Chapter   Seven

The next few days that Kevin was in LA, he was with Karen. It still eluded Nick and Brian, as well as Howie and AJ, why people called her the 'Ice Queen' of the media. But they just went with the flow. Karen was very friendly towards them, and the Boys began to appreciate her point of view on their music. They could say one thing for sure. She didn't sugar-coat her words when it came to expressing her opinion.

When they had asked her what she thought of their album, she said she liked every song on it a lot, except for "Anywhere For You". Karen said it sounded too sugary-sweet to her. Still, the Boys were glad she was being honest with them instead of hiding her true feeling.

Kevin thought Karen was the best. He like her so much, it almost scared him. Sometimes his mind would bring up the last time he like a woman this much. But he didn't let that spoil what he was hoping would become a full-fledged relationship. Kevin spent every moment with Karen that he could. He didn't tell the other guys that she was the daughter of Angela Steele. He want AJ, Howie, Brian, and Nick to get to know her first before he told them that. And it seemed like they got along with Karen really well.

Kevin looked at Nick and Karen playing video games. AJ was telling her what to do.

"No way!! That's not fair!" Nick yelled out.

"Alright, Karen!" said AJ. "That was awesome!"

"Thanks, AJ" Karen said, blushing a little. "I guess I did pretty good considering I've never played video games in my life."

"Well, congratulations, Kare Bear," Nick said. "You've managed to beat the best player in the world."

"Yeah right, Nick," AJ mocked. "You're looking at the best player in the world."

"Oh yeah?"




"Karen, I think you better get out of the way," Kevin said, walking over and helping her off the floor.

It was just in time, too. The second Karen was on her feet, Nick and AJ started throwing each other around on the ground.

"I don't know what you two are fighting for," Karen said, loudly. " 'Cause I'm the best player in the world now."

Nick and AJ stopped wrestling and looked at her in surprise. Kevin and Karen started laughing at the looks on their faces. Then Nick and AJ each grabbed a pillow and whacked Karen and Kevin with them. This started a whole new pillow war. It went on, with everyone laughing, until Howie walked through the door with Eryka. They stood there, dumbfounded.

"Hey, guys," Nick said. "Whatcha doin'?"

"Watching you all act like little kids," Eryka said.

"I think we should go," said Kevin, grabbing Karen's hand. "What do you think, Kare Bear?"

"I think you're right," Karen smiled. "See ya later, people."

Kevin and Karen walked out the door, hand in hand, leaving the others to watch them disappear through the door.


"I can't even remember the last time I laughed so much," Karen said, as her and Kevin walked towards the nearby beach.

"It's fun to be around the fellas most of the time," said Kevin. "But it can be a little hard when you're with them 24/7."

"That makes a lot of sense. What do you guys do when you get into an arguement?"

"Conducting an unscheduled interview?" Kevin teased.

"No." Karen blushed a little. "Just plain curiosity."

"I was just kidding. Let me see...." Kevin thought for a second. "We talk things out when we have an arguement. Usually, Howie listens to both sides of the story, then gives us his neutral opinion on what we should do. He's sort of like the middle man, the peacemaker of the group."

"So what would you be?"

"The big brother, the old man, the serious-minded one."

"Oh come on. You are hardly an old man. As for serious-minded, that you are. But not when we're together. Not really, anyway. And the big brother thing I can buy. I see how the others come to you for advice and stuff."

"I didn't know I had the big brother instincts in me until I joined the group. They're all like my little brothers."

"That is so cute," Karen smiled.

"What do you think of the fellas?" Kevin asked her.

"I like them a lot," she answered right away. "They're a lot of fun to be around. But like you said, being around them 24/7 would definitely be too much for me."

Kevin laughed. "I always appreciate a woman who can make me laugh," he said, softly.

They stopped walking and Karen looked up at Kevin. Kevin slowly leaned down and kissed her. It ignited the sparks for the both of them. By the time the kiss ended, they were breathless.

"Is it always like this with you?" Karen asked, softly, with wonder in her eyes.

"I hope so," said Kevin.

Karen put her arms around his waist, and Kevin puts his arms around her, too. They just stood there for awhile, holding each other in silence.

"There's one thing I want to know," Kevin said, suddenly.

"What?" Karen looked at him once again.

"Did you really make Zac Hanson cry?"

Karen started laughing. "No, I didn't make him cry. Zac said that jokingly to some reporter, but apparently he or she took it seriously. I happen to like Hanson very much, despite that I'm twenty-three. Issac, Taylor, and Zac are really nice guys."

"Oh okay. Then I guess the thing about you scaring Marilyn Manson isn't true either, then, huh?"

"No, that's true. At least, that's what he says. I kind of like Marilyn Manson's music and he told another reporter he found that 'unusual and scary in a God-fearing Christian' like me."

"I find it weird you actually like his music."

"I'm a musically diverse person. I listen to almost anything."

"That I can believe."

"Good 'cause it's the truth." Karen pulled Kevin back toward the hotel. "Let's go to my apartment and watch a movie."

"Sure. Let's go."

Kevin and Karen went to Karen's apartment and watch a couple of movies. It was around 9:00pm when Kevin decided it was time to go. They made plans for Kevin to come get Karen before the Boys went to the airport. Kevin gave her a passionate kiss goodnight, then left. Karen spun around happily on her way to her bedroom. I've finally found a great guy, she thought. He's kind, sweet, fun, and incredibly gorgeous. Karen quickly changed into her nightshirt and went to bed, so she could be wide awake in the morning before Kevin left.

Kevin was having the same thoughts as Karen. Only he had a harder time falling asleep. All he could think about was how much he was going to miss seeing Karen smile, hearing her laugh, feeling her arms around him, and holding her in his arms. She's a great woman, he thought, smiling in the dark. She's funny, honest, caring, and incredibly beautiful. I'm glad I met her. Really glad. With that last thought, Kevin was finally able to get to sleep.

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