Chapter   Fourteen

The rest of my visit with my family was.... flexible. Felipe and Jose liked Nick, Miguel and Jaime did trust him, and Juan didn't know what to think, so he just stayed neutral. My mother liked him, but didn't let herself get too close because my father didn't trust Nick either. My father watched him like an eagle. Nick and Constanza got along well. And I had a blast showing Nick around Mexico City.

Constanza and I celebrated our nineteenth birthday the way we always do: with a big fiesta where there's lots of people, lots of food, lots of music and dancing, lots of everything. Enrique showed up with his father Julio Iglesias, and brother Julio Iglesias Jr. Enrique sang a song, as did Julio. Everyone seemed to like Nick. I knew there were a lot of girls at the party gazing at him admiringly. Some even came up asking for an autograph or a dance. Nick was very gentlemanly and danced with them.