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I thought it would be cool to start a fan fiction page and put up a couple stories that I (Angel) wrote about the Backstreet Boys. If you would like to send me a story you wrote about them, feel free to EMAIL them to me and I'll put up on my new page. Hope you enjoy the stories. And any comments you may have about the stories you can write them in the guestbook on the Main Page.

My Stories

Dreams Do Come True
A story mainly about Nick, AJ, and Brian

Truly Blessed
This is a story about Brian (and AJ.... kind of)

This is a story about a girl who met five guys back in 1993 and watches as they become the most popular singing group around, but not without a few obstacles along the way.

Angel Sent From Heaven
A story about Brian, who falls in love with a girl he met in a mall while taking a break from touring, which brings love to two of his friends.

All My Love
This is a story about Kevin. He was walking on the beach when he heard someone crying in the distance....

Who Do You Love
A story about Nick, AJ, Kevin, Brian, and Howie who fall five girls who are not their girlfriends.

Heaven On Earth
Here it is! The sequel to 'Angel Sent From Heaven'. Do VJ and Brian get back together? Do Nick and Alisha get reunited? What happens between AJ and BJ? Have Kevin and Howie found love yet?

Spanish Eyes
What do you do when the people you love most disaprove of the one you're in love with?

Summer Of Love
This is a story where AJ became friends with a girl while vacationing. When he returns, he soon comes to find there's a lot more to her than he first thought.

Where You Are
This is a story about how AJ meets the woman of his dreams only to lose her, but not forever. Love is a very powerful thing between AJ and this person and it helps them stay together even when it seemed like it was the end.

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Hosted Stories

Where You Are
This is a story about AJ going through some hard times. I'm not saying what they are, but have some tissue handy....

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