Brian is going to invite VJ to come along?"

"He told me he was thinking about doing it, but I don't know if he actually will."

"Well, I hope he does. They seem to be getting along pretty good. I hope they can work past all their problems and get back together."

"So do I," said AJ. "Nick will probably invite Alisha and Nicky to come, too. They seem to be getting everything together."

"Yeah, they do." BJ thought for a minute. "I thought it was so cool how Nick's parental side kicked into gear. I wonder if his home-making side will kick in."

"I think it will. I've never seen Nick do so much for any other girl. And that kid is a trip. He acts just like Nick."

"You got that right. It was so cute watching Nicky dance to your guys' CD. I hope my kids are as well-behaved as he is."

"Our kids will just as wonderful as Nicky is."

AJ leaned over and kissed BJ passionately. Man, I hope it's like this forever, he thought, as he felt chills go down his spine. I can't wait until we're married.

I'm gonna have him for the rest of my life, BJ thought, as she kissed AJ back. I can't wait until we get married and we'll be together forever.

"I love you," AJ whispered in BJ's ear as he wrapped his arms around her.

"I love you, too," she whispered back.

When they let go, they picked up their trays and took them to the kitchen. Together they washed and dried dishes. Then they got ready to began their day together.

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