Chapter   Nine

A month later....

"How do I look?" Karen asked, walking into her living room where Kevin was waiting for her.

Kevin looked up and smiled. "You look gorgeous. I'm gonna be the luckiest guy at the movie premiere."

"Thank you," Karen smiled. "You look extremely handsome yourself."

Kevin smiled knowingly. "I know."

Karen laughed. "You ready to go?"

"Definitely. Let's go."

Karen grabbed a light jacket and her purse. The two of them walked out of the apartment, making sure the door was locked behind them. There was a limo waiting for them out front and they drove over to Karen's father's house to pick him up. William Davidson was escorting Julia Roberts to the movie premiere of "Titanic". Kevin was a little nervous about meeting them, but soon felt comfortable in their presence. They had a pretty lively conversation on the way to the theater. Soon, they were prepping themselves up for the TV crews, the reporters, the photographer, and the other media.

Their limo slowly made its way to the front of the theater. Finally, it was time to walk down the red carpet. A security person opened the door and William Davidson climbed out of the limo. The crowd let out a excited yell when they saw him and did the same for Julia Roberts when she got out of the limo. The star-watchers then turned back to see who else was going to get out. They let out a roar when Kevin Richardson climbed out of the limo, then helped Karen Davidson out.

All the cameras were on David and Julia with Kevin and Karen right behind them. The two couples were stopped by almost every reporter and asked for short interviews. By the time they made it inside the theater, they felt like they'd been there for hours instead of only a half hour. Eryka and Howie walked over to them when they saw their friends had arrived. Karen introduced Howie to her father and Howie was a little nervous, but managed to stay calm on the outside.

The three couples walked into the screen room and took their seats which were pretty close together. Since they all had about a forty-five minute wait, Karen and Eryka excused themselves and went to the ladies' room.

"Can you believe all those people out there?" said Eryka. "You'd think Elvis was here or something."

"I guess Leonardo DiCaprio is the next best thing," Karen said. "But I get your point. It's crazy out there. My main thought was 'It's only a movie'."

"Oh man, you should've heard the crowd when they saw Howie. I think I got permanent ear damage."

"I know. The same thing happened when they saw Kevin. It's cool, though. At least people know who they are. I mean, it's been about four months since they released their album here."

"True. I just hope nobody tries to follow us after we leave."

"No kidding."

Karen and Eryka finished touching up their makeup and went back to their seats. Everyone quieted down as soon as the movie started. Despite the fact that Karen didn't like Leonardo DiCaprio, she thought he did an amazing job in this movie. Everyone want left on edge, wondering what would happen next. By the time the movie was over, there was hardly a dry eye in the house. Karen could hear people crying all around her. She had tears coming down herself. It always happened. Karen could never let anyone cry alone, especially when she saw a movie as heart-wrenching as "Titanic".

Kevin sat by Karen's side, his arm around her comfortingly. He could hear her soft cries. He could hear almost everyone's soft cries. Kevin had a few tears of his own, but managed to keep his emotions under control. Then suddenly, Kevin could hear the voice of a woman crying in the back of his mind. As the memory grew more clear, he could see himself walking towards the sound at the beach. He didn't know why the memory came back to him at that moment, but he could never forget the woman's voice full of heart-breaking pain. Then the house lights came on and Kevin was brought back to reality.

Karen and Kevin were about to walk over to Eryka and Howie when an unexpected person stopped by. Leonardo DiCaprio himself walked over and started talking to them.

"Karen, honey," he said, kissing Karen's hand. "How have you been? It's been a while."

"Leo," Karen said, putting on a smile. "I'm fine. It has been a while. How are you?"

"I'm doing great with the premiere of the new movie. I'm glad you and you're father could make it."

"Yeah, sure." Karen turned to Kevin. "Leo, this is my friend, Kevin Richardson. Kevin, this is Leonardo DiCaprio."

The two guys looked each other up and down as they shook hands. It was kind of weird considering Leo was a lot shorter than Kevin. The group continued to talk and Karen got the impression that the two guys were trying to compete with each other the more they talked. Soon, Eryka and Howie decided to save them and walk over to join in the conversation. After a while, William and Julia walked over as well. They all stood there for about an hour when Leo said he had to go. Just then, his date walked over to him and said she was ready to leave.

"I guess I'll be seeing you sometime," Leo said. "Call me and we'll get together." He looked at Kevin. "I'm sure you will."

"I'll think about," Karen said, trying not to smack him.

"All right." Then he and his date walked away.

"Calm down," said David. "Let's not make a scene."

"Sorry," Karen sighed. "It's just that he makes me want to hit him so bad. I've done everything I can to make him not like me. I swear, I'm gonna go psycho."

Julia laughed. "Don't worry, Karen. One of these days he'll get the hint."

"Come on. Let's get to the party," Eryka said. "The sooner we get there, the sooner we can leave."

So the four couples headed out to their limos. They all met up at the premiere party. Eryka and Howie didn't stay long. Neither did David and Julia. Kevin and Karen were the last of the group to leave. Kevin suggested they go for a walk on the beach after being at the party for two hours. When they got there, they got comfortable in the sand. They talked for a while, then headed back to Karen's apartment.

Karen got a pillow and some blankets for Kevin to use, seeing as how he was sleeping on her couch. Then she went back to change her clothes. Kevin took that opportunity to change into a tank top and sweatpants. Karen came back in dark blue, silk pajama shirt and shorts. The two of them cuddled together on the couch and watched movies. Eventually, they feel asleep in each others arms.

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