"Things always work out for the best". My mother told me that a long time ago. Now my parents are separated and she's living in another state. You'd think I have a distorted view of love. Well, I don't. I, 20-year-old Angelica Lopez, still believe in love. So do my two best friends, Skye Calloway and Crystie Waconda. 19-year-old Skye's parents are divorced and her father remarried. Now she has two sisters. 20-year-old Crystie's parents got divorced, then not long after that, her mother died in a car accident. Now she's the only girl left in her family. But we all have healthy views of love. Mainly for the Backstreet Boys.

Our boyfriends are in this oh-so-popular musical group. It wasn't always like this. Actually, once we were fans just dying to meet them. Our boyfriends-of-the-time were used to hearing about them so much, especially Nick Carter, AJ McLean, and Brian Littrell. They were all we talked about when we were together. All of us were going out with friends at the time. I was with a guy named Jenson, Crystie was with his friend Scott, and Skye was with their friend Seth. We thought nothing could break up out tight-knit group, but we were wrong. It took time, but, soon, half the group left. The guy half, that is. But things always work out for the best, as my mother said. Here's our story....

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