Chapter   Thirty-Two

One month later....

"How did the rehearsal go?" VJ asked Brian as he walked into their hotelroom.

"It went pretty good," Brian said. "We're still changes things in the routine, but it's gonna be really cool."

"This is so cool," said VJ, smiling. "The 1998 MTV Video Music Awards is two days away. Are you nervous?"

"A little," Brian admitted. "I mean, it's MTV. Millions are going to see this show. I just want the routine to go smoothly. Winning 'Best Group Video' or 'Best Dance Video', or both, would be pretty cool, too."

"I think you'd have to win at least one of them." VJ went over to Brian and put her arms around Brian's waist. "Even if you don't, we can still celebrate."

"Oh really?" Brian looked at VJ wickedly. "So either way, we...."

"Hey, you guys got nominated, right?"

"Cool. Have you found a outfit for the awards?"

"Yup. Me, Alisha, BJ, Alexis, and Maria went shopping while you guys were at rehearsal. Alisha even got a little outfit for Nicky."

"All right. That kid is going to be styling."

VJ was about to say something when someone knocked on the door. VJ got up off the bed to answer it. She saw BJ with a sort of nervous, excited look in her eyes.

"What's up, BJ?" asked VJ.

"I need to talk to you real quick," BJ said. "It's kind of important."

"Okay. Come on in." VJ stepped aside to let BJ walk in. "Brian, BJ has to talk to me, so could you, um, leave?"

"All right," Brian said, pretending to be hurt. "I see how it is. I know when I'm not wanted. I'll go visit my real friends down the hall."

VJ and BJ laughed as Brian walked to the door. Brian gave them a quick smile before he took off out the door. The two girls sat down on the bed.

"So, what do you want to talk about?" VJ looked at BJ.

"I'm pregnant," she blurted out.

VJ was stunned into silence for a while. "Does AJ know?"

"No. I just took one of those home pregnancy tests a little while ago, before he go back from rehearsal. VJ, I'm a little nervous. Me and AJ have been married for only seven months. What if he thinks it's too soon?"

"I don't know how he could think that. It's not like you guys have been very careful about not getting pregnant, not that I know or anything. I'm just guessing."

"Well, you guessed right," BJ sighed. "When do you think it would be a good time to tell him? I was thinking after the MTV Video Music Awards."

"I think you should tell him before. He'd be smiling during the whole show," said VJ.

"But what if the guys lose in their categories?" BJ asked. "This would be something to lift AJ up. Everybody else, too."

"I see your logic." VJ thought for a minute. "But if they win, this would brighten their moods even more. Yeah, tell him after."

"Okay." BJ stood up. "I better go. AJ might start wondering where I am. I told him I was going to get something to drink at the hotel bar."

"Let's go down there," VJ suggested. "We could celebrate this momentous occasion."

"All right, cool."

VJ and BJ both headed downstairs to the hotel bar.


Two days later....

"Wow," Alexis breathed. "Look at all these people."

Maria looked out the window. "That's a lot of people."

VJ looked out the window as the limo made it's way to the red carpet. There was a huge crowd of people, looking to see who was arriving for the 1998 MTV Video Music Awards. As they got closer, the more excited everyone got. They could see the news crew for MTV conducting interviews with the musicians and actors as they arrived. Soon, it was time for them to exit the limo and show their faces.

"Are you guys going to be interviewed?" Alisha asked.

"If they want us to, I guess we will," said Nick. "But they might just let us walk on by."

"Are you girls ready to face the fans?" Brian asked.

"Sure," said VJ. "But then, the fans know about me and BJ."

"Nick, why didn't you say anything about Anne on the 'Regis & Kathy Lee Show'?" asked Alexis.

"There have been rumors about me and Alisha, Nicky too, but I thought I would just keep our relationship to myself for a while," Nick explained. "Just out of curiosity, why do you still call Alisha 'Anne'?"

"We've been calling her 'Anne' for over a year," Alexis said. "It's hard to break the habit."

"I don't mind," said Alisha. "BJ, you're awfully quite."

"Oh, um, I'm just thinking and praying the Boys win," BJ said, a little embarrassed. "And I'm hoping the fans will react to us well."

"What I'm wondering is how they're going to react to Nicky," said Maria. "It's the first time Nicky's going to be seen in public with Anne and Nick."

"I'm sure they'll think he's just the cutest little boy they've ever seen, right, Nicky?" Alisha looked at her son. He nodded.

Everyone laughed. The limo pulled up to the red carpet and the security opened the door. The Boys grabbed their girlfriends' hands, ready to get out and greet the star watchers. Brian and VJ got out first. The crowd went crazy when Brian stepped out. They watched as Brian turned back and helped out a curly, brown-haired woman. They watched Nick get out, reach inside, get handed a little blond-haired boy, then help out a curly, redish brown-haired woman. They saw AJ get out then help out a dark brown-haired woman. Kevin helped out a blond-haired woman and Howie helped out a wavy, black-haired woman. The Boys held the hands of the girls as they walked up to the Universal Amphitheatre. Nick had handed the little boy to the girl he was with, so he could wave to the crowd along with the rest of the guys. Finally, they reached the amphitheatre and were being shown to their seats.

They all had a great time. The Boys laughed along with everyone else as the skit they did with Ben Stiller was being shown. Soon, it was time to find out who won "Best Group Video". As the nominees were being shown, the Boys were all thinking the same thing. There was no way they were going to win. But they won! The guys stood up in shock and amazement, then started congratulating each other. They went up onstage and gave their acceptance speech. They put on a very amazing performance of "Everybody" and pretty soon, the awards was over. Everyone was riding high when they got to the after-party. They danced the night away and celebrated their success in winning for a video that they came up with the concept. BJ decided it would be a good time to reveal her secret to AJ.

"AJ, could I talk to you for a minute?" BJ asked.

"Sure, baby. Let's go sit down." AJ led her back to their table.

Good, he'll need to be sitting down when he hears this, BJ thought.

"What is it?" AJ looked at her with apt attention.

"I'm.... I, uh...." BJ stammered. "Damn, I'll just say it. AJ, I'm pregnant."

AJ leaned forward. "Come again?"

"You heard me. I'm pregnant. We're going have a baby."

AJ sat there for a few minutes, not saying anything. "Are you sure?"

"Pretty sure. AJ, I had all the signs, so I took a pregnancy test. It came out positive. I'd really like to know what you're feeling right now."

"I'm feeling.... shock.... amazement.... this is unbelievable...." AJ got quiet again. "But I'm also very happy."

"You don't think it's too soon?" BJ asked.

"No, baby. We've been married for seven months. I couldn't be happier. Oh, wow, I'm going to be a dad." AJ smiled.

He got out of his chair and pulled BJ into his arms. They hugged for the longest time. Then AJ gave BJ the most love-filled kiss they ever shared.

"We have to tell the others," AJ said when the kiss ended.

"Okay," BJ agreed.

The two of them walked over to their friends, pulled off the dance floor, and told them the news. All of them were surprised and happy for AJ and BJ. The couple got congratulated all around. They couldn't think of a better way to end the night.

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