Chapter   Nineteen

Several days later....

"Look at this hotel room," Alisha said, excitedly. She put Nicky down and he started to explore the room.

Nick watched his son and couldn't believe his good fortune. He was in Jamaica with the woman he loved and the child they had created with their love. Nick was little disappointed that he wouldn't be with Nicky on his first birthday, so this trip with like an early celebration. He wanted to spend as much time with Alisha and Nicky before him and the guys went back on tour.

"Come here," Nick said, seductively.

Alisha walked over to him and put her arms around his waist. Nick leaned down and kissed her passionately. Alisha kissed him back, wishing it would never end. Right when they were really getting into it, Brian and VJ walked in with AJ and BJ.

"Hey, you two," Brian said. "Not in front of the kid."

Brian walked over to Nicky, who was looking at his mom and dad. He picked him up and covered his eyes. Nicky giggled and smiled.

"Brian, why are you here?" Nick asked, his arms still around Alisha.

"I'm supposed to be here, Nick," Brian said, matter-of-factly. "We're hosting and performing on 'The Grind', remember?"

"I meant in our room," Nick told him.

"Oh, well, we're here because.... because...." Brian thought for a minute. Then he looked at VJ. "Babe, why are we here?"

"I can't believe you forgot already." VJ rolled her eyes. "Donna said to hurry up and settle in 'cause you guys have to rehearse the routine for 'Everybody' before you go on and that's in about four hours, so you better get going."

"BJ, why are you and AJ in here?" Alisha asked.

"We just wanted to see what your room looked like since you have Nicky and would probably get a bigger room than the rest of us," BJ responded.

"How does it differ from yours?" Nick looked at them.

"It's definitely bigger," AJ said.

"All right, people," Kevin said, walking in with Howie. "Forget unpacking. Let's go roam the streets and check this place out."

"What about the rehearsal?" BJ asked.

"We don't have to be there for another hour and a half," Howie told them. "Johnny and Donna figure that's how long it'll take to get Nicky settled."

"Cool," Brian said. He looked at Nicky. "Thanks, Nicky. He's gonna come in handy."

Nicky sighed and smiled. VJ walked over to Brian. "Give my the kid and you won't get hurt."

Everyone started laughing. Alisha took Nicky into the bedroom for a quick change, then they all left to go sight-seeing. They happened to run into Carson, who was doing a little segment. He asked the Boys to do a short interview. The Boys positioned themselves around him and Carson asked them about what they were doing on MTV Springbreak, how driving on the wrong side of the road felt, and if they'd had a ting to drink. None of the Boys knew what the hell a ting was, so they made total fools of themselves answering that one.

After they were done, Carson came over and said hello to Alisha. Then he saw VJ and Brian holding hands.

"You must be Anne's cousin Victoria Johnson," Carson said, holding out his hand. "I'm Carson Daly."

"Hey, Carson," Victoria said, shaking his hand. "I love watching you on TV. You look so cute."

Carson laughed. "Yeah right. It seems like I can't compare to the Backstreet Boys." He looked over at BJ and AJ. "AJ, who's this lovely lady?"

"This beautiful woman by my side is my fiancee, Brianna Jackson," he said with a huge smile.

"Nice to meet you, Brianna," Carson said, shaking her hand.

"Nice to meet you, too," BJ said, smiling. "I can't believe I'm talking to you. I love watching 'MTV Live'. All because of you. You are awesome."

"Thanks. So what do you guys think of Jamaica?"

"It's great," said Kevin. "It's our first time here."

"We're having a blast, aren't we, Nicky?" Alisha looked at Nicky, who was smiling.

"Hey, Nicky," Carson said. "How's my little buddy?"

Nicky stretched his arms out to Carson. He reached over and took him from Alisha's arms. Nick watched how Carson was with Nicky and knew he had indeed been a major part of his life. Now you are, too, Nick thought. Nicky's your son and he knows that. He knew that before you even knew it. Carson handed the little boy to Nick.

Just then, Alexis walked over to them. "Carson, they want you at the location for 'The Grind' pronto." Then she saw the Boys and stared wide-eyed. "Oh my gosh. You're the Backstreet Boys!"

"You remember the Backstreet Boys, Alexis," Alisha said.

"Anne! I didn't know you were here." Alexis went and hugged her friend. Then she saw Nick holding Nicky. "Oh, hi, Nick."

"Hey, Alexis," Nick smiled. "How you been?"

"I've been cool. So do I get an introduction or what?"

"I'm sorry." Alisha turned to the guys. "Guys, this is my friend, Alexis. She was the one I stayed with when I moved to New York City and she helped me get the job at MTV. Alexis, this is Kevin Richardson, Howie Dorough, AJ McLean, AJ's fiancee Brianna Jackson, Brian Littrell, and his girlfriend, who is also my cousin, Victoria Johnson."

"Hey, people," Alexis waved, but she was looking at Kevin. Kevin was studying her, too. "Wow, Maria is not going to believe this. She's a major fan, just like me."

"Who's Maria?" asked Kevin, his deep voice thrilling Alexis to her toes.

"She's one of the makeup people," Alexis answered him.

"Oh, well, we'll probably meet her later," Howie said. Just then he spotted a woman with long, wavy black hair walking towards them and his mouth dropped open.

The others turned to look in his direction. All the Boys stared freely. Carson just stood there and watched, while BJ, VJ, Alisha, and Alexis laughed at their reaction. Nicky laughed, too, even though he had no idea what was going on.

"What?" the girl asked. "Do I have something on my face?"

"No," Alisha said. "Guys, stop staring. You're embarrassing Maria. You'd think you all have never seen a woman before."

"Yeah, AJ," BJ said, hitting him in the arm. "You're marrying one, remember?"

"Of course I remember," AJ said, looking at BJ and kissing her cheek.

"Maria, I'm sure you remember the Backstreet Boys," Alexis said.

"Yeah, of course," Maria said, shaking their hands. "What's up?"

"Nothing much," Carson said. "Maria, this is Victoria Johnson, Anne's cousin, and Brianna Jackson, AJ's fiancee. Well, I better go."

"Yeah, I came to get you," said Maria. "And you, too, Alexis. We're not on vacation like Anne."

"Okay. I'll see you guys later." Alexis smiled at Kevin. He returned her smile and waved.

"Nice to meet you guys," Maria said. "Maybe we'll get together later."

"Sure," said Howie, excited at the thought of getting to know Maria better. "See ya later."

"Bye." Maria gave Howie one last smile and followed Alexis and Carson back to the set.

Everyone looked at Kevin and Howie following the girls with their eyes.

"Come on, guys," Brian said. "We have to get back to the hotel and rehearse."

They all headed back to the hotel. The Boys changed into warm-ups and went into the gym to start rehearsing with Fatima. The girls all gathered in Alisha's room and watched TV.

"We have to get Kevin and Howie hooked up with those girls," BJ said.

"I'm already working on it," Alisha said. "I called them before you guys came over, after I put Nicky down for his nap, and asked them if they wanted to have dinner with us tonight. They agreed, so now all we have to do is tell the guys. But not Howie and Kevin. They want it to be a surprise."

"All right, cool," VJ said. "I can't wait to see their faces."

The girls continued to talk about what they were going to wear to dinner and waited for the guys to come back so they could head to the location of "The Grind".

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