Chapter   Thirteen

A couple weeks later.....

“Are you sure you wanna do this, Nick?” Brian asked as he, Nick, AJ, Destiny, and Estella stood in front of a tattoo place in Belgium.

The Backstreet Boys headed to Europe earlier than planned and Estella joined them in time to see the first concert of the Millennium Tour. Now, it was the day of the second concert in Belgium and Brian wanted to add to the tattoo on his left shoulder. AJ was comtemplating getting another tattoo, Destiny was getting a tattoo of a rose on just above her ankle and Estella was getting a tattoo of a cool star design she saw in a magazine she had on her upper left shoulder blade. Nick was also gonna get a tattoo on his left arm.

“Yes, I’m sure,” Nick said. “I might even get two. Quit asking me.”

“Okay,” Brian said.

“Well, I’m not standing out here all day,” AJ said. “I’m going inside. I’ve decided to get another tattoo.”

Finally, the five of them headed inside and took seats around a table with a bunch of magazines on it. Soon, a tattoo artist finished the person he was working on and came over to them.

“Which of you is going first?” he asked.

“I am,” AJ jumped up. “I want a tattoo of this dragon on my back.”

“Alright. This way, please.” The guy turned around and led AJ to an empty chair. AJ gave the group a smile as he walked away.

“Doesn’t he have enough tattoos?” Estella asked.

“Yeah,” Brian said. “He’s got eight. Somehow, I don’t think this is his last one.”

“Estella, are you sure you wanna do this?” Destiny asked. “You know, Mom and Dad will be mad as hell when they find out. You’re only seventeen.”

“If they find out, Dee Dee,” Estella said. “And I know they will, but I figure by the time they do find out, I’ll be out of the house living with you and AJ.”

“We still haven’t said you could,” Destiny reminded her.

“Why don’t I just put that issue to rest,” Nick said. He looked Estella. “Why don’t you come live with me?”

“Really?” Estella asked, wide-eyed.

“Yeah. I’m buying a new house in a couple months ‘cause the fans found out where I live,” Nick told her. “Since my family moved to California and the group is based in Orlando, I stayed there.”

“I’d love to,” Estella agreed. “That would be so cool.”

“You wish, little star,” Destiny said. “Mom and Dad will never go for it.”

“I’ll be eighteen by the time he get his house,” Estella said. “I’ll be an adult and I can make my own decisions.”

“What about Mandy, Nick?” Brian asked. “I thought she was gonna live with you?”

“Her parents didn’t go for it,” Nick said. “I don’t like living in a house by myself.”

“We’ll talk about this later,” Destiny said as another tattoo artist came over.

“Who’s next?” she asked.

“I am,” Brian said. “See ya later, guys.”

Nick, Destiny, and Estella sat quietly reading magazines. One by one they were all taken to a seat. Destiny was by AJ, Brian was on AJ’s other side, Nick was on Brian’s other side, and Estella was on Nick’s other side. AJ saw Destiny watching the artist working on him instead of looking at the one working on her and knew she was trying to distract herself the pain. He reached over and grabbed her hand. Destiny squeezed it hard. Meanwhile, Nick was watching the tattoo artist working on Estella.

“So how’s it going over there?” Nick asked her.

Estella looked at him. “This hurts like hell. How are you doing?”

“It’s not that bad,” Nick said. “Here. Grab onto my hand.”

“Thanks.” Estella reached over and took his hand.

Brian was the first one done. He got up and sat down in the waiting area until the others were done. Nick was done with the first tattoo when he decided to get another one his upper right shoulder blade. Destiny was finally done and she joined Brian in the waiting area. When Estella was done, she sat by Nick and watched his other tattoo get done. Finally Nick was done, so the only one they were waiting for was AJ. A couple hours had already passed by the time everyone else had gotten done. When AJ was finally done, everybody was hungry and they went to get something to eat.

“So how’s everbody feeling?” Brian asked. He looked around the table.

“I’m sore,” Destiny said.

“So am I,” Estella said.

“I’m okay,” Nick said.

“I’ll be sleeping on my stomach for a few days,” AJ said.

“Well, this was a bonding experience, don’t you think?” Estella said.

“I will definitely never forget this day,” AJ said, looking at Destiny lovingly.

“Neither will I,” Nick said. He caught Estella’s gaze and she blushed.

Soon, the five of them headed to the venue for soundcheck. Destiny and Estella watched from a couple rows back. When it was over, they headed toward the stage. AJ pulled Destiny up and wrapped his arms around her.

“Do you think there’s anything going on between my sister and Nick?” she asked him.

“While Mandy’s at home?” AJ shook his head. “No way.”

“Look at them,” Destiny said.

AJ did and saw the two standing closely together, talking. “So what? They’re just friends. You’ll see. When Mandy gets out here in a couple days, everything will be just the same.”

“If you say so.”

“I do say so. Now can I have a kiss?”

“Of course.”

Destiny pulled his head down and gave him a kiss full of love and desire. AJ returned it whole-heartedly. A few minutes later, everyone headed back to the hotel to rest before the concert.

Chapter Fourteen
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