Chapter   Twenty-Three

VJ peeked around the corner and saw AJ walk into the Boys' dressing room. Then she looked over to the spot she saw Amanda leave. A few seconds later, Alisha stuck her head around the corner and gave VJ a thumbs-up. VJ smiled and gave the sign right back. Then she turned to BJ.

"It worked," VJ told her.

BJ wiped the tears from her eyes and smiled. "Good. If Alisha hadn't been standing near that chick and her group, me and AJ would be in some serious trouble right now."

"I can't believe that girl would deliberately try to sabotage your relationship with AJ to get more exposure for her group." VJ shook her head in disbelief. " 'Innosense'. What kind of a name is that? They certainly don't look innocent."

"Did you see the way it's spelled?" BJ took out her compact to fix her makeup. "That group is just begging to be made fun of. It could easily be written 'In-no-sense', meaning they have no sense. Of anything, apparently."

Just then, AJ came around the corner and grabbed BJ into a big bear hug. "Hey, baby, you all right?"

"Yeah, I'm fine. I just didn't expect it to hit me so hard when I saw the two of you.... you know."

"You don't know how hard it was for me to do it," AJ grimaced. "I don't want to kiss any girl but you. Speaking of which, could you kiss me now? My lips are feeling a little violated."

BJ laughed and gave AJ a long, slow kiss. VJ decided to take her leave and walked over to Brian, who was talking to some girl. VJ walked over just as the girl latched onto Brian's arm. Brian looked over and relief was clearly expressed on his face. He took his arm back and walked over to VJ.

"Sweetheart, where have you been?" Brian gave VJ a kiss. "There's someone I'd like you to meet...." Then Brian lowered his voice. "Thank you for saving me."

"No problem," VJ whispered to him. Then she plastered a smile on her face. VJ let Brian lead her toward the short dark-haired girl.

"Victoria," Brian started. "This is Danay. She's in the new Trans Con group 'Innosense'. Danay, this is my girlfriend, Victoria. She's president of the 'Johnson Real Estate' company."

Danay watched as Brian put his arm around the long, curly, brown-haired, grey-eyed girl's waist. The two girls gave each other the up-and-down look. VJ gave Danay a look that said 'No one messes with my man'.

"Danay, it's nice to meet you," VJ spoke first. "Are you looking for a place to live?"

"No, I already have a place," Danay glared.

"Well, if you ever want a place that's better, come see me. I'll see what I can do." VJ turned to Brian. "Come on, honey. I told Ali we'd go meet with her and Nick in about five minutes."

"Okay." Brian gave Danay a smile. "See ya later, Danay."

VJ and Brian walked away and the two could feel the heat of Danay glaring at them. They laughed. The two of them walked over to where Nick was talking to some girl who wasn't Alisha.

"Who's that Barbie doll?" VJ said, sarcastically.

"I don't know, but let's find out," Brian said. "Hey, Nick. How's it goin'?"

"It's goin'," Nick smiled uneasily. "Guys, this is Mandy. She's in the new Trans Con group, 'Innosense'. Mandy, this is Brian Littrell, my band mate and best friend, and his girlfriend, Victoria Johnson."

"Hello, Mandy," VJ said in a sugar-coated voice. "Nice to meet you."

Mandy smiled huge. "Nice to meet you, too. I was just telling Nick here how much I love the Backstreet Boys. I think you guys are great."

"That's great," said Brian, trying not to laugh. "So, Nick, where's Ali?"

"She went to go check on.... on...." Nick looked at them for help.

"Dylan," VJ finished for him. Then VJ saw Alisha walking towards them. "Ali, how's Dylan?"

Alisha caught on right away. "Dylan's fine. My nephew," Alisha said to Mandy. "It's his first time coming to Florida and seeing his second cousin Victoria. Hi, I'm Alisha, Nick's girlfriend."

"So you two are cousins, not sisters?" Mandy asked, looking confused.

"Yeah. Weird, isn't it?" Alisha took Nick by the hand. "Sweetie, Dylan was asking for you. You gonna go see him?"

"Sure." Nick had a relieved look in his eyes. "It was nice talking to you, Mandy."

Then Nick and Alisha walked away toward the Carters and Walkers. Brian and VJ said their goodbyes to Mandy also and left her standing there by herself. After a couple more hours, the concert was over and everyone started going home. Brian, VJ, Nick, Alisha, Nicky, AJ, BJ, Howie, Maria, Kevin, and Alexis were dropped off at Brian's, Kevin's, and Howie's apartment.

From there, AJ and BJ went to AJ's apartment; VJ and Brian went to VJ's apartment; Alexis and Kevin went to the apartment below VJ's, where Alexis and Maria were staying; Howie and Maria stayed at his apartment, while Alisha, Nick, and Nicky went out to dinner with their parents. Afterwards, Nick's parents went back to Tampa, and Alisha's parents agreed to watch Nicky while Alisha and Nick went for a walk on the beach.

All of them thought about the days they had to look forward to. Most of their thoughts were on AJ and BJ getting married the next week. It was just a small affair and BJ would be going on tour with them for a week as the "honeymoon" until the couple could go on an actual one. All in all, the five couples were happy.

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