I would like to start off by saying that I am in no way connected to the Backstreet Boys, Jive Records, or their management. This story was written without the permission or knowledge of the Backstreet Boys and is, for the most, part fiction, but there are some situations in the story that are not fiction. I'll leave it up to you to decide which things are fiction and which are not.


DeAnna "Raelene" Lopez- a 5'2" girl, with long, light brown hair, and light brown eyes. She's a friendly, caring person, but can be real shy at times.

Todd McKay- a 6'0" guy with wavy, brown hair and brown eyes. He is Raelene's best friend, as well as her boyfriend. He is a popular guy in school and captain of his high school basketball team, but is still an extremely nice person.

Julia Hulse- a 5'6" girl with brownish-blond hair and grayish-green eyes, but they change colors according to her mood. She's a little bit more outgoing than Raelene, but is her other best friend nonetheless.

Roseanna "Rose" Waconda- a 5'5" girl with long, dark brown hair and light brown eyes. She's Raelene's "twin" cousin from New Mexico. She is also shy at times, but is really fun to hang out with.

Alberta "Robbie" Lopez- a 4'11" woman with short, black hair and dark brown eyes. Robbie is Raelene's mother. She is very protective of her only daughter, but still allows DeAnna certain freedoms.

Michael "Mike" Lopez- a 5'8" man with wavy, dark brown hair and light brown eyes. Mike is Raelene's father. He is also very protective, but is a little less restrictive than Robbie.

Michael Lopez Jr.- a 5'8" young man with long, black hair and black-colored eyes. He is older than Raelene by 13 yrs and lives in Barstow with his fiancee, Christy.

Gabriel Lopez- a 5'6" young man with wavy, light brown hair and dark brown eyes. He is older than Raelene by 11 yrs and lives in New Mexico to be near his 2 yr old daughter, Kashayla. He is also the most protective brother Raelene has.

Phillip Lopez- a 5'6" teenage guy with short, black hair and dark brown eyes. He is older than Raelene by 1 yr, 51 wks older (she was born exactly one week before Phillip's 2nd birthday). He lives in New Mexico, where he goes to boarding school.

Nick Carter, AJ McLean, Brian Littrell, Howie Dorough, and Kevin Richardson- I'm sure you know who they are and what they look like.

This story is a flashback all the way to the summer of 1993. This story is pretty long, so it's being written in parts according to year. Also, there are other characters, but they will be introduced as the story goes and it's still being written. The story will be updated regularly. Hope you enjoy the story.


Part One: The Beginning: The year of 1993
Part Two: When Things Happen: The year of 1994

©1998,1999 LeAndra of Backstreet Boys Locker

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