Chapter   Seven

"So, who was the guy she was with?" Todd McKay asked Scott. They were in the hotelroom.

"A guy she met yesterday," explained Scott. "I was taping for the show while she wondered around. Rae told me she saw him and some of his friends were putting on a little show for a crowd of people. Afterward, she started talking to him."

"A name, Scott."

"Nick Carter."

"How old?"

"Thirteen. But his friends looked a little older."

"Yeah, I saw them. They did a good deal to keep me from getting near her."

"He seemed really nice when I met him."

Right then, the phone rang. Both Scott and Todd jumped for it. Scott got to it first.

"Hello?" he said.

"May I speak to Scott Weinger?" a deep voice asked.

"This is him. Who's calling?"

"My name's Kevin Richardson. I'm a friend of DeAnna Lopez."

"Yeah, Raelene. Is she with you?"

"Who is it?" asked Todd.

"A guy named Kevin Richardson. Says he's a friend of Raelene's," Scott whispered.

"Yeah, she's staying at my apartment tonight," Kevin said. "Just want to let you know she's okay."

"Let me talk to her," said Scott.

"What did he say?" Todd asked. Scott held up his hand, signaling Todd to be quiet.

"She's asleep right now, but I'll have her call you in the morning."

"Okay. How old are you?" Scott asked. "Just want to know she's with a responsible adult."

"Twenty-one. Is that old enough for you?"

"Yeah, okay. Just making sure."

"Are you and her ex-boyfriend responsible adults?"

"Seventeen, but responsible."

"Alright then. If she wants to go back to the hotel in the morning, we'll take her there. Until then, goodnight."

"Goodnight and thanks for keeping her."

"I'm not 'keeping' her, as you put it, but you're welcome. Bye."


They both hung up.

"Well, what did he say?" Todd asked again.

"I told you. His name is Kevin Richardson. He said Rae is staying at his apartment tonight. I asked to talk to her, but he said she was asleep."

"So, how old is he?"


"Raelene goes legal."

"He also said he'd have her call in the morning. And he'll bring her back tomorrow, if she wants to come back. I should say 'they'll' bring her back."

"I really messed up, Scott. I didn't mean to. The whole situation just went out of control."

"Just tell her that."

"I will, when she talks to me."

"We'll have to wait until tomorrow to see."

Scott and Todd tried to sleep, but, for some reason, they couldn't.


Raelene opened her eyes to the bright sunlight shining down on her through the window. She looked around and at first she couldn't remember where she was, then it all came back to her. Her date with Nick, hanging out with his friends, their kiss on the beach, her ex-boyfriend scaring the hell out of her, coming and staying at Kevin's apartment.

"So, you finally decided to wake up." Raelene looked to her left and saw Nick looking at her.

"How long have you been watching me sleep?" Rae asked while stretching.

"About half an hour," Nick replied.

"What time is it?"


"Oh my gosh! I forgot to call Scott!!"

"Don't worry. Kevin called him last night. He told me to tell you he said he'd have you call in the morning."

"Okay. I guess I'll do that. Wait a minute, where is everybody?"

"They went to get breakfast. They should be getting back soon."

"Oh. Well, I guess I'll go make my phone call." Raelene got up off the couch. She got the phone and went into a room, whose room, she had no idea.

Ten minutes later, Rae came out. She talked to Scott, but refused to talk to Todd. When Todd took the phone away from Scott, she hung up. Raelene walked into the kitchen to get some water.

"Did you call?" asked Nick

"Oh my gosh! You scared me." Rae had her hand on her heart, which was beating fast.

"Sorry." Nick gave her a hug.

"That's okay. And, yes, I called."


"Todd was there and I wouldn't talk to him."

"Why not?"

"I'm not ready to yet. He really hurt me, Nick. He was supposed to be my best friend. Actually, I still consider him my best friend, but it's going to take some time. You know?"

"Yeah, sure. Come on, let's go watch some TV." Nick took Raelene's hand in his and lead her into the living room. He sat down on the couch and pulled Rae down next to him. He kept his arms around her waist.

Raelene and Nick were so busy watching cartoons, it was oblivious to them that everytime they laughed, they got closer and closer. Then Nick looked down at Rae, cupped her with his hand and tilted her face upward to his. Rae saw this mysterious look in his eyes. As he leaned down to kiss her, she whispered, "Thank you for the compliment."

It was a long, passionate kiss that seemed to go on forever. It probably would have if Kevin, Brian, Howie, and AJ hadn't picked that time to walk through the door. They all started whistling and giving out catcalls, except for Kevin.

"It's a little early for that, you two, don't you think?" he said. Kevin didn't want to admit it bothered him to see them kissing. Why it bothered him was still a mystery to him.

"Raelene the Suductress," AJ said.

"AJ, you're crazy. Has anyone ever told you that?" Rae asked, laughing.

"Yeah. Almost everyday.'

"AJ, go somewhere else so I can kiss my dream girl," said Nick.

"Oh, I'm your dream girl now?" Rae looked at Nick.

"Sure. Why not?"

"I'm leaving you alone now. I'm hungry."

"What a coincidence. So am I." Nick got up and followed Rae into the kitchen.

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