Throughout the next several years, a lot of things happened.

Brian and VJ got married and now have three kids, with another one on the way. Nick and Alisha also got married, and Alisha is expecting twins, which is pleasing Nick to no end. AJ's and BJ's first child was a beautiful little girl and made their family bigger by having two more kids. Kevin and Alexis were engaged to be married, as were Howie and Maria. When they got married, it was a big event 'cause the two oldest guy in the Backstreet Boys were finally getting married. Much to the surprise of the Backstreet Boys fans, all the Boys had their weddings televised so everyone all over the world could be a part of the celebration (and it wasn't pay-perview either). A lot of fans showed up to the churches to congratulate whichever Backstreet Boy was getting married at the time.

The Backstreet Boys continued to be successful longer than any of the critics suspected. They kept on putting out albums, touring the world, doing interviews, keeping their fans close. They watched as their fans grew up, graduated high school, and went off to college. It just seemed like the group's popularity kept on growing, attracting people of all ages. But like any other group, the Backstreet Boys soon went their separate ways. All the Boys went on to have successful solo careers, but they only ones who chose to persue it longer than most were Brian and AJ. After Kevin's solo career, he went into songwriting and producing. Nick went on to manage other singers and groups, including his brother Aaron, who was still enjoying success. Howie decided to go into real estate, but still did performances now and then, as well as acting in several movies.

After several years of being apart, the Backstreet Boys decided to get it back together and do a reunion, much to the delight of the Backstreet Boys fans, old and new. It had been a long time since the whole crew were together and they all came to the first concert....

"Oh, man, did you see all those people outside?" BJ asked. "I can't believe how many people showed up."

"It's like Backstreet Mania all over again," Alisha said excitedly.

"Are you all ready to go to our seats?" VJ asked.

"Yeah," said Maria. "It's almost time for the fellas to go on."

"Well, then let's get a move on," Alexis said. "I don't want to miss any part of this performance."

The girls all headed out to their seats in the front row. They saw their kids were already there, talking to some of the fans around them. Soon, it was time for the Boys to perform. The fans went crazy, like the Backstreet Boys had never left. VJ saw the excitement in Brian's eyes as he looked out into the audience. All the girls did. The Backstreet Children had the time of their lives, finally getting a chance to see their fathers perform like they used to. VJ, Alisha, BJ, Maria, and Alexis watched in excitement as their Boys did what they always loved to do, as it was their heaven on earth.

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