Chapter   Twenty-Six

AJ woke up early the next morning. He lay in bed thinking about his life. He had his health, his career, his beautiful wife, and two healthy twin sons. AJ never would’ve thought he’d be as happy and content to be married with children this early in his life. He was only twenty-two. He thought he’d still going to clubs every night, getting more tattoos, enjoying his youth at this age. But ever since he met Destiny, none of those things mattered much to him anymore. He just wanted to be with his family after every concert.

He looked at Destiny as she slept. He couldn’t get over his luck in finding such a wonderful woman. Destiny was only a year and three months younger than him, born on April 10th, making her twenty-one. She seemed so serious when AJ first met her, but he had come to find that she was just as lively and outgoing as he was. AJ continued to looked at her. All of a sudden a sense of sadness went through him. Why should I feel sad, he thought. I have everything I want. Nothing is going to change that. Then, as if feeling AJ watching her, Destiny smiled and opened her eyes.

Destiny knew exactly when AJ had woken up. She had come to find that when he woke up, she woke up. She found it so exhilerating to love and care about someone so much. And she knew her sons were going to be a pair of the best-dressed kids anyone ever saw. Judging from all the things the fans sent, they knew just what AJ would’ve picked. Destiny scooted over closer to AJ and laid her head on his bare chest. When she looked up at him, she saw the raging desire in his eyes. She know what he wanted to do because she wanted the same thing.

Destiny lifted her mouth to his and gave him one of the most passionate kisses they had shared. Immediately, AJ’s arms went around her waist pulling her body on top of his. Destiny could feel him, absolutely ready for her. She felt this yearning inside her that she knew only AJ could fulfill. Straddling his hips, Destiny sat up and pulled her silk nightshirt over her head. AJ smiled appreciatively at her naked body. He rolled them over so he was on top and started kissing his way down Destiny’s body, starting with her neck all the way to her flat stomach. Destiny moaned her pleasure aloud, running her fingers this AJ’s hair.

Destiny allowed him to continue his erotic assault on her body for a few more minutes before she pushed him over on his back and did the same thing to him. AJ felt a wildfire of desire rush all over his body as Destiny caressed his body. He felt this overwhelming desire to drive himself deep inside her, feeling if he didn’t soon he’d explode. He didn’t have to wait long. Destiny removed AJ’s boxers, reveling in the feel of his bare skin against hers. She could feel his hardness between her legs.

AJ couldn’t take anymore torture. He lifted her up and entered Destiny’s body, feeling himself slide deep inside her. Together they moved, bringing each other to the edge and back several times before reaching to heights of ecstasy. When they reached their peak, their voices blended together as they cried out their fulfillment. Destiny laid on top of AJ afterward, unable to hold herself up any longer. They waited for their breathing to slow down and their heartbeat to get back to regular speed. AJ lazily ran his fingers up and down Destiny’s back. Finally, she looked up at him and smiled.

“Good morning, my husband” she said. “I trust you slept well.”

“Good morning, my wife,” AJ replied, smiling back. “I slept very soundly. I hope you did the same.”

“Of course. I always sleep well when you’re next to me.”

AJ moved himself within her. “This is a great way to wake up in the morning.”

“Most definitely.” Destiny sat up, pulling AJ with her. “Now what do you say we take a shower.” She looked at the clock. “The boys should be up by now. I wonder why Estella or Hope didn’t wake us up.”

“Probably to give us some quality time together,” AJ said. “It’s been too long since I’ve made love to you. I wish I could spend all day with you in bed.”

“Me, too, but you have to help Kevin pick out an engagement ring for Kristin.”

“Why don’t you come with us? I’m sure Kevin would love to have a woman’s opinion as well. I mean, I may be pretty much an expert when it comes to jewelry, but it doesn’t hurt to see things from a female point of view.”

“I would, but I have to make those arrangement for Kevin, remember? Besides, Hope going job searching and Estella has classes this morning. But, Estella does get home at about 12: 30pm. Her next class doesn’t start until 3:30pm, so I could met you guys for lunch and shop with you for a couple of hours.”

“Sounds like a plan. And we better get up before the girls walk in on us. I’d hate to see what kind of damage this little picture could do for Estella’s frame of mind.”

Destiny laughed. They got up, took a shower together (having some fun doing it, too) and got ready for a busy day ahead. Destiny was glad she didn’t have any classes today. She wanted to spend as much time with AJ before his next tour as possible. He would be leaving for Europe the next week. And she wanted AJ to spend as much time as possible with Lance and Hunter. Forty-five minutes later, the two headed downstairs to the living room. They saw Lance and Hunter being amused by Hope and Estella.

“I hope they weren’t too much trouble this morning,” Destiny said.

“No, they were fine,” Estella said, then pointed at Hope. “She’s the problem.”

AJ looked at her. “What’s up?”

“I got a call from one of the biggest law firms in Boston a few minutes ago,” Hope told them. “They heard about me from one of their colleagues and want me to come in for an interview.”

“That’s great,” Destiny said, hugging her sister. “I’m so happy for you. I hope everything goes okay.”

“Me, too,” Hope said. “It’s not every day that ‘Parker and Jefferson’ calls somebody and asks for an interview.”

“ ‘Parker and Jefferson’?” AJ said, amazed. “As in, ‘We don’t get win unless you win’, that ‘Parker and Jefferson’?”

“The one and only,” Hope said. “I can hardly believe this is happening. It’s practically every lawyer’s dream to work as enormous and scary a law firm as them.”

“Well, good luck,” AJ said. “I hope you do well.”

“Thanks, brother-in-law,” Hope smiled. “I have to go call Jerald and tell him the news.”

Destiny watched as her sister ran up the stairs to her room excitedly. She smiled. Then Estella got up and walked over to the coffee table in front of the couch. She gathered all her books and put them in her bag.

“I have to get to class,” she said. “I have a big test today. I hope I’m prepared for it. I studied like hell to cram as much information in my head as I could get in there. It better be enough.” She gave Destiny and AJ a hug and headed towards the door. “I’ll see you guys later.”

Not long after Estella left, there was a honk outside their house. AJ went over to the window and looked out.

“Kevin’s here,” AJ said, walking back to Destiny. “Guess he wants to get started early. I’ll see you at lunch. I’ll call you and tell you where to meet us.” He gave Destiny a kiss. “Laters.”

“Bye,” Destiny said right before he closed the door. She could hear the car take off down the street. She looked at Lance and Hunter. “Looks like it’s just you and me, boys. At least until Hope has to leave for her interview.”

Lance and Hunter both smiled happily at their mom. Suddenly, Destiny got this deep sense that something was going to happen. She couldn’t tell whether it was bad or good, but she prayed it would be good.

Chapter Twenty-Seven
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