Chapter   Thirty

Another month later....

"Wow, that was an awesome show," Brian said. "I love LA."

"I know what you mean, man," AJ said. "LA is great. I think this is the only city where the screaming is pretty minimum."

"It's the west coast," Nick said. "Everyone here is pretty laid back."

"Did you all see that girl wearing that Tampa Bay jersey?" Kevin asked. "It was the exact same one Nick wore in the 'Backstreet's Back' video."

"I saw her," Brian said. "I thought she looked pretty cute."

"Imagine my shock when I saw that, guys," Nick said. "I kept looking over there to make sure I wasn't seeing things."

"So did I," said AJ. "Me and her got into a major staring contest. I think I'll go tell Lonnie to go look for her." AJ got up and walked out of the dressing room.

"I liked the girl standing next to the other one," Howie said. "She was all dancing in the aisle, having a good time. I tried to get a rose to her during my solo, but some other girl in front of her grabbed it."

"Oh, make sure Maria doesn't get jealous," Nick said. "I thought that girl looked pretty cute in my jersey, too. There was another girl standing on the other side of her. I swear they're sisters."

AJ came back in the room. "Lonnie is searching her out as we speak. I wanna meet this girl. Her friends standing next to her looked pretty cool, too."

"Unless you want to meet these girls all sweaty, I suggest we all jump in the shower and change. I get the first shower," Kevin said. He walked into the bathroom and shut the door before anyone could say anything.

All the fellas took turns with the shower. Nick was the last one and barely walked out when Lonnie came to the dressing room saying he'd found the girl AJ was looking for and she wouldn't come unless she was allowed to bring her friends. The Boys said it was all right with them and Lonnie let the girls in. There were four of them all dressed in baggy jeans, except for one who wore all ADIDAS.

They went over and hugged each one of them. The Boys offered the girls seats and sat around them.

"So what are your names?" Kevin asked.

"I'm LeAndra," said the girl wearing the Tampa Bay jersey.

"I'm Dalila," said the girl in ADIDAS.

"I'm Aja," said the girl in blue tank top.

"And I'm Christine," said the girl in the yellow shirt.

"Did you all enjoy the show?" Brian asked.

"I've been waiting for the past four months to see you guys perform," said Dalila. "Ever since me and LeAndra got our tickets."

"Christine and I got our tickets six months ago," said Aja. "This is definitely the best concert we've ever been to."

"How long have you guys known each other?" Nick asked.

"Me and Dalila went to the same school this past year," LeAndra said. "But we met Aja and Christine this morning when we got here."

"Really?" Howie looked at them. "It looks like you've known each other longer than that."

"We got close quick," Christine said. All the girl put their arms around each other's shoulders.

The Boys talked to the girls for a while. At one point, Nicky ran into the dressing room and over to his father. Alisha, VJ, and BJ followed close behind. The four girls looked at them curiously.

"Sorry to interrupt," Alisha apologized. "Hi, I'm Alisha."

"Hi," all four girls said.

"I'm Victoria," VJ said.

"And I'm Brianna," said BJ.

"You're Nick's girlfriend, huh?" LeAndra pointed to Alisha. She nodded. "Is that your son?"

"He's our son," Nick said. "His name is Nicky."

"So the rumor is true?" asked Aja. The couple nodded. "He's really cute. Looks just like Nick."

"Then you're AJ's girlfriend," Christine said to BJ. "And you're Brian's girlfriend."

"Nice to meet you," Dalila said.

This surprised everyone. They expected for the four girl to hate the Alisha, VJ, and BJ. The girls noticed this.

"I bet you expected us to be mad or something," LeAndra said. "We're not. A little sad, maybe, but not mad."

"We know you guys have lives," Dalila said.

The group continued to talk to their four fans until they had to go. The girls gave all of them hugs and took a few pictures with them before leaving. They agreed to keep Nicky a secret for the Boys' sake and left smiling.

"They took the girlfriend thing surprisingly well," Howie said.

"I know," said Brian. "I wish all our fans were like that."

"So do I, but our fans are the way they are," Kevin said. "I love them anyway."

"Yeah," the other guys agreed.

"Come on, guys, let's go," VJ said. "You're supposed to be on KIIS FM tomorrow. You need to sleep."

"No, I need some loving," AJ said, looking at BJ.

"Then let's get out of here," she told him.

Everyone headed to the tour bus and got on, heading back to the hotel they would be staying in for the next three days. When they got there, AJ checked with the front desk to make sure everything was ready up in his and BJ's room. He wanted their first night in LA to one they would both remember.

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