Chapter   Twelve

"Kevin, are you sure '20/20' is on this channel?" Brian asked.

"Yes, I'm sure," Kevin told him, walking in with a bowl of popcorn is his hand.

Kevin, Brian, and Howie were getting ready to watch Karen's interview with Barbara Walters. Nick and AJ were supposed to be watching it at home. The three of them got comfortable and the show began.

"Good evening, I'm Barbara Walters," she said into the camera. "Tonight we take a special look at Angela Steele and William Davidson, as well as an interview with their daughter, Karen Davidson. We begin with Angela Steele, whose untimely death a little over one year ago, left so many shocked and heart broken...."

Kevin watched as Barbara Walters talked about Angela Steele's childhood, teen years, and finally her career. They talked about William Davidson in the same manner. They also showed a short interview with William. There weren't that many commercial breaks, but the guys were wondering when Karen's interview was going to be shown. It finally came when the show was a little more than half way over.

"And when we come back," said Barbara Walters, "a special interview with Karen Davidson, Angela Steele's and William Davidson's only daughter, and the shocking announcement she has to make." Then it went to commercial.

"Hey, Kev," Howie said. "What's Karen's 'shocking' announcement?"

"The hell if I know," said Kevin. "She didn't tell me she had a 'shocking' announcement. She just told me to watch."

"I'm gonna get more iced tea," said Brian, getting up from the recliner. "Anyone want anything?"

"No, thanks," said Howie. Kevin shook his head.

Brian went into the kitchen. Kevin's cell phone rang.

"Hello?" he said.

"Kevin, what's Kare Bear's announcement?" Nick asked.

"I don't know," said Kevin. "Not that I'd tell you if I knew anyway."

"That's nice of you to say to you favorite little brother," Nick told him.

"You may be my little brother, but you're not my favorite," said Kevin, laughing. Howie grinned.

"Thanks a lot," said Nick and he hung up.

"Who was that?" asked Howie when Kevin hung up.

"Nick," said Kevin. "He wanted to know what Kare Bear's announcement was." Then Kevin's phone rang again. He picked it up. "No, AJ. I don't know what Karen's announcement is."

"Damn," said AJ and hung up.

Kevin and Howie burst out laughing. Brian came back just as the show came back on. He sat in the recliner, grabbed the remote, and turned up the volume.

"Now, we take a look at the interview I had with Karen Davidson," said Barbara Walters. "I had the chance to talk to her when I was in Los Angeles to interview her father, William Davidson, husband of Angela Steele. She talked about her childhood, her days in school, and she made a very shocking announcement."

The tape of Karen's interview started showing on the TV screen. The guys started cheering when they saw Karen's smiling face on camera.

"Hello, Karen, how are you?" Barbara Walter asked her.

"I'm doing as well as can be expected," Karen answered.

Then the usual questions about her childhood, her teen years, and how she got started in journalism were asked. Karen answered all of them with precise answers. She didn't leave anything out. Kevin watched her and felt so proud of her. He thought the way she handled most of the questions was very good, even the questions that seemed a little too personal to Kevin. Like when they asked about her love life.

"So tell us, Karen. Is there anyone special in your life?"

"I was dating someone for about six months, but it didn't work out," said Karen. "He was busy with his career and I had my own to keep up, so we thought it was best to go back to being friends."

"Can we have his name or would you rather keep that confidential?"

Karen laughed. "Um, sure. But I'm telling all the teenage girls out there not to send me hate mail or anything." Karen laughed again. Barbara Walters joined in with her this time. "I'm just kidding. But, seriously, I dated Kevin Richardson of the Backstreet Boys for six months."

"Oh really?" Barbara looked interested. "How did you two meet?"

"We met when I interviewed the group last year. I think they were a little nervous when they first heard I was interviewing them since there was that whole 'Ice Queen' situation going on at that time. But me and Kevin just clicked and started dating. Soon, we realized with our conflicting schedules, it wasn't working too well. So, we decided to just be friends for the time being."

"So you think there might be a chance of you two getting back together?"

"I think there might be, yeah."

"Okay. Earlier, you told the producers that you had a big announcement to make. What is it you would like to say?"

"Well," Karen started. She took a deep breath. "Now, I don't want anyone to fall out of the chairs or anything, but...." Karen's eyes kind of teared up. "Gosh, this is hard."

"It's okay, take your time." Barbara patted Karen's arm comfortingly.

Karen took another deep breath. "There's no easy way to say this, so I'll just say it." Karen paused. "A few months ago, I was.... diagnosed with cancer."

Kevin, Brian, and Howie all stared at the TV in shock. Brian dropped his iced tea and it spilled all over the carpet. Nobody even noticed. Barbara Walters was sitting there with an astonished look on her face. Finally, she asked a question.

"Is it the same type your mother was diagnosed with four years ago?"

"Yes. I hadn't been feeling like I was in top condition, so I went to the doctors to see if there was anything wrong. They ran some tests and found out I had cancer."

"How awful. What did you do when you heard?"

"I cried. The same questions that went through my head when my mom was diagnosed came back." Karen's voice broke and tears slipped down her cheeks. She kept herself as calm as possible. "I went to my father's house and told him. He broke down and cried with me. I didn't know what was I was going to do or what was going to happen to me. A couple days later, I started treatment."

"Have you gotten any results so far?"

"Yes, I have. That's the good news. The doctors detected it early enough so treatment would be more effective than if they found out later. Just this week, they told me that with a few more months of treatment, the cancer could be gone."

"That's wonderful. I don't know what we'd do if journalism lost one of it's best and most loved writers. We hope you get better soon."

"That's all I can do is hope and pray that I will."

The tape ended and the camera was once again on Barbara Walters in the studio.

"We'll keep you up-to-date on Karen Davidson's fight for her life. That's all for tonight. I'm Barbara Walters, and on behalf of everyone here in the studio, until next week, goodnight to all the viewers." The announcer guy came on, then the credits started rolling. Brian turned off the TV.

"Did I just hear right?" Howie asked, quietly. "Did Karen just announce on national television she had cancer?"

Brian and Howie looked at Kevin. He was sitting there like he was in a daze. Brian got up and stepped on the wet spot of the carpet. He looked down and saw his iced tea all over it.

"Damn it," he said. He went into the kitchen and came back with a load of paper towels. He cleaned up as best he could.

"Kevin, are you okay?" Howie asked, concerned.

"I need to take a walk," said Kevin. He got up, grabbed his jacket, and his keys, then walked out the door.

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