Chapter   Eight

A couple weeks later....

"Is everything set up?" asked Carson Daly, the host of MTV Live.

"Everything is all set and ready to go, Captain Carson," Alisha saluted.

Carson saluted back, then laughed. "I'm surprised you're not seeing anybody, Anne. They'd have a ball hangin' out with you."

"It's kinda hard to go out on a date when you have a eleven month old son," said Alisha. "Besides, I'm not really interested in anyone right now."

"Any guy who wouldn't jump at the chance to go out with you because of Nicky, is out of his damn mind. He's a great kid."

"I know. He reminds a lot of his father."

"You know who he looks like? Nick Carter of the Backstreet Boys."

"Ha ha, very funny," Alisha said, trying to laugh.

"No, really. He's got the blond hair and blue eyes," said Carson. "Maybe he's a distant relative you don't know about."

Alisha laughed. You don't know how close a relative he is, she thought. "Well, we're about to start taping, so you better get in position."

"How about you, me, and Nicky go get something to eat after the show?" Carson asked, suddenly.

"Sure, why not?" Alisha agreed.

"It's your birthday today, isn't it?"

"Yeah, my 19th."

"Oh. Happy 19th birthday."

"Thanks, Carson. Now you better get your butt into position before I throw you there."

Carson laughed and took his place in front of the camera. Alisha went into the greenroom to make sure all the snacks and sodas were set for the guests. Then she went into the controls room to see how things looked on camera. Alisha thought Carson was a great guy. He had fun hosting the show and he was great with Nicky. But she thought he was a little old for her, him being twenty-four, although he didn't seem to mind. Then after deciding everything was fine on camera, Alisha went to the makeup room.

The makeup person, Lydia, came up to her excited. "Anne, guess who is on the show today?"

"Who?" asked Alisha.

"Today, we are helping Nick Carter and the rest of the Backstreet Boys celebrate Nick's birthday. Isn't that great? I just finished touching up their makeup. I was in complete heaven doing Kevin's makeup."

Alisha was shocked into silence. Oh on, I brought Nicky with me today, she thought. What am I going to do?

"That's great," Alisha said, putting on a bright smile. "I love the Backstreet Boys. Their music is great."

"I know," said Lydia. "Do you think I have a chance with Kevin?"

"Who knows? I'd try to hook with one if I had the chance."

"Now you do. So which one do you want?"

Alisha thought on how to answer that question, when someone called for Lydia to bring the birthday cake onto the set. She looked at Alisha. "You want to come with me?"

"No, that's okay. I have to go check on Nicky."

"Alright. He's in the greenroom right now with Maria."

"Cool. Thanks." Just as Lydia got to the door, Alisha asked, "Did any of the Backstreet Boys see him?"

"No, we took him in there after they went on."

"Okay." Thank God.

Alisha walked over to the greenroom and saw Maria, the other makeup person, playing with Nicky. Maria saw her and pointed her out to Nicky. Nicky turned around, saw his mom, and gave her a big smile. He got up on his unsteady little legs and walked as best as he could to Alisha. He fell over a couple times, but started laughing when he finally made it to his mother. Alisha laughed and picked him up, kissing him on the cheek.

"How's my big boy, huh? You having fun with Maria?"

"Mom," was Nicky's answer to that. Alisha and Maria started laughing.

"Nicky just keeps getting cuter and cuter every time I see him," said Maria. "He must be such a joy to have around the apartment."

"Yes, he is," Alisha said, smiling. "But he can also be a little walking tornado. He gets into everything now."

"I couldn't believe it when he made his first steps at the office. Do you still carry around your video camera?"

"Not anymore. I just wanted to capture his first steps, his first words, his first anything on video for his dad. So, are you lusting for any of the Backstreet Boys?"

"Howie Dorough," Maria said, without hesitating. "He is so good-looking and an absolute sweetheart. I met him right before they went on the set. What about you?"

"I don't think I have a favorite," said Alisha. "I just like them all."

"How about we relax on the job and watch the show from in here?" Maria turned on the TV and sat down on one of the couches.

Alisha sat next to her and put Nicky on the floor with one of his toys. But Nicky picked himself up and carefully walked over to the middle of the room, sat in front of the TV, with his toy, and watched his dad on the screen.

"Looks like he's a fan," Maria laughed. Alisha cracked a smile, but didn't say anything.


"And we're at commercial," said the camera man.

Carson and the Boys relaxed.

"It's my friend, Anne's birthday today, too," Carson said.

"Really?" said Howie. "Our friend, Alisha's birthday is today, too."

"How interesting is that," said Carson. "Do you guys want anything to drink before we go on?"

"Could we have some water?" Kevin asked.

"Yeah, sure," Carson got up and walked to the green room. He saw Alisha and Maria in there. "Maria, could you help me with these waters for the guys?"

"Sure," Maria got up and grabbed some cups of water, then followed Carson out to the set. When she came back, she was all excited. "They're going to sing."

"Really?" asked Alisha. "Which song?"

"I don't know, but they're going to sing. And they offered me and Carson tickets to their concert here in the city. Carson said he wanted to bring you since it was your birthday, so he got two."

"Oh, that's awesome," Alisha said, trying to sound enthusiastic.

"What's wrong, Anne? You look all pale."

"Nothing. I'm just surprised, that's all. I mean, I didn't think Carson would want to take me to a concert."

"Are you kidding me? The man has got it bad for you." Then Maria saw the Boys were about to sing so she turned her attention to the TV.

Alisha grabbed Nicky and put his jacket on him, getting him ready to go out with Carson. She gathered up all his toys and put them in his bag. Nicky kept twisting and turning in her arms to look at the TV. When the Boys finished, he started clapping with Maria. Then the show was over. Alisha was about to walk towards the door when she saw Kevin standing in the doorway. He was looking at her, his eyes wide with surprise.

"Come on, Kev, let us in," Brian said from behind him and pushed him out of the way.

Brian, Howie, AJ, and Nick walked in talking and laughing. Alisha was going to walk out the other door, but it was then Nicky decided he wanted to talk.

"Mom, mom, mom!" He said the last 'mom' pretty loud.

Brian, Nick, Howie, and AJ looked over at the woman holding the little kid and their mouths dropped open. She was turned almost completely around, but the hair gave her away.

"Alisha?" Nick asked.

Alisha slowly turned around and looked at Nick. She faced the five of them. "Hello, fellas."

They looked at Nicky and immediately they all sat down from shock. Nicky started smiling and laughing.

"Nicky, honey, calm down," Alisha said softly in his ear.

"Mom," Nicky smiled. Then he started playing with Alisha's hair.

All the Boys just sat there and looked on in awe.

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