Chapter   Twenty-Five

The next several months went by fast for AJ and Destiny. AJ went back on tour for the second leg of the Into The Millennium Tour in the U.S. Destiny finished her junior year at Harvard a few months after. Being seven months pregnant by that time, Destiny’s teachers thought it would better if she got easier assignments and had her be a part of mock juries most of the time. Destiny tried to convince them otherwise, but her teachers wouldn’t go for it. The words “stress free” were perfect to describe her assignments. AJ agreed with her teachers and didn’t let her work much while she was home. Instead she went to recording sessions, interviews, photo shoots, and other places with AJ. During one of Destiny’s doctor’s appoinments, the doctor commented on the unusual size and weight Destiny was at. They soon found out that Destiny was carrying twins, not just one baby.

That shocked AJ beyond belief. After that, AJ restricted her to the house when Destiny came home on weekends. Then he though it would be better if Destiny didn’t travel at all when the semester ended. The doctor told them the twins could be born a couple weeks earlier than usual, so Destiny took it really easy. A month and a half later, born two weeks early, Alexander Lance McLean and Hunter Sean McLean were born. Identical twin boys and AJ couldn’t have been happier. When it came down to the last couple of weeks, AJ let the fans know that they still hadn’t chosen the names for the twins and had them send in some suggestions. AJ and Destiny were flooded with names and they picked the combinations they liked the most. The births made the news all over the world. By the time the third album (fourth album internationally) was released, Lance as ‘Alexander’ was called so as not to confuse him with his father, and Hunter were celebrities themselves.

Fans from all over the world sent toys and clothes, so AJ and Destiny didn’t have to go shopping all that much yet. Finally, after a month, Destiny went back to Harvard to start her senior year, with Estella and Hope going with her to help with the twins and persue their lawyer dreams as well. Estella and Nick have now been together for almost a year as well as Hope and Jerald Jr, and AJ and Destiny celebrated their one year wedding anniversary. It was now AJ flying to Boston to visit Destiny cause he didn’t want Destiny to be traveling with the twins too much for the next few months. Brian and Leighanne were engaged for several months before their relationship ended. Nobody, except the two of them, knew why because they had seemed so happy together and neither one was talking. Kevin and Kristin were doing great as were Howie and Claudia. Nobody could’ve predicted what would happen next. Everything seemed to be going perfectly until one day in October.

Kevin came over to AJ’s and Destiny’s place in Boston one week. It was a surprise to both of them, but they appreciated the visit. Kevin told them he didn’t want Kristin to know he’d been up there.

“I told her I was going to visit my mom in Kentucky,” he said.

“Why? What’s up?” AJ asked.

“I’m finally gonna do it,” Kevin said seriously. “I’m gonna ask Kristin to marry me.”

Destiny gasped in surprise. “That’s great. When?”

“Next week. I came up here to look for a ring. I didn’t want to do it in Orlando because there was a chance she might find out. I want it to be a total surprise.”

“Congratulations, man,” AJ said. “I was started to feel a little by myself being the only one in the group that’s married.”

“Well, you wouldn’t have been if Brian and Leighanne got a couple of weeks ago like they were supposed to,” said Kevin. “But whatever happened with them, it’s probably for the best. Anyway, you’ve got great taste in jewelry, AJ. Destiny’s engagement ring is one of the most beautiful I’ve ever seen.” AJ smiled like, ‘Yeah, I’m the man’. Kevin smiled, too. “I was wondering if you could help me pick out a ring for Kristin.”

“You got it, Kevy-Kev,” AJ said. “I’d be happy to. We’ll find one almost as beautiful as Destiny’s.”

“If anything, it’ll be just as beautiful as mine,” said Destiny. “You need anything else, just ask.”

“Yeah, I do,” Kevin said. “I can’t be making arrangements at my house with Kristin there. I told her I’d be back in a couple days. So, Destiny, I was hoping you could make them for me?”

“Of course,” Destiny smiled. “Anything to help make this the most special occasion. Just tell me what you have planned and I’ll make it happen.”

“Thanks,” Kevin got up and hugged the both of them. “Now that that’s all settled. Where’s my godson, Hunter? I’d like to see him and Lance before I go back to the hotel.”

“Hope and Estella took them for a little walk around the block,” Destiny said. “They should be back any minute now.”

As if on cue, the door opened and in came Estella and Hope pushing two strollers through the door. They went over and hugged Kevin. He told the great news and they were as joyed about it as AJ and Destiny. Kevin walked over to the strollers and took Hunter out. Hope took Lance out, too, and handed him over to Kevin. He and Kristin were Hunter’s godparents while Howie and Claudia were Lance’s godparents. Kevin sat on the couch, talking to them both and telling them soon their ‘Uncle Kevin’ and ‘Aunt Kristin’ would have little friends for them to play with when they got older. Lance and Hunter smiled at him as if understanding. Destiny got out her camera and took a picture of Kevin holding her sons. After a few more minutes, Kevin handed the boys to AJ and Destiny saying he’d be back the next day to pick up AJ so they could look for a ring and he left. AJ and Destiny went on to feed the twins their dinner and lay them down for the night.

Chapter Twenty-Six
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