Chapter   Two

Destiny watched as Alex and his girlfriend as they played in the swimming pool at his house. She could still feel the touch of his body on hers, the taste of his lips kissing hers from his dream. Once again, Destiny couldn’t keep herself from crying. All of a sudden she felt an arm around her shoulder in comfort. Destiny looked to the side and saw her grandmother.

“Look at him, grandmother,” Destiny said. “Isn’t he just beautiful?”

Her grandmother looked down at the couple. "He’s all covered in tattoos, his hair is all different colors. You’re father never would’ve approved.”

“I know.” Destiny continued looking at him. “But look past all that. He’s a nice, gentle, caring, loving man. Dad would’ve seen that in time.”

“That he is. That’s why I chose him for you.”

“So, it wasn’t just a coincidence that we met in the park?” Destiny looked at her grandmother.

“No, it wasn’t. But while I had my plan for you, God had his own. You must believe that, Destiny.”

“I do believe that, grandmother. But I didn’t even get the chance to know him. I want the chance to be with him, become his friend, his girlfriend, his love, like I know I would’ve been.” Destiny looked away angrily. “I felt such a connection to Alex that day we met. I feel like it’s still there.”

“And so does he,” said her grandmother. “And it’s that very reason you will be reunited with him.”

“What are you talking about?” Destiny asked curiously.

“You are to be sent back, like you wanted,” she said. “You’re being given a second chance, my granddaughter. To show that you and Alex can truly find love together.”

“Oh, thank you!!” Destiny hugged her grandmother tightly.

“Don’t thank me,” her grandmother said. “Thank the Great Spirit.”

Destiny dropped to her knees, her hands clasped together. “Thank you so much, Great Spirit.”

A bright light flashed and Destiny found herself somewhere else. She looked around for a second and saw she was down at the park, where her and Alex first met. Destiny looked down and saw she was wearing the same clothes she was wearing that first time. She also had her purse and she looked inside, finding Alex’s phone number. She thought she could call him, but surely he would think it was a crank call. I guess I’ll have to find another way to get to him, she thought. Destiny remembered the house he always went to that wasn’t too far from the park. She headed in that direction.


Brian was outside, playing basketball with Nick Carter, when Nick stopped dead to stare at the woman who was walking toward the gate.

“What’s up, Kaos,” Brian said. “The competition getting too tough?”

“Look,” he said, pointing to the woman.

Brian stopped dribbling the ball and looked in the direction Nick was. His jaw dropped. “No, it can’t be.”

“You know her?” Nick asked.

“No, but I know someone who does. Go call AJ and tell him to come over here now," Brian said as he walked toward the gate.

“Why? What’s AJ got to do with the woman?” Nick asked.

“Just go! Hurry!!” Brian said. Nick finally turned and ran into the house.

Brian walked up to the gate just as the woman got there. As he got closer to her, he saw it was definitely who he thought it was. The woman looked straight at him and Brian was mesmerized.

“Can I help you?” Brian asked.

“Brian Littrell?” the woman said. He nodded. “Hi. I’m Destiny Morningdove. I was wondering if you could take me to Alex McLean’s place.”

“How do I know it’s really you? Destiny was killed four months ago by a drunk driver.”

“Look, I know how strange this must be for you. I saw you at my funeral. I’ve been watching you, Alex, and the others. Are you feeling okay?”

“What do you mean?” Brian asked.

“The surgery you had a couple months ago. I watched it from above. I prayed to God you would be okay for the sake of the singing group you’re in. And for the sake of your family, friends, and girlfriend.”

Brian looked at Destiny in awe. “Are you sure you’re not a ghost or something? ‘Cause this is freaking the hell out of me.”

“Touch my hand and you’ll see.” Destiny held out her hand. Brian touched it tentatively, then more firmly. “See. May I come in?”

“Of course.” Brian ran to the number pad a few feet away and punched in the code.

The gate opened and Destiny walked in. Brian noticed how gracefully she walked and how beautiful she was. Destiny didn’t even seem to be aware of the kind of effect she was having on him. Together they walked to the house. When they reached the living room, they saw Nick hang up the phone.

“Okay, he’s on his way,” Nick said. Then he saw Destiny and stared in awe.

“Hi, I’m Destiny Morningdove,” Destiny said. “You’re Nick Carter, right?”

“Yeah,” Nick said. “Destiny Morningdove? I thought you were dead.”

“I was,” Destiny told him. “And I’ve come back to see if I have a reason to live like I believe I do. Why don’t both of you sit down and I’ll explain.”

Brian and Nick sat down on the couch while Destiny told them her story.


AJ hung up the phone. He wondered what could be so urgent that Nick would tell him to go to Brian’s house right away. He walked back into the kitchen where he and Amanda were having a late lunch.

“Who was that?” Amanda asked.

“Nick. I’m really sorry,” AJ began. “But Nick wants me to go to Rok’s house as soon as possible. I thought I’d drop you off at your apartment before I go there.”

“That’s cool,” she said. “Just let me get my things.”

Amanda got up from her seat, took the rest of her lunch, covered it, and put it in the fridge. Then she headed upstairs to get her stuff while AJ grabbed the keys to his Mercedes and walked out to the car. Finally Amanda came out to the car and they took off. As soon as he dropped her off at her place, AJ sped all the way to Brian’s house. When he got there, he punched in the number code and waited for the gate to open wide enough to drive through.

AJ parked his car and ran to the door, ringing the doorbell. A few seconds later, Brian opened the door. He looked relieved to see him and pulled him through the doorway.

“So, what’s the big emergency?” AJ asked. “And it better be good. Me and Amanda were eating lunch when Nick called.”

“Oh, trust me. I’ll be worth cutting that short,” Brian said, secretively. “Now, before we go into the living room. What’s the one thing you’ve been missing for the last four months?”

“Nothing,” AJ lied. “I have everything I need.”

“You’re not a good liar, Bone,” Brian said. “Come on.”

The two headed toward the living room.

“You’re gonna owe me big time for interrupting my lunch with Amanda,” said AJ as they walked in. “You should’ve seen her, Rok. She was in this white bikini.....”

AJ turned to look at Nick and saw something that made his heart stop. Or so it seemed. And for the first time, AJ was left speechless.

Chapter Three
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