Chapter   Three

Nick and Destiny were talking about how it felt to watching the world from Heaven. Nick didn’t know anything about the connection there was between AJ and Destiny, so he was trying to charm her while he worked up the nerve to ask her out. Then Destiny heard AJ’s voice and looked up as Brian walked in with him. Nick turned around as saw them enter the living room.

“You should’ve seen her, Rok,” AJ was saying as he walked in. “She was in this white bikini.....”

Then AJ looked right at Destiny. The shock on AJ’s face was almost laughable, but laughing was the last thing Destiny felt like doing. Okay, here goes, she thought. Slowly, she stood up as AJ walked closer. Destiny started making her way slowly towards him. Suddenly, they were wrapped in each others arms, holding on as tight as they could. Finally, AJ pulled away.

“Destiny,” AJ said as he looked at her. “I thought you were gone.... How did you.... I don’t understand.... I was at your funeral.....”

“I know, Alex,” Destiny said, softly. She looked over at Nick and Brian. “Can we have some time alone?”

“Sure,” Brian said. “You can talk here. Nick and I will go outside and continue our game. Come on, Nick. Let’s leave these two alone.”

As Nick walked by her, Destiny stopped him. “I’m sorry, Nick.”

Nick smiled sadly. “That’s okay. Maybe next life.”

Destiny and Nick hugged for a long time before Nick left with Brian. Then Destiny turned to AJ, who was looking at her like he couldn’t believe she was there.

“Let’s sit down, Alex,” she said. He nodded and followed her to the couch and sat down. “I know you must have a lot of questions, but could you just listen for a minute? I think you’ll get your answers.”

“All right,” said AJ. “Tell me what’s going on.”

Destiny took a deep breath before beginning. “I was twenty when I was killed unintentionally . I know the man that killed me is in prison. I know that Brian had heart surgery, and I watched over him throughout his recovery. That was what my purpose in Heaven was. To watch over you, Brian, Nick, Howie, and Kevin. I saw you all at my funeral. But what God didn’t count on was having us meet in the park like that. That was the work of my grandmother, who is the one watching over me.”

“So, you’re saying that we were never supposed to meet, but your grandmother set it up so we would?” AJ looked at her skeptically. “That’s pretty far-fetched.”

“I know it sounds like that,” Destiny said. “But despite the fact that we did meet, God still went ahead with his plan for me, thinking it wasn’t too late. Alex, that first time we met, I felt such a strong connection to you. I know you felt it, too, and that you still do.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” AJ said, trying to hide the truth more from himself than from her. “I have a beautiful girlfriend that loves me and who I love....”

“Amanda. I know about her, Alex. I’ve watched you two together.” Destiny looked at him. “While I was in Heaven, I wasn’t happy. I saw you with her and I would cry. I know you could hear me ‘cause you would tell me in your heart you missed me, too. God is the one who sent me back here. I wanted to come back and see if I have a reason to live.”

AJ stared at Destiny. I can’t believe she’s here, sitting right in front of me, he thought. She’s here because God’s giving us a second chance. AJ didn’t know what to do. He didn’t know whether he should wrap his arms around her or keep her at a distance. Destiny could see his struggle.

“Look, maybe I shouldn’t have come back,” she said, getting up. “But I had to find out. Now I know I don’t. Oh, one more thing. Thanks for taking good care of Paris. I knew you would treat her good. That’s why I took her to you.”

Destiny started walking away. AJ’s head told him to let her leave, but his heart was telling him to stop her. When Destiny reached the hallway to the front door, AJ stood up and ran to catch up with her.

“Destiny, wait,” he said when he reached her. “Maybe you shouldn’t have come back, maybe you should have, I don’t know. But, I’d like to help you find out.”

Destiny looked at him for a while before giving him a small smile, reminding AJ of how beautiful he thought she was when they first met.

“Thank you.”

“So where are you staying? I could drive you there.”

“I don’t know. I’ve been back for a little over an hour.”

“You could stay with me. I have plenty of room at my house. It’s really cool, actually. But, then, you probably already know that.”

Destiny smiled. “I’ve watched you since I’ve been an angel, but unfortunately, inside the house is was not a option I chose to take.”

“Well, then,” AJ said, smiling back. “You’re in for a surprise.”

Destiny laughed, making AJ feel totally warm inside. Together they walked out to his car. They said goodbye to Brian and Nick before getting in, then AJ drove them to his house.

Chapter Four
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