Chapter   Five

Two and a half hours later....

"You wanna go to my house and watch a movie?" Todd asked Rae. They were done studying for the day and Chris and Julia had already left.

"Sure. Just let me tell my dad." Rae left the room. A few minutes later, she came back. "Alright. Let's take off."

Rae got her jacket and said bye to her parents.

"Don't stay out too late," Mike said.

"I won't, Daddy," Rae said. She gave him a hug and left.

When they got to Todd's house, it looked deserted. Todd opened the door with his house key. Whenever Rae came over when nobody was there, Todd always made her walk in right behind him, in case was any trouble. Rae thought it was kind of stupid, even though she knew he was just trying to protect her, but she wasn't about to argue with him about that. They walked into the kitchen and found a note from Todd's parents.


Went out to dinner and a movie. Be back around midnight. See you then. Oh, and there's a letter from UCLA on the table in the living room.

Mom and Dad

"Well, it look we're alone 'til midnight," Todd said, putting his down the note. "Come on. Let's go pick out a movie."

Todd grabbed Rae's hand and led her into the living room. She spotted the letter from UCLA and went to pick it up. She looked at Todd. "Are you going to open it?"

"You go ahead," he said. "I'll pick out a movie."

Rae opened the letter. Her hands were shaking. UCLA was Todd's first choice of college. As Rae read the letter, her eyes widened and her mouth dropped open. Todd turned around with a movie in his hand and saw Rae's expression.

"What? Did I get rejected?" he said, half-joking, half-serious.

Rae looked up. "I don't how to tell you, Todd, but...."

"But what?"

"Congratulation, sweetie. You got in."

Todd stood there shocked. "Are you serious?"

"Very much so. 'Mr. Todd McKay'," Rae read from the letter. " 'We are writing to inform you that you have been accepted to the University of California, Los Angeles...."

Todd snatched the letter away from Rae's hand and stared at it. He couldn't believe he'd gotten accepted. "Wow," he said. "I can't believe it. I'm going to UCLA!"

"I'm so proud of you, Todd. I knew you'd get in."

Rae laughed as Todd picked her up and spun her around. He didn't put her down when he stopped. Instead he pulled her closer and kissed her. They kissed until they were both breathless. Finally, they calmed down enough to watch the movie. Soon, they both fell asleep on the couch. Todd woke up and watched Rae sleeping in his arms. Then, he looked at the clock and saw it was almost 10:30pm.

"Rae, my love," Todd whispered in her ear. "It's time to wake up."

Slowly, Rae opened her eyes and yawned. "What time is it?"

"Almost 10:30pm. I better take you home."


They got up and walked out to Todd's car. He backed out of the driveway and drove in the direction of Rae's house.



"When are we going to tell our parents about the engagement?"

"I don't know. I haven't really thought about it."

"Well, since we're probaby going to have a little celebration when they find out I got into UCLA, I figure we tell them then."

"That's fine with me. It'd be better to tell both our parents at the same time."

"That's exactly what I was thinking. It's settled then." Todd pulled into Rae's driveway. He leaned over and gave Rae a goodnight kiss. "I'll see you tomorrow."

"Goodnight, Todd. Congratulations again."

"Thanks, Rae. I love you."

"I love you, too."

She gave him one last kiss, then got out of the car. Todd waited until Rae was inside before driving away. He couldn't believe it. He was going to the college of his first choice and he was spending the rest of his life with Rae. Todd couldn't be happier.

Todd was right when he said his parents would want to celebrate. A week later, Todd's older sister, Cory Lynn, had come to visit for a couple days from San Fransisco. Rae's parents and Rae went out to a special celebration dinner for Todd. Around dessert is when Todd and Rae decided to make their announcement.

"Everybody, can we have your attention, please?" Todd called out. Todd's parents and Rae's parents looked at Rae and Todd. Todd's sister had a big smile on her face. Todd had told her the day before what he and Rae planned to do.

"Thank you," Todd began. "Rae and I have been talking about this for a while and we've come to a decision."

"And we'd also be willing to listen to any objections you may have," Rae said. "But it won't necessarily change our minds."

"But Rae and I are planning to get married."

This announcement was met by silence. The adults looked at one another, then back and Todd and Rae.

"Will someone please say something?" Rae said.

"When exactly do you plan on doing this?" Mike asked.

"Not for a while, Daddy. Like when Todd graduates from college."

"How long have you been thinking about this?" Todd's mom asked.

"Since our one year anniversary," Todd said. "A little over a month ago. Actually, before that, but we didn't make any big decisions until a few weeks ago."

"So, what do you guys think?" Rae looked at both sets of parents.

"I think it's great," Cory Lynn said. "You two were made for each other. You guys have been best friends for so long, I think this is the inevitable ending."

"We think so, too," Todd said.

"Then what else can we do, except said welcome to the family, Todd," Mike said.

"I have to agree," Todd's dad said. "What's the use in delaying the inevitable."

Everyone got up and hugged Todd and Rae. The parents were glad they were at least going to wait five or six years before getting married. They knew Todd and Rae were going to get married sooner or later, they just didn't think they would realize it this soon.

"I guess I'll talk to Uncle Jimmy about getting Todd initiated into the clan," Robbie said, after everyone sat down again. "It shouldn't be a problem."

"I know it won't be," Rae said, looking lovingly at Todd. "Grandpa Jimmy loves Todd. They have a good relationship."

"Still, Jimmy has to think about the tribe," Mike said. "It's his job as governor."

"Just think," Rae said, turning to Todd. "You get to be a Roadrunner like me."

"It'll be as sacred to me as it is to you," Todd said, kissing the top of Rae's head.

"Now that we've got that settled," Todd's father said. "How about some dessert?"

Everyone picked up their dessert menus and ordered what they wanted. The conversation turned to the future of Todd and Rae, as well as teasing them about various other things. Todd and Rae were glad to finally have everything out in the open. Rae couldn't wait to tell the Boys.

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