Chapter   Twenty-Two

“How does this look?” Destiny asked Maria.

Maria looked at Destiny’s outfit. “That looks great.”

“Good. I figure this is one of the last times I’ll be able to wear outfits like this.”

Destiny wasn’t showing yet, so she decided to take advantage of the time she still had her figure. She had on a form-fitting royal blue shirt with a transparent black overshirt that had a flower design over the right breast and black transparent sleeves. Her skirt was black with slits all the way up to the middle of her upper thigh and she wore three and a half inch heels. Maria’s outfit was similar, only the shirt was different and the skirt was a rose print. The two girls were meeting friends at a club. Their friend Priscilla had called them while they were working and invited them to go. Since everyone was leaving Friday afternoon, they all decided to go out together before break.

Destiny grabbed her purse. “You ready, Maria?”

“Yup, let’s take off,” she said, getting her purse.

They walked outside, Destiny checked to make sure the door was locked, and they got into the cab waiting for them. They told the driver to take them to Club Fusion. When they got there, they say a long line of people from their school. Maria paid the driver and they got out. Destiny looked around for Priscilla. She spotted her towards the front of the line and saw she was with Thersa, Nicole, and Taylor. Destiny and Maria headed towards them.

“Wow, you guys look great,” Priscilla said when they reached them. “Are you ready to dance the night away?”

“Definitely,” Destiny said. “Maria and I were trying to finish all our work when you called. We decided to take a break.”

“Yeah,” Maria agreed. “I got tired of trying to figure out how to solve a mock case. It was driving me crazy. This is really gonna help me unwind.”

“Hey, Destiny,” Taylor said. “Are you sure your husband wouldn’t mind you going out?”

“Alex is not the boss of me,” Destiny told her. “He probably would’ve come with me if he was here.”

“Is he coming to pick you up tomorrow?” Nicole asked.

“Please tell me he is,” Thersa said, pleading. “I haven’t met AJ yet.”

“Sorry, Thersa,” Destiny apologized. “Alex and the rest of the guys are rehearsing for their upcoming tour.”

“Are you going with them again?” Priscillas asked.

“No, I’m staying this time. They’re only going to be gone a month,” said Destiny.

Right at that moment, the line started moving. Destiny was glad for the interruption. She like hanging out with her friends, but sometimes they didn’t know how to stop asking about AJ or the other Backstreet Boys. It got on her nerves sometimes. Destiny knew they were just curious and all, but when it was all they wanted to talk about, that’s when she got tired of it. Finally, they were seated at a table on the upper level, so they were eye-level with the stage.

“Is there supposed to be a live band or something?” Destiny asked.

“LFO is here tonight,” Taylor said. “They decided to grace us with their presence.”

“I like LFO,” Maria said. “Especially that guy, Devin. He is so gorgeous.”

“I like Brad,” Destiny said. “He’s cute.”

“Rich is my favorite,” Priscilla said. “His green eyes are so beautiful. And I love it when he raps.”

“I think I’ll stick to non-celebrities,” Taylor said. “I’d rather have a boyfriend who’s around.”

“Me, too,” said Nicole. “I don’t know how you can stand having AJ gone all the time, Destiny.”

“Well, I travel with him a lot, so it’s not like I never see him,” Destiny told them.

“Still, it must be hard,” Thersa said. “With all those other girls throwing themselve at him. Isn’t he the flirt of the group?”

“He was the flirt of the group,” corrected Destiny. “Alex loves me and I trust him completely.”

“Guys, be quiet about the Backstreet Boys, please,” Maria said. “We came here to have fun, not to badger Destiny with questions.”

Everyone got quiet. They all waited for the music to start. When it did, they all went out onto the dance floor. Destiny was having the time of her life. After a couple hours, Destiny and Thersa said down. A few minutes later, the guys of LFO went up onstage to perform a few songs. The dance floor got really crowded and Destiny saw that Nicole, Priscilla, Maria, and Taylor had pushed their way to the front of the stage. She crossed her legs getting more comfortable for the performance. Every guy walking by looked up at Destiny and stared. They admired her legs and the rose tattoo just above her ankle. Just then, Destiny caught the eye of Rich Cronin. He smiled and Destiny smiled back, then looked away.

Chapter Twenty-Three
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