Chapter   Fourteen

Three months later.....

The Backstreet Boys’ European leg of the Into The Millennium Tour was now over and they all had just arrived in Orlando. Destiny’s other sister, Hope, and Kevin’s brother, Jerald had joined the group in the middle of the tour. They only stayed for a couple weeks. That was enough for everybody else to see there could be a hook-up in the future. Now, AJ, Destiny, Estella, Nick, Mandy, Brian, Leighanne, Kevin, Kristin, Howie, and Claudia were all dead tired walking down the airport terminal, but happy to finally be home. But they weren’t allowed to rest yet. Security had to rush the group to a private conference room until all their luggage could be put in the limos and taxis for transportation to their homes.

“Oh my gosh,” Destiny said as she stepped into the conference room. “I have never been so glad to be home in my life.”

“Neither have I,” Estella said. “I can’t wait to call Skye and tell her how the tour went. Did you see all those people? That was unreal.”

“I just wanna get home and take a nice, long nap,” AJ said. “I thinking a couple days worth of sleep will be enough.”

“I wish I had time for a nap,” Destiny said. “I have go pick up my wedding dress and check to make sure everything is ready for the wedding.”

AJ looked at Destiny and smiled. “I can’t believe it’s almost time. I feel like I’ve been waiting forever.”

“I’m sure you two got a lot of practice for the honeymoon on this trip,” Nick said.

“I know,” said Leighanne. She and Brian were standing nearby. “I think this is the first time I’ve seen AJ stay in so much.”

“Yeah,” agreed Howie. “Even me and Claudia went out more than you two did. And she wasn’t even with me the whole time.” Howie pulled his girlfriend closer to him and she kissed him on his cheek.

“Quick picking on them, guys,” Mandy said. “They’re about to get married in a couple weeks. They can’t help it if they wanna be together all the time.” She looked pointedly at Nick, who just shrugged.

“Thank you, Mandy,” Destiny said. “Besides, we mostly talked.”

“About what?” Nick asked. “What AJ’s next tattoo is going to be?”

“No,” said AJ. “We talked about us, our wedding, our future, our children, how beautiful I know Destiny is going to look in her wedding dress.”

“You two are so completely made for each other,” Kristin said. She put her arms around Kevin. “I hope Kevin and I are lucky enough to have a strong a love as you do.”

“I’m sure we do,” Kevin smiled. He kissed the top of her head.

“Well, I’m not standing here all day,” Estella said. “I wanna get home, throw myself on my bed, and go to sleep.”

Everyone agreed. They all gathered their luggage and headed toward the exit where they encountered a huge crowd surrounding their limos. Finally all were seated and headed to their separate homes. Brian and Leighanne were the first to be dropped off from AJ and Destiny’s ride. Then Howie and Claudia were dropped off. Soon, the limo pulled up to AJ’s house and he punched in the code on the number pad for the gate to open. All of AJ’s, Destiny’s, and Estella’s luggage was brought inside. Estella took off to her room, saying she’d come back for her luggage later. Destiny picked up what she could carry and headed upstairs while AJ grabbed the rest of it and followed her. Destiny just dropped everything then threw herself on the bed. She felt AJ do the same. They laid there for a few minutes, then AJ got up and started unpacking.

“Well, we start shooting the video for ‘Larger Than Life’ in a couple days,” AJ said. “We’ll be taping for three days.”

“I can’t wait to see it when it’s done,” Destiny said. “I’m so glad the album is doing so well.”

“Me, too. It’s doing better than any of us in the group expected. It’s great.”

“When’s the U.S. tour start?”

“September 14th,” AJ told her. “In Ft. Lauderdale.”

“Okay, that’s gives us a month of almost-free time.” Destiny rolled onto her side and watched her fiance. “I think I was right about Estella and Nick.”

“What do you mean?”

“Even though Mandy was with Nick for most of the tour, Nick still spent most of his time with my sister. Remember when they had that fight during the last week? I bet you anything it was about Nick spending so much time with Estella.”

“Maybe, maybe not,” AJ shrugged. “Nick and Mandy have been together for almost a year. Maybe they discovered some things about each other they didn’t like and are thinking of calling it quits or they could just be having a lovers’ quarrel. Who knows? Not you or me or Estella.”

“Alex, if you had another girl with you on tour and I came to see you, would you still be spending most of that time with the other girl?”



“But, as I was going to say, I’m not Nick. We don’t handle things the same way. Mandy was still including in everything they did. Like a group of friends.”

“See? ‘Like a group of friends’.”

“Then that would mean Nick thinks of Estella as only a friend.”

“That would also mean he thinks of Mandy as only a friend. I bet you anything they’re going to break up and Nick will take up with Estella.”



“Okay, you got yourself a bet. If I win, I get to make love to you whenever and wherever I want.”

“I’m marrying you, Alex. I’d do that anyway.”

“How about in a public place?”

Destiny looked at him like he was crazy. “Are you serious?”

“Yeah. And if you win, you can change some things you don’t like about the house. I know there are a couple things that have been bothering you.”

Destiny thought for a minute. “Okay, you’re on.” She got off the bed and headed towards the door.

“Where are you going?” asked AJ.

“To look at the living room,” Destiny told him. “I’m sure I can do something in there. See ya.” And she walked out the door.

Destiny knew AJ prided himself on finding all the strange furniture to decorate his living room. We’ll just see what I can do to make it look better, Destiny thought. All that other furniture can be put in another room.... way at the back of the house. She couldn’t keep herself from smiling as she pulled out a catalog book. Meanwhile, AJ was thinking of a place to take Destiny that would be both public and romantic. I better win, he thought. Or I could say goodbye to my old living room. Finally, he thought of the perfect place. Maybe she’ll agree to it even if I lose. AJ’s heart sped up with excitement as he thought of the look of passion he saw everytime he made love to Destiny. Smiling at that thought, he finished unpacking his things and headed downstairs.

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