Chapter   One

It's been over three months since Christmas and things have been going pretty well for Rae, the Boys and Rose. They all kept in touch, writing letters, making phone calls.

Rose was in New Mexico, going to school, getting good grades. Her and Brian kept in close touch throughout the months apart. The both of them managed to cope with the distance between them. "Absence makes the heart grow fonder" was their motto.

Rae was doing really well in school. Her relationship with Todd grew stronger with every passing week. Todd and Rae were planning on going to his senior prom together, Rae was helping Todd decide what colleges to send applications to, helping him get ready for his SATs, graduation and all that stuff. They stayed close through those months and would be celebrating their eleven month anniversary soon. As for Nick, Rae heard from him a lot. He kept her up-to-date about the group and what was going on with AJ, Kevin, Howie, and Brian. They remain close as ever and didn't let the distance come between them and their friendship.

Well, the Backstreet Boys were quickly becoming one of the hottest local singing groups around. Upon Rae's, Rose's, and Julia's suggestion, the Boys recorded the song "Tell Me That I'm Dreamin'". They played charity shows, talent competitions, music festivals, different middle schools around Florida, anywhere they could get exposure, all the while trying to find a good management team. Also, during this time, AJ celebrated his 16th birthday, Nick celebrated his 14th birthday, and Brian celebrated his 19th birthday. The guys were all excited about getting older, but nothing compared to why Nick called up Rae in April of 1994.

Rae was sitting in her room, finishing her homework, when her phone rang. She picked it up and heard a very excited Nick on the other end.

"Hello?" Rae said.

"Rae, you are never going to guess what happened yesterday!" Nick yelled into the phone.

"Whoa, Nick. Calm down," Rae said. "I want to be able to hear when this conversation is over."

"Sorry," Nick apologized.

"That's okay. So, what's up?"

"Yesterday, we were doing a show. Lou Pearlman had arranged for Johnny and Donna Wright to be there...."

"Hold on a minute, Nick. Who are Johnny and Donna Wright?"

"They were the management team for the 'New Kids On The Block' a couple of years ago."

"Oh, okay. Go on."

"Anyway, Lou had been trying to get them to become our management team, but they weren't too sure about getting involved with us. Well, Lou got Donna Wright to come to our show yesterday and she watched. After the show, she came backstage and said that she'd talk the situation over with Johnny. So, we didn't expect to hear from them for at least a couple weeks. Later that day, they called Lou and told him they'd be our managers!!"

"Oh my God!! Are you serious?!" Rae yelled out.

"Yes!! They made the 'New Kids' stars!! They can do the same for us!!"

"AHHHHHHH!!!!" Rae screamed. "I am soooo happy for you guys!!"

"Thanks. I have to go now. We're meeting with the Wrights in an hour."

"You better call me back and tell me what happened."

"Sure thing. Talk to ya later. Bye, Rae!"

"Bye, Nick!" They hung up.

Rae started screaming and jumping up and down. Robbie came running down the hall to see what all the commotion was about.

"Mom, the Boys just got Johnny and Donna Wright to be their managers!!"

"That's nice. Not to sound clueless or anything, but who are they?"

"They were the people who the the 'New Kids On The Block' stars."

"Wow. That's really great. I'm proud of them. They're really making their dream come true."

"Yeah. I'll tell them your message when Nick calls me back. The group's meeting with the Wrights today."

"Alright. Tell them I wish them much success," Robbie said, smiling.

"I will." Right then the phone rang. "Hello?"

"Did you hear!?!" Rose yelled.

"Yes!! Oh my God!!! I can't believe it. It's finally happening," Rae said, excitedly.

"I know. Brian is so excited."

"So is Nick. I just got off the phone with him like two minutes ago."

"I'll leave you to talk to Rose," Robbie said. She turned and left.

"See ya, Mom!" Rae yelled out. "Anyway, Nick's going to call me back to tell me what happened at the meeting with the Wrights."

"Yeah, Brian's calling me back, too. I am so excited. Just think, the Boys are going to loved all around the world."

"It's a sure thing. And they're going to sell millions of albums, break records, everything...." Then Rae's call-waiting beeped. "Rose, hold on, someone's on the other line." Rae switched over. "Hello?"

"Rae, it's Julia," she said. "You have to have heard by now."

"About the Wrights? Of course. Nick called me and told me. Brian called Rose and she's on the other line. I'll make it a conference call." Rae switched back to Rose. "Rose, it's Julia on the other line. I'm going to make it conference call."


Rae pushed the conference call button and said, "Everybody here?"

"Yeah," Rose and Julia said in unison.

The three girls started talking about what the Boys were going to do, how they can say they were there from the beginning when the Boys became famous, everything. They talked for about an hour, than all hung up, waiting for the Boys to call them.


"Rae, are you in there?" Todd waved a hand in front of her face.

"I'm sorry, Todd. What did you say?" Rae was on edge waiting for Nick to call, so she asked Todd to come over to discuss prom. Only thing was, Rae's mind kept wondering to Nick.

"I asked you what color your dress is so I can get a matching bowtie. Also, so I won't get a corsage that will clash." Todd looked at Rae, concerned. "What's going on? You keep spacing out."

"Nothing to do with us, so don't worry."

"So, what is it?"

"I'm waiting for Nick to call."


"Man, I'm so anxious for him to call, I forgot you don't know."

"Don't know what? Why are you so anxious?"

"Shut up and I'll tell you."

"Sorry. Go ahead."

"Thank you," Rae sighed. "Nick called me earlier today and told me that the former managers of the 'New Kids On The Block', Johnny and Donna Wright, were at their show last night. I guess Lou Pearlman had been trying to get them to agree to manage the Boys. The Wrights weren't too sure about managing another all-guy singing group, so Lou got Donna Wright to go to a show the Boys put on. She went, liked what she saw, and told them she'd talk to Johnny Wright about it. Lou and the Boys didn't expect to hear from them for at least a couple weeks. Well, later that day, Lou got a call from the Wrights saying they would be the Boys managers!!"

"That's awesome!" Todd exclaimed.

"I know. I'm so excited for them. You should have heard Nick. He was yelling into the phone." Rae had a big smile on her face and her eyes were sparkling. "Now, I'm waiting for Nick to call me back 'cause the Boys had a meeting with the Wrights today and he's supposed to call and tell me what happened."

"This is so cool. The 'New Kids' were huge stars. I remember how crazy you were over them. Until you went to that concert in Albuquerque with you brother, me, and Rose."

"Don't remind me. I was so excited to see them in concert. I was like ten years old. They sucked so much, I didn't wanna go backstage to meet them. I just wanted to go home." Rae shook her head at the memory.

Todd laughed. "We had to practically drag you backstage. But I remember the stars returning back to your eyes when Joey McIntyre started talking to you."

"Yeah, but that doesn't make up for the fact that their concert sucked. And I can't believe you remembered his name."

"How could I not," Todd groaned. "He was all you talked about. 'Joey did this, Joey did that....'"

"Okay, okay. So I talked about him a lot. But it's different with the Boys. I already know them."

"Yeah, I know. And they don't suck in concert either. Since I've seen them perform already, I can say that right now."

"I'm glad you're supporting them," Rae said, softly. "I really wanted you to be on their side in this."

"I know how important the Boys are to you," Todd replied back. "If you think something's there, then I'm going to go with it."

"Thank you," Rae said, touching his cheek gently.

"No problem," he said. Todd leaned over and kissed Rae. Then the phone rang....

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