Chapter   Nineteen

Two weeks later.....

AJ and Destiny had just got home from their honeymoon. Estella wouldn’t be back until the next day. She was staying with Brian and Leighanne at Brian’s house. Hope was staying with Kevin and Kristin at Kevin’s house. Destiny’s parents were still looking for a suitable house to move into. They wanted to be near Destiny and AJ. Destiny and Estella had to start planning how to suggest Estella move in with Nick after graduation. They both knew it was going to be hard to convince them, but Estella could be just a stubborn. AJ saw the thoughtful look on Destiny’s face while she was unpacking.

“What are you thinking about?” he asked her.

“Estella moving in with Nick,” she answered. “I know my parents are gonna think it’s a bad idea, just because Nick is a guy.”

“If Estella really wants to do it, then when she turns eighteen, she can,” AJ said. “When is that, by the way?”

“In a couple days. We’re gonna talk to Mom and Dad next week. Estella said it would go over better if she was already eighteen.”

“It might.” AJ walked over to Destiny and put his arms around her waist. “When can we start our family?”

“A little anxious to be a dad, aren’t you?” Destiny looked up at him and smiled. AJ nodded. “Well, after how the honeymoon went, I wouldn’t be surprise if I’m pregnant right now.”

“Good.” AJ kissed her neck. Destiny felt her heart started to beat faster. “I want to start a family as soon as possible. But just in case you’re not pregnant, can we give it another try?”

“Right now?” Destiny asked him. “Definitely.”

AJ turned her around and gave her a passionate kiss. Destiny returned the kiss with just as much passion. They laid down on the bed and found the waves of ecstasy together. Afterward, they showered and headed downstairs, making the most of their time alone together, before Estella came back the next day. They watched movies, went out on a “date” for dinner, and came home to a night filled with desire.

The next morning, Estella showed up with her bags and Nick. They went up to Estella’s room so she could unpack. They stayed up there for quite a while that AJ and Destiny started to wonder what in the world was taking them so long. Right when they decided to go up and check on them, Nick and Estella came down. Estella’s cheeks were suspiciously colored a light pink. When Destiny was about to ask her sister what happened up there, the doorbell rang. Estella jumped up off the couch her and Nick sat on and ran to the door. She came back with Hope, Jerald, Kevin, and Kristin. Soon after that, Brian, Leighanne, Howie, and Claudia all showed up.

“Okay, what’s going on here?” AJ said. “Why are you all in my house? With food?”

“Nick and I called them from my room,” Estella explained. “Sort of like a ‘welcome home’ party.”

“Oh, how sweet?” Destiny said. “You guys are the best.”

“Now let’s eat, I’m starving,” Nick said.

“You’re always starving,” Kevin said. “And no more of the ‘growing boy’ crap because you’re not getting any taller.”

“You’re just mad ‘cause you’re not bigger than me anymore,” Nick said.

“Guys, no arguing,” Kristin said. “AJ and Destiny just got back.”

Kevin and Nick nodded. Everyone went into the kitchen and the food was served. They all had a lively conversation. AJ and Destiny had a lot of great stories to tell about their trip to Maui. They all stayed up really late, so everyone decided to crash at the house. By the time AJ and Destiny had everybody set up for the night, they were ready to go to sleep.

“What do you think of Kevin’s brother and your sister?” AJ asked. “Don’t you think it’s weird that when you meet somone, one of family members starts dating a friend or relative or something?”

“I think my sisters just can’t resist the charms of the Backstreet Boys or their family members,” Destiny said.

AJ got under the covers with Destiny and pulled her close to him. “I’m glad I’m the one who saw you first. I’d hate to see you with Kevin or Brian or Howie.”

“I’m glad you found me first, too. But even if you didn’t, I think the only one of you five I could ever love is you.” Destiny gave him a kiss. “My grandmother picked you out for me, remember?”

“Oh yeah,” AJ said, smiling. “Your grandmother must’ve been quite a woman.”

“That’s for sure. My mom once told me that I’m a lot like her. We have a special bond. I wish you could’ve known her. You would’ve like her a lot.”

“I’m sure I would have,” AJ said. He tightened his hold on Destiny and fell asleep, silently thanking Destiny’s grandmother for bringing Destiny to him. And he could’ve sworn he heard a voice say ‘Your welcome’.

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