Chapter   Ten

A couple weeks later.....

“Are you nervous?” Destiny asked AJ.

“Not really,” AJ said nonchalantly.

“If you’re not a least a little bit nervous, then something’s wrong,” Brian said as he walked by with his girlfriend, Leighanne.

“Come on, let’s get in a circle, everyone,” Kevin yelled out.

All the Backstreet Boys, all the crew members, and all the band members formed a circle and joined hands. It was New Year’s Eve and the Boys were putting on a concert for the fans. Destiny was there along with Leighanne, Nick’s girlfriend Mandy, Kevin’s girlfriend Kristin, and some of the Boys’ family members. Destiny thought it was a great way to welcome in the new year. She had become good friends with Leighanne, Mandy, and Kristin. They all had fun together and were looking forward to a great evening together. Everyone was silent as one of the band members said a prayer. Then after, everyone broke into the traditional song (I’m sure you all have heard it). Nick went one way with Mandy while Brian went another way with Leighanne and AJ went another way with her. Kevin and Kristin just pretty much stood in place.

“Have a good show, sweetheart,” Destiny said, giving AJ a kiss.

“I hope so,” AJ said. He returned Destiny’s kiss for a moment before parting. “I’ll be looking out for you.”

“I’m sure you won’t miss me with this hair,” Destiny said, pointing to her dark red hair. AJ had dyed his hair the same color.

“Destiny, it’s time for me to escort you to your seat,” one of the bodyguards said. “Do you have your backstage pass?”

“Yup, it’s right here,” Destiny said, pulling it out of her pocket. She placed it around her neck. “I’m all set.”

“I’ll see you later,” AJ said, giving her one more kiss.

Then the bodyguard led her over to where Kristin was standing and the three of them headed to the backstage entrance. Mandy and Leighanne were waiting with another bodyguard. They all sat together. The Boys’ family members sat nearby as well. While waiting for the show to start, fans came up to the girls and asked for pictures or just wanted to talk. Destiny always enjoyed talking to the fans. She thought they were great people. Finally, the security told the fans to go back to their seats because the concert was about to start.

All the girls started screaming their heads off. Destiny stood up with the rest of the crowd, as did Leighanne, Mandy, and Kristin. Soon the Boys popped up on their platforms and the pyro was flaring. The Boys started with Destiny’s favorite song, “That’s The Way I Like It”. AJ was especially hyper on stage tonight and Destiny couldn’t help but smile at her boyfriend’s antics. She thoroughly enjoyed the concert and AJ often sought her out in the audience. He also blew kisses at her which Destiny returned. She saw Kevin seek out Kristin and saw Kristin mouth “I love you” to which Kevin mouth back, “I love you, baby.” Destiny thought it was the cutest thing.

Eventually, Destiny ended up sitting with AJ’s family, Leighanne and Kristin sat with Brian’s and Kevin’s families, Mandy sat with Nick’s family. As the concert came to a close, Destiny and the other girls were escorted backstage to watch from the side. When the concert was over, Destiny waited for AJ and threw her arms around him as he reached her.

“That concert was excellent,” she said, excitedly.

“Come on, there’s a few minutes before midnight,” AJ said pulling her out onstage with the other Boys and their girlfriends. The roof to the venue opened up and everyone waited for the clock on the big screen to strike midnight. When it did, everybody yelled “Happy New Year!!” and hugged everyone around them. Since the Boys were in the middle of a large crowd onstage, they all felt it was safe for the New Year’s celebratory kiss. Then the Boys went to the edge of the stage a wished all the fans a happy new year.

By the time Destiny and AJ got home, they were dead tired from partying. They headed straight to their room. All of Destiny’s things had been moved to AJ’s room after their first night together. Both of them felt very sure of where things were headed for them. So much so, that AJ had been getting up the nerve to ask Destiny to marry him, but he never found the right time. I think now’s as good a time as any, he thought. No interruptions. He watched Destiny throw herself on the bed, exhausted.

“Destiny,” AJ started. “I need to ask you something.”

“I don’t suppose it could wait until tomorrow?” Destiny asked him.

“No, it can’t.”

“Okay, Alex. What would you like to ask me?”

AJ walked over to his dresser and pulled a box out of the top drawer. Then he walked over to Destiny and pulled her to her feet.

“I’ve been thinking about this for almost a month now,” AJ began. “I felt a connection to you the day I met you. When I thought my chance with you had been taken away, you came back to me. God is giving us a second chance and I don’t intend on letting Him think He made a mistake. I love you with all my heart and soul. You are what I’ve been looking for and it would be my greatest honor and accomplishment if you would agree to be my wife.” AJ got down on one knee as Destiny’s face went from calm to amazement. “Destiny Morningdove, will you marry me?”

“Oh my goodness,” Destiny breathed. “I don’t know what to say.....”

“Say ‘yes’.”

“Of course, yes!” Destiny yelled out excitedly.

AJ got up and wrapped his arms around her. Destiny’s eyes filled with tears as AJ pulled back and slid a diamond ring on her finger.

“Oh, Alex,” she smiled through her tears. “It’s beautiful.”

“Not half as beautiful as you,” AJ said as he leaned down and kissed her.

“I love you, Alex,” Destiny said, as she kissed him back. “Always and forever.”

As the kiss grew more passionate, desire took a hold of them. They went on to express their love for one another as completely as any couple ever could. Afterward, AJ and Destiny fell asleep thinking they were the luckiest people on earth. Destiny had a dream about her grandmother that night.

“I’m so proud of you, granddaughter,” Destiny’s grandmother said. “You have proven God made the right decision when he sent you back.”

Destiny smiled lovingly. “I’m just glad for the second chance. I feel so completely happy with Alex.”

“It shows,” her grandmother smiled. “A love like the one you have with Alex will last beyond death. It is truly everlasting. Take it for all it’s worth and never let go.”

“I will, grandmother,” Destiny promised. “Thank you so much for watching over me. I love you so much.” Destiny hugged her grandmother. “You will come to the wedding, won’t you?”

“I wouldn’t miss it for anything,” her grandmother promised.

“How will I know if you’re there?”

“You’ll know, granddaughter. Believe me, you’ll know.”

Then Destiny woke up to the sunlight streaming through the window. She felt like a whole new person. Then she looked at her engagement ring and how it sparkled in the sunlight. Suddenly, it seemed to give off a bright flash. It only lasted a second, but Destiny knew what it was. She knew her grandmother was with her. AJ reached for her as he continued to sleep. Destiny cuddled closer to him and went back to sleep.

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