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We, here at "Backstreet Boys Locker", are showing our support for Samantha Stonebraker and her book, What You Wanna Know. A lot of people have been criticizing her because she wrote a book about her relationship with Backstreet Boy, Brian Littrell. There have been some saying she shouldn't have written it because it's unfair to Brian, it's a bad book, then say they haven't even read it yet and they don't plan on doing it. It also didn't help when the excerpts of the book published in various ads made it sound like it really was a bad book. Well, I (LeAndra) think it's unfair to Sam to say that when you don't know the reason why she wrote this book in the first place. One reason was because the break up of her and Brian was really hard for her family, especially her brothers and sister. Since Brian lived with them for two years, it's understandable how they could feel like they were losing a family member. Her family was really close with Brian. So Sam wrote this book to help bring them closure. Another reason was because she wanted to give the Backstreet Fans a look at what it was like to date Brian, what it's like to tour with the Backstreet Boys and so on. And, as a fan, I really appreciate that Sam had taken the time to do this for us. I admit that I was really skeptical about Sam's reasons for writing this book, but once I read it, I understood why she did it and I thank her for that. So, show your support for Sam by copying and pasting this banner on your website:

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